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   Chapter 17 The Chase

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Updated: 2018-01-20 19:03

Lance constantly checked his tracking device while on his way to Miguel's villa.

He was alarmed that the green dot representing his wife was moving toward his direction.

"Shit Miguel! What now?!"

Lance waited for the perfect timing. When he saw a fast moving red BMW probably where his wife was and a familiar blue Sequoia passed him, he made a sharp U turn with his black Porsche Cayenne and followed suit. He had to win this chase. His wife and child's life is on the line.


"Sir, two cars are chasing us. Do you have a plan?"

"Try to lose them! We need to board the jet immediately."

"You might want to reconsider Sir as the traffic near the airstrip is worse this time of day."

"Shit! Can you go by the Marina instead? I will call for the speedboat to be readied."

"Right away Sir." Then switched to the road leading to the Freeway.

"Don't worry my dear Cassandra, soon everything will be over and we can live together without any problems."

Miguel caressed her slightly bruised and unconscious face. He had to punch her somewhere along the way as she was constantly fighting him and even tried to jump off the moving vehicle.

"Drive faster! We need to lose them, trick them if you can."


"Boss, if we can shoot at the wheels of their car we can overtake them."

"No! It will be dangerous for Cassie. She's pregnant and we can't risk her safety. . ."

". . .Just stay on their tail and keep your pace steady with their car."

He opened his window and sent a signal to Lance.

"Move to the left side." He said when he saw Lance moved to the other side of the red car.

"Boss, what are you doing?"

"Give me the gun. No! The other one! Be steady. I don't want my death to be by falling from a m

was enough to break Lance's heart apart.

"Baby, please don't talk. You need your strength. We will reach to the hospital in time. Don't worry."

"Im scared. . ."

"Don't be. Im here. I'll always be here. Please hold on baby. I can't lose you." Lance was now crying as he stroked Cassie's pale face.

". . . scared that I won't. . . be able to. . . see you. . ."

"Shhh. baby hold on please."

". . .I'm tired. . . " Cassie closed her eyes. Lance felt her hands lost its soft grip on his hands.

"Sir we're here." The driver opened their door and Lance hurriedly got off the car and ran towards the Emergency Room.

"Please help my wife! Hurry!"

A young nurse approached Lance as he transferred Cassie to a stretcher.

"Sir, please fill out these out forms. We will take it from here."

Other nurses and a doctor tended right away to their new patient.

"Will she be alright Nurse?"

"We will do our best Sir. The doctor will talk to you as soon as we have an update."

Lance's heart sank into his chest as his wife and unborn child disappeared from view.

"Please Cassie. . .I can't lose you. . .I can't. ?God, please help us. Not again please."

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