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   Chapter 5 NO.5

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I was awaken by the sound of a loud siren that startled me and made me fall right off my bed.

I expressed my pain and frustration.

"Aw! What the hell!"

I slowly got up and listen to the announcement.

"Mayday! Mayday! We are currently undertack! Mayday! Mayday! We are currently under attack! All students and personels prepare for battle! All students and personels prepare for battle!"

"What's this? "

I heard of pirates and terrorist who attacks ships from the news before but I didn't expect it to happen here since this is a military school. Oh well time to join in the fun. I tried to go out of my room but the door wouldn't open. I tried kicking it, punching it, electrocuting it and all sorts of atomic synthesis on it but it still wouldn't open let alone damage it. What kind of door is this? Even atomic synthesis wont work. Oh wait if I make a loud noise someone will eventually hear me and unlock the door. I tried hitting the door multiple times for 5 minutes and still nobody came. Come to think of it they should have heard me from the start when I kicked the door for the first time. Don't tell me this room is sound proof. If that's the case where is that sound coming from? I switch the lights on and try looking around my room to investigate. I check the fridge, the bed, the bathroom, windows, drawers, closets, the desk and found nothing. After that I tried looking at the walls and still there was nothing then I tried the ceiling. There I saw a small speaker next to the square shape light bulb. The funny thing is I didn't notice that thing was even there when I first came to this room. Must be becuase it was so small that it was too hard to see it. Since I can't get out of this room, I decided to wait for my grandfather or uncle Huck. The annoying sound stops after 10 minutes and soon it became quiet. I waited for at least 30 minutes and my patience has ran out. I browse the uninet on how to open indestructible doors and found a lot methods but once I analyze it carefully they all seemed to be hoax. Wait what's this? An app to hack indestructable doors? I got tempted and pressed the download icon. After half a second the download was finished and was installed right away. I opened the app and an icon appeared that says scan area. I press the icon and it started scanning. After few seconds the name GX-0376 apeared on the screen with a checkbox and an icon at the bottom of the screen with the word hack on it. I press the checkbox then after that I press the hack icon.


It says thank you for downloading the trial version. Please purchase the full version in the app store...

Sand on the beach!

I calm myself down and went to the app store to get the full version. The full version from the app store cost 50 credits, it's not that expensive so I decided to download it.

After the download and installation I use the app right away.



April Fools!

You got punked lol...

Btw tnx for the 50 bucks.

This was displayed on the screen after I press the hack icon.


When I was about to throw my cell phone on the wall out of frustration, the door opened. It was uncle Huck who was carrying a tray of food.

"Morning Linel!"


"Am I interrupting something?"

I slowly put down my cell phone.

"Morning uncle Huck..."

"So Linel what's the hold up?"

I ask about the siren with the announcement and also about the door and the room.

"Oh that? That was the morning drill!"

"Morning drill? I thought morning drills are all about light exercises like jogging or jumping jacks."

"Why would we do those baby stuff? Morning drills here is all about simulations and real life scenarios."

"I see... The morning drills here are sure realistic."

"Ha ha ha! All of the first years who experience their first morning drill said the same thing."

I couldn't blame them...

"Oh yeah what's up with this door? I tried breaking the door open with atomic synthesis and nothing happened."

"Oh that? This door was fortified with a level 5 barrier."

(Level 5 barrier mea

ns a barrier that can withstand a hit from an asteroid.)

He takes out some kind of switch from his pocket and presses the button. A holographic display appeared with a life bar that was on 5 percent out of 100.

"Well I'll be damn! Linel I didn't know that you were this strong! Few more hits from you, you would have busted this door open!"

"Well that's because I didn't hold back."

"Ha ha ha! I can't wait to see you in action during combat class!"

"Yeah... By the way is this room sound proof?"


"What!? really?"


"if that's the case wouldn't somebody try to open this door when I started hitting it?"

"Well that's because your granfather told everyone that this room is currently on repairs. So everyone thought that the attacks that you were making awhile ago were just repair sounds."

Crap I should have called out for help awhile ago.

"By the way if you were thinking about calling for help earlier, they won't be able to hear you because of the morning drill. That's the reason why we installed that small speaker in the first place to make sure no one will be able to hear you when you scream."

"Great it's good to know that I'm some kind of a special fugitive."

"Special fugitive? More like a V.I.P!"

That doesn't make me feel any better.

"I wonder why would gramps go through all the trouble just to keep me hidden?"

"Didn't your grandfather tell you yesterday?"

"Oh right..."

He wanted to supprise everyone but locking up the door so I wouldn't get out, putting up a level 5 barrier and installing a small powerful speaker so no one will hear me when I start yelling is going overboard. So that's were my mother got her attitude from.

"Here Linel eat this."

He gives me the tray of food he was holding and continues talking.

"After you eat go prepare for school. Your uniform is inside the closet. I'll be waiting for you outside so I can bring you to your designated classroom."

"I thought gramps was suppose to be the one to do that?"

"Well your grandfather put an all nighter in processing your transfer so currently he's resting right now. So he told me to fetch you instead and answer all of your questions."

"I see..."

"So do you have any more questions?"


"Alright! Oh yeah! When your done eating leave the tray on the floor, the clean bot will go pick it up for you."

Uncle Huck leaves the room. I ate my breakfast and leave the tray on the floor just like what uncle Huck told me. I went to the bathroom to take a shower and brush my teeth. I look at the mirror to check out my appearance and saw my silver gray hair in place but my light blue eyes was still half open. Must be because of all the stress that has accumulated. I change into my school uniform which is a long sleeve polo shirt, a red neck tie with the school emblem, a white colored blazer with black linings, black slacks, socks and a black leather shoes. After that I put the things that I think was needed inside my bag and left the room. As I exited the room I saw my uncle was standing on front of the door waiting for me while the other students was staring at me.

"Looks good on you Linel!"


"Shall we?"


Uncle Huck and I walk towards my assigned classroom. While we were going there a lot of students and staffs were staring at me. Some of them started talking about me that it was loud enough for me to hear it.

"Who's that?"

"A tranfer student??"

"Didn't know we had one."

"Isn't she cute?"

"Why is a girl wearing boys clothes?"

"Who cares she's totally my type!"

I tried acting like my like twin sister.

"Hi! wink*"



"Nah that's definitely a boy."

"Yup definitely a boy!"

Another dream destroyed. I'm such a saint. We arrived at the first year class section 2 located on the first floor in the students area. Uncle Huck opens the door and gave me a word of encouragement.

"Linel go out there and make a first good impression!"

He pushes me inside and quickly closes the door. You already know the rest...

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