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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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Silver Wing Academy first year section 2 classroom I'm about to make my introductions which I really suck at. Seriously why can't I get this part right? Maybe because I'm socially akward. The teacher writes my name on the touchscreen black board and tells me to introduce myself. I tried impressing them with my rapping skills to lighten up the mood.

"Yow-yow my name is Linel Silvercrest Yow break it down yow nice to meet yow?"



The whole class suddenly burst into laughter.

"Hahaha what the hell was that?" (Spikey blond hair guy)

"Hahaha this is hilarious I like him already!" (layered black hair guy)

"Hmph weirdo!" (Twin tailed red hair girl)

"Shshsh be quite guys were in the middle of class!" (long green hair girl)

"...' (black short hair glasses girl)

And that's how it always ends up. Lets go back a few days where all of these started.

In the Directors office at the top floor of the Silvertech building, I was harshly being scolded by my father on how of a black sheep I was.

"Linel how many times have I told you not to get expelled again! This is the third time Linel! THE THIRD TIME THIS MONTH!"

"But dad it wasn't my fault! They started it! "

"That's what you said last time and the time before that. When will you ever grow up?"


"No buts!"

Here it goes again...

"I mean look at your brother and sisters. You know your older brother Gray when he was your age, he was a straight A student not to mention he became the student council president a year after. Now he goes to an exclusive college so that one day he'll be the one to take over this company. Your older sister Brea, she won the school beauty pageant when she was your age and now she works as a part time model while attending college. Here look at this!"

He points towards a poster of my twin sister who has silver gray long hair and light blue eyes. She's standing on a high-tech looking stage wearing a pink frilly dress while holding a microphone. Oh right this is my hatest part.

"Your twin sister Luna, she became a space idol when she was 13 Linel. Not to mention she was featured in movies and commercials too. Now that she's making so much money she donates it to charity out of good will and because of that she became more popular. I mean Linel your twins how come both of you are so different."

"Because where fraternal twins?"

"Fraternal twins? If I put a wig on you and made you wear girly clothes you will look exactly like your sister. That is not an excuse for being so different. Look Both of you grew up together in the same household why are you so different from her?"

I really hate it when I'm being compared to my twin sister and now time for the finale...

"Look at yourself Linel what are you good at? "

"Atomic Synthesis? "

"No your good at causing trouble! That Atomic Synthesis of yours is the cause of it! "

"But dad I'm really good at it! "

"If your so proud on how good you are I should send you to military school to make use of it..."

He suddenly starts mumbling to himself.

"Send Linel to military school... that's actually not a bad idea! "

He suddenly took out his cellphone and made a call.

"Good afternoon father in law this is Gareth speaking."


"Yes long time no see."


"Sorry I have been busy these days. "


"I would like to inquire about your school the Silver Wing Academy? "


"I want to send Linel there."


"Yes my youngest son Linel."


"He's been good recently

especially at Atomic Synthesis."


"Yes seriously and he wants to learn more about it."


"You're Academy will stop by to pick him up? That's great! "

Silver Wing Academy is a military school and a ship that travels around the galaxies.


"Thank you for your time and I know Linel will be delighted with the good news."


"Have a great day and good bye."

He puts back his I'm his pocket and looks at me with a smile on his face.

"Alright Linel you'll be going to your grandfather's school in two days. Over there you can fight as much as you want as long as you do it in the school arena. "

"Fight as much as I want? I'm not really a battle freak I just like to teach people a hard lesson called reality."

He ignores me and continues talking.

"The good news is you'll be staying there for six years isn't that great?"

"Wait six years? I thought it's only for three years?"

"Yup six years not only that once you graduate you'll have certified job opportunities waiting for you!"

"What do you mean by certified job opportunities? "

"Space police, space navy, space delta force, S.B.I(space bureau of investigation), S.I.A(space intelligence agency) Atomic engineer, Atomic scientist and anything related to fighting and atomic synthesis."

Right military stuff...

"Wait how do you know all this? "

"It's because our company is the one who build and sponsor your grandfather's academy. Also he's been nagging me for years for one of you to attend his school and follow his foot steps."

"Oh right no wonder it has the "Silver" on it. "

My grandfather was a former general in the S.M.F(Space Military Federation) He ignores what I said and continues talking.

"Also you don't have think about your future anymore since it already has been decided that you'll be a military man just like your grandfather! "

"Great military man not that I really care and all but I wonder what will mom say when she get's back with Luna after the tour?"

Suddenly my father's face turned pale. Well it's to be expected since my mother is somewhat the boss of this household and she's the biggest worrywart I've ever known.

"O-oh no what should I do? Linel what should I do?"

"Ask Gray and Brea for help."

"R-right Gray and Brea!"

He quickly takes his cell phone out of his pocket and makes a phone call. I decided to leave him be and go straight home.

2 days later at Libra city space port.

My father who's wearing a business outfit, Gray who's wearing his casual looking smart outfit and Brea who's wearing a stylish outfit came to see me off.

Suddenly an announcement was made.

"All passengers of the Silver Wing Academy. All passengers of the Silver Wing Academy. Please proceed to Terminal Gate number 7. Please proceed to Terminal Gate number 7. We will be departing shortly."

The announce plays all over again like a broken record.

I said my farewell before leaving.

"Looks like that's my cue. Bye guys!"

My father was mumbling to himself while looking worried.

"What should I do? What should I do?"

Looks like he haven't solve the problem about my mom yet.

Gray was holding his handkerchief while crying.

"Good bye little bro! Take care! Sniff*"

Why is he crying? We're not even close to begin with. Must be tears of joy.

Brea was taking picture of her self with her cell phone while doing a cute pose.

"This will certainly get a lot of likes. Snap* Snap*"

Yup I miss them already.

I proceeded to Terminal Gate number 7.

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