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My name is Linel age 15 and I'm the youngest son of the Silvercrest family. My family owns a large company called Silvertech that was founded by my great great grandfather. Silvertech is a company that constructs space stations, builds space ships, weapons, and mobile phones. In other words I come from a rich family. Well if you're a rich kid like me it's expected that you'll be attending a school full of annoying spoiled brats. Speaking about that I'm about to beat the crap out of them right now.

In the school courtyard there are several annoying group of kids who are currently blocking my path. One of them who seems to be the leader looks very pissed. It must be because I insulted him on front of his girlfriend awhile ago. Well it's not my fault that his a jerk and all but hey maybe I shouldn't have done that in the first place. Looks like the so called leader is about to say something. He points with his index finger on his right shoe.

"Hey you! Kneel down before me and kiss my shoe as an apology and maybe I won't humiliate you by beating you up and uploading your disgusting photo on the uninet.(universal network)."

Maybe I should attack first this is really getting annoying.

"Hey I'm talking to you!"

If I did that though it won't be considered as self defense.

"Hey you are you deaf or what!"

I should wait for them to hit me first so that I have an excuse to beat the crap out of them.


One of the goons said something really annoying that almost ticked me off.

"Hahaha! he's so scared that he couldn't even talk."

"Is that how it is? What a wimp!"

The leader and the goons broke into laughter. Seriously I wanna beat the crap out of them right now but I have to wait till they hit me first. Oh great now the leader is trying to show off.

"Hey guys I know how to scare the crap out of him."

He shows me his right hand that looks like an open crane hook that was facing upward. All the goons including me looks at his right hand. Suddenly a ball of fire appeared on his right hand and all the goons were amazed.

"This is my power! If you don't want me to burn that pretty face of yours you better do as I said!"

"Wow Chester I didn't know that you can do Atomic Synthesis!"

"Well I did a lesson or two when I was a kid"

"Amazing! I bet that wimp over there is pissing his pants right now!"

It was so amazing how weak he was I couldn't help but ridicule him.

"You call that power? Ha what a joke!"

He looks really pissed now.

"What did you say!?"

I'll try to make him more pissed so he'll stop boasting and finally attack me.

"I said that your power is so weak that it's a joke to even call it an Atomic Synthesis! I bet my grand mother could do better than that!"

Looks like it worked.

"Oh yeah will this look like

a joke to you? Get him!"

The goons suddenly went near me and restrains me from my movement. The leader approaches me and puts the fire ball near my face.

"Last chance if you don't do what I said earlier right now! I will burn your face till your mother won't recognize you."

The goons were somehow trying to pressure me.

"Do it do it!"

"You scared now you little prick?"

It didn't work but they tried their best. Oh well time for me to defend myself. I concentrated a bit and Imagine the electrons in the atoms that surrounds my body were spinning like crazy. Soon electricity was forming around my body and the two goons who were restraining me got electrocuted and lost consciousness. After that I didn't waste any time and knocked the other goons out that were near me by executing a round house kick with a little shock treatment. After that I concentrate on my right fist by imagining air being compressed. Then I punch the other goons with a baloon of air and it exploded causing them to fly backwards and lose consciousness. Alright lastly it's the leader who looks like he's about to piss his pants. Now what should I do with him? Should I show mercy and walk away or beat the crap out of him? It seems like he's too scared to even touch me so I decided to walk away. As soon as I turned my back, he threw the fire ball at me. Well it was weak so it didn't last long enough to burn me. It didn't really pissed me off more like it made me feel sorry for him. So I decided to give him a crash course on Atomic Synthesis. I turn around and face him, I kick his stomach hard enough for him to fall down on the ground.

"Wh-what do you think you're doing?"

"Shut up and watch."

Since I'm not good in explaining I decided to slowly show him a demonstration. I opened my right hand and raised it while facing upwards.

"You know my father is the chief prosecutor of Libra space city! If you hurt me I'm gonna sue you! "

I concentrated on my right hand and imagine oxygen gathering while forming a giant ball.

"Wait! Please wait don't hurt me!"

Then I imagined the molecules vibrating like crazy.

"You-you want money? Girls? You name it. I can give you anything. Just please don't hurt me!"

Wait did he just say girls? Oh well time to continue the demonstration. Suddenly a giant ball of fire appeared on my hand and the leader of the goons saw it turned pale and lost consciousness. So much for the crash course it looks like it was too much for him to handle so I dispersed the fire ball and take a look around. All the goons were beaten up badly while the leader looks like he had a stroke. I decided not to think too much about it and go straight home. The next day as I enter school I was told to go to the principals office and there I got expelled for the third time.

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