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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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I found myself walking through a glowing orange transparent tunnel that leads to the entrance of the academy. In any direction I look at all I see is outer space. I didn't find it beautiful or scary since this is an everyday scenery when you live in a space city. While I was walking through the tunnel I realize something, I was all alone. I thought a lot of people will get on board with me since the announcement said "all passengers" looks like I was the only one getting on. Must be that announcement awhile ago was just for formalities. It will be allot cooler though if they announce something like "Linel Silvercrest get on board immediately!" or "Linel Silvercrest get your ass down here ASAP!"(Popular lines from military movies) then again it will be kinda awkward. I've been walking for five minutes and I can almost see the finish line. I didn't expect for this tunnel to be this long. There's no need to rush though, it's not like I'm in a hurry or anything so I decided to take my time walking. I look back to see how far l have gone from the terminal gate and saw something strange. I saw that the area where I come from earlier was fading.

I couldn't help but to ask myself.

"Is this normal?"

I look towards the entrance of the academy and saw that the gate was slowly closing.

"What the hell is this some kind of test?"

Whether or not if it's a test I know for certain that I'm in trouble. I estimated that If I run now towards the gate, I wouldn't make it because of the distance so I come up with another idea. I charge the walls and the floor around me with positive electromagnetic charge and cover my self with the same charge making me steady and levitate. I open both of my hands and point it backwards. I imagine nitrogen and oxygen atoms combining then I vibrate the molecules. As a result I made nitros oxide boosters. I soar through the tunnel like a maglev train and reach the gates but it was too late. The gate was close and I didn't have enough time to hit the brakes so I brace myself for impact. I ram right through it and strangely I didn't feel any pain. Suddenly I feel that the hood of my jacket was being pulled making me suffocate a bit, the next thing I knew I was hanging in midair. Then I heard a familiar voice.

"Hey there Linel long time no see."

I face towards the person who was still holding me up and saw a macho tall dark hairy guy wearing a white military uniform. It was uncle Huck my mother's cousin.

"Sup uncle Huck! So can you let go of me now? "

"Oh right sorry. "

Uncle Huck releases his grip on my hood and I safely landed on the rubberized ground.

"Anyway Linel that was amazing! Where did you learn how to do that?"

"Physics class."

I learned that technic when we have an assignment about maglev.

"Physics class huh... This generation is sure full of surprises!"

I don't want him start asking the method on how I did it because as I said before I suck at explaining when it comes to complicated stuff so I quickly change the subject.

"So Uncle Huck did I pass or fail? "

"Pass or fail what are you talking about?"

"Wait that wasn't a test?"

"What test?"

"The fading tunnel the closing gate?"

"Oh that!"

He starts explaining.

"The fading tunnel you just saw earlier is normal. It's just effects for people to appreciate the beauty of outer space.

"I see..."

"You never been on a ship before?"

"Nope I never even left Libra space city before."

"Family vacations?"


"Field trips?"


"Family reunion?"




He starts hugging me while crying.

"You've been neglected. sniff*"

"Hey cut it out! Hey!"

He releases me and takes out his cell phone.

"That's it! I'm gonna call Gareth and give him a piece of my mind."

"Wait stop! I'm not neglected or anything alright."

He slowly put down his cell phone.

"Your not?"

"No! I'm not!"

"How about the family vacation?"

"My father was too busy with work we didn't have time to go on a vacation."

"Field trips?"

"I was on home schooling till I entered high school."

"Family reunion?"

"The venue of the family reunion is always on our


"I see..."

Looks like he calms down.

"Well then Linel since your here we will be traveling around the galaxies so you'll have plenty of chances to go to different places and see beautiful sights."

Knowing that I'll get to explore the galaxies made me feel a little bit better in being here. Before we go off topic I'll ask him about the closing gate.

"I see... So what about the closing gate?"

"Oh that one! That was just a prank."

"A prank?"

He goes towards the gate and picks up a small circular metallic object. As he picks it up the image of the closed gate disappeared and what's left was an open gate and the scenery of the transparent orange tunnel.

"This is a hologram."

"I know what a hologram is! I just wanna know what your planning do with it."

"Alright! Alright! don't rush me."

He clears his throat.

"I was planning to make you run as fast as you can until you reach the gate. But once you reach the gate you'll find it close and think that you didn't make it. After that I'll surprise you by suddenly grabbing you with my bare hands and pull you through the gate. After looking at your surprised face and we both had a good hard laugh I'll upload the video from the security camera on Utube."

"I see I'm glad that it didn't work out!"

"No I got something even better!"

He show's me the video when I soar through the tunnel like a maglev train with his cell phone.

"And your point is?"

"I'll use it as reference for professor Maybel. I'm sure she's gonna love this!"

"Who's professor Maybel?"

"She's the A.S instructor (atomic synthesis) who handles the first year and third year classes. Ehem and my target for marriage."

"I see so she'll be my teacher in A.S wait did you just say-"

Before I finished my sentence I was quickly interrupted by uncle Huck.

"Alright let's go to your grandfathers office!"

"Wait how about a tour first?"

"You can ask one of your classmates tomorrow and besides your grandfather told me not to let anyone see you yet."

"Why is that?"

"Who knows? Ask your grandfather when we get there now move!"

He pushes me forward while forcing me to walk. We left the academy entrance and a loud beep was heard while the gate that leads to the transparent orange tunnel was slowly closing.

In order to reach the principals office which is located on the third floor we have to pass through the staff area where the teachers lounge and the teachers dormitory is located. Currently classes are on session right now so there were only few people on the staff area but since my grandfather told uncle Huck not to show me to anyone till who knows when, I was told to hide every time someone passes by or when I'm about to get spotted. I feel like I'm some kind of special agent who's in a middle of an impossible mission. Eventually we were able to reach the principals office without me getting exposed but it took at least an hour to get there because of an unexpected obstacle course called professor Maybel. I could understand why uncle Huck was head over heels for her since she's a blond hair blue eyes beauty but once professor Maybel starts up a conversation and asks for favors he forgets about everything else. They both went into the teachers lounge to have a nice long chat while I was hiding behind the non-biodegradable trash can staring at the glass door waiting for them to finish. Eventually uncle Huck came out looking satisfied while carrying a pile of documents. If I have not call out to him in order to get his attention he would have forgotten all about me. Thus we reached the principals office with me having a stiff neck. On front of the principals office door, uncle Huck who was still carrying a pile of documents notices that I don't move my neck much.

"Linel you don't have to be so nervous he's your grandfather. He'll be delighted to see you so relax!"

Apparently he got the wrong idea so I decided to leave it be.


He presses the door bell that makes a knocking sound. I don't seem to get the logic of that and I plan not to think too much about it. The security cameras where pointed at us and soon the door was opened.

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