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   Chapter 4 NO.4

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We entered the principals office and found my grandfather who has white hair and facial hair, light blue eyes and a scar on his right eye brow. He's wearing a white military uniform with a lot of medals on his left chest. He's starring at me intently with a scary look on his face while sitting on his chair. To be honest it made me a little intimidated. He suddenly gets up and approaches me. I didn't notice at first because he was sitting on a chair while his desk was covering half of his body, he's a tall macho guy. He kinda reminds me of an old retro movie from earth that I used to watch when I was a kid with my family as a form of bonding called the Terminator. We stared at each other for few seconds like professional wrestlers who're about to kill each other in the ring then suddenly he hugs me with his big muscular arms. The aura of a scary general was gone and what was left was a kind old man. He taps my back rapidly while hugging me.

"Linel my boy! I'm glad that you're here!"

"Y-yeah me too."

"Ho ho ho! I'm so glad that you're gonna follow in my foot steps. You make me so proud!"

Because of his rapid tapping on my back, my neck started shaking violently. I couldn't help but to express the pain.

"Aw aw ouch!"

He stops what he's doing and looks at me with concern.

"What's wrong sonny? You got a body pain or something?"

I told him the truth.

"Honestly I have a stiff neck."

I rubbed the sides of my neck.

"A stiff neck? Well that's easy!"

(To all the readers please don't try this at home or any else where.)

He told me to relax my shoulders and my neck while he was holding my head. After I did what he said, he quickly twists it side wards giving me a short intense pain.

"Aw what the- hey it worked!"

The pain disappears.

"Ho ho ho! Of course it will work sonny! That's the best method to cure stiff neck back in the old days."


We were interrupted by uncle Huck.

"I'll be leaving you two to catch up with one another. I have a lot of documents to take care of and my class is about to start. So I'll be taking my leave."

"Alright take care Huck and thank you for bringing Linel here with my strange request."

"Bye uncle Huck and good luck with professor Maybell."

As I said that he got all embarrass that he almost drop the documents he was carrying. He quietly leaves the room.

"Ho ho ho! sonny you knew about that?"

"Yup he mention her earlier as a target for marriage."

"Ho ho ho! That uncle Huck of yours! If only he had the guts to confess to her he would have gotten married a long time ago."

"So professor Maybell likes uncle Huck?"

"Not only she likes your uncle Huck she's madly in love with him. She's just waiting for him to court her."

"I see and how do you know this?"

"It's my instincts as a former general that's telling me."

Instincts huh? I can't tell whether professor Maybell was in love with him or just using him since she has this easy going look on her face.

"So Linel how's your family these days?"

I told him the summary about my family.

"I see so your family is doing well."

"Yup that sums it up."

"Speaking about Luna and your mother, when is the tour going to end?"

"I dunno. They never said anything about that before they left."

"I see... I was planning on inviting them here as a surprise guest on foundation week which will happen six months from now. I'm sure the students will be delighted to see her if the tour haven't ended yet."

"If your planning to invite them over why not call Luna or mom so that you can ask for their schedule and make an appointment?"

"I tried contacting your mother and your sister a lot of times but it seems like the line is always busy."

"Oh that..."

I gave him a private email address of my sister and my mother that our family uses to send messages to one another since it's hard to contact them through phone. Though I never use it even once nor have I opened my email for a long time.

"Thank you sonny! This will definitely help."

"You're welcome. And by the way if you're gonna send a message make sure that you don't tell mom that I'm here."

"Why is that sonny?"

"It's because we didn't get her consent of me transferring here and if she finds out she'll definitely try her best to drag me back home no matter what."

"I see so that's the case. I was wondering how you or Gareth was able to convince h

er. Even if I didn't tell her about you being here she'll be able to find out once she calls Gareth."


I forgot that my mother was a former S.I.A agent (space intelligence agency) and also a former criminology instructor in college. She quit her job after Luna was discovered and became her manager (bodyguard) to keep her safe.

"Still I don't know why your mother decided to teach you how to fight using atomic synthesis if she's not allowing you to follow in my foot steps."

"She told me it was for self defense."

"Self defense or not teaching you the art of killing is going over board since she doesn't want you to join the military."

He's got a point but calling my mother's self defense training as "the art of killing" is a big exaggeration. Well she did taught me how to choke my opponent to death or striking my opponent's vital parts for instant kill and permanently damaging my opponent's knee... On second thought maybe it really is an art of killing but don't get me wrong I never killed anyone nor use that against my opponents. I just beat the crap out of them. I tried to laugh it off.

"Ha ha ha! You know my mother she's such a big worrywart."

"Ho ho ho! Indeed sonny! Indeed!"



We both realize how complicated our situation was. My grandfather clears his throat.

"Don't worry about it too much. I'm sure your mother will understand your decision someday and incase that they come here at foundation week I'll make sure that she wont be able to take you back even if it causes my life."

Technically it's not really my decision to be here and I didn't have any other choice to begin with but knowing that I'll get to explore around the galaxies and not hear my fathers rants makes me wanna stay. Well I just let him think that way so he won't get disappointed.

"Don't you think that it's a little exaggerated about risking your life and all?"

"Ho ho ho! Knowing your mother she might go on a rampage just to bring you back."

"That's true..."

I could imagine my mom full of rage while beating the crap out of everyone one who gets in her way.

"Sonny aren't you going to ask why I didn't want anyone to see you?"

"Oh yeah about that... Why didn't you want anyone to see me?"

"Because I want to surprise everyone."

"Wait if that's the case wouldn't everyone find it strange that the academy suddenly stops by in a space city for no apparent reason?"

"About that I told everyone that we will stop by at Libra space city to get something important which I made your uncle Huck do and told him to keep it a secret."

"I see... Wouldn't uncle Huck spill the beans to professor Maybell if they accidentally bump to each other?"

"Is that why you and your uncle Huck took your time to get here?"


"Did she saw you?"

"Nope I don't think so"

"Then It's alright I guess. I don't think your uncle Huck told her yet but I'll talk to her just in case. Anyway you'll be starting tomorrow after the morning drill. I'll go to your room personally to bring you to your designated classroom. So be a good boy and get in here."

He points to a blue cleaning bot with a big cylinder shape that has it's hatch open.

"Are we still on this charade?"

"Of course we are!"

"How about dinner?"

"I'll make one of the maid bots to deliver it."

"Okay? How about when I need to go to the restroom or take a bath?"

"Don't worry about that! Every room has there own designated bathroom that comes with a bathtub, shower, sink, mirror and a toilet."

"I see... How about if I get thirsty?"

"You have your own fridge."

"Lastly what's the wi-fi password?"

"silverwing237 no capital letters and no spaces."

I have no more room for complains so I entered the clean bot. After I entered the hatch was closed and soon I was in for a bumpy ride. As the clean bot was moving it was spinning at the same time like a damn flying saucer you see in the old alien horror movies. Not to mention that it was bumping to who knows what causing me to feel sick. After awhile the hatch was open and the clean bot throws me on the floor like yesterdays garbage. I was so fed up with it that I kicked it so hard it flew out of the room and crashes into the wall. After that I heard voices nearby and quickly close the door. I lie on my bed feeling exhausted while using my cell phone to browse on the uninet. Sooner later I fell asleep.

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