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   Chapter 16 Borderline

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Miguel took off the handcuffs he used with Sammy during their long trip from Spain to his father's villa in Beverly Hills. He then removed the cloth binding Sammy's mouth and tied it securely on her hands. He did not care about being caught. All that matters to him was that he will soon have Cassandra. He vowed to have her and he will, anyway possible.

Sammy had been awake for several hours, silently praying for some semblance of sanity that might change her captor's behavior. She was wondering what could have possibly trigger this craziness in this once respectable and intelligent businessman.

When her mouth gag was removed, she tried to talk some logic to Miguel.

"Please stop this Miguel. What will you gain by doing this? You're ruining your life."

"I will get my girl. I will be with her and I can finally have my revenge at the person who ruined my life!"

"Miguel, what are you talking about? Your life was perfect. You had everything. Now, why waste your future for a stunt like this?"

"That's where you are wrong! I don't have a life if I can't have Cassandra. And that ex bestfriend of mine will pay for everything that he took away from me."

Sammy saw the change in Miguel's face, from the serious and collected businessman that he once was, he now seemed like a deranged love-sick psycho. She feared for her safety and prayed that Cassie will not show up to save her. Even if that ends her own life she doesn't care as long as her friend remained safe.

"You know Miguel, Cassie can still love you if you just showed her your real feelings." Sammy was trying to distract Miguel as she tried to release her hands from the binding cloth.

"I already tried countless times. I have been following her and stalking her and showering her with gifts. Gifts that she did not even accept! She never acknowledged me. . .I had to beat up everyone who tried to approach her. I had to scare everyone who looks her way. Do you know how difficult it was for me to see her each day but not able to hold her like I want to. . . ". . Do you know the pain I felt whenever she rejects my offer? When she ignored me like I do not even exist?! The humiliation I experienced when she ran away from me on our wedding day?!"

"Perhaps. . . you have a chance now." Sammy added but then realized her mistake. It was like his face turned from anger to extreme hatred at her words.

"Chance? I will have my chance when I kill that mother fucking assshole who always steal the women I love!"

". . . I patiently waited for years for Cassandra to notice and love me and then he will come

his gun at Sammy.

"Noooooo!" Cassie saw what Miguel was about to do. Adrenaline coursed through her as she pushed Miguel with all her might and tried to wrestle him for the gun.

The gun went off and she saw Sammy fell to the floor with blood dripping from her arms.

"Sammy! Oh God!" Cassie was still tussled with Miguel but after seeing Sammy's wound she felt weakened with fear and the monster got the upper hand.

Meanwhile, Marco just arrived at Miguel's villa. He already arranged everything. He just hope that their plan will work. Lance was also on his way. He tracked his phone held by Cassie so that he will be able to trace their location.

The first thing Marco heard was the gun shot. He and his men ran towards the house as he signaled them men to attack the place. They will cover him so he can go inside without any interruption.

Marco inherited a mafia organization from his uncle one year ago and leading his army of men to invade the place was a piece of cake but they also need to gather some evidence from Miguel. Evidence that will ensure his stay behind bars.

Gunshots and shouts were heard outside Miguel's room and Cassie knew that Marco and his team already arrived. Now she hoped that Lance will not arrive on time to keep him safe.

"Sammy! Hold on Sammy! Help is on its way."

"Carajo!" Miguel cursed. He quickly pulled back Cassandra and threw her at his shoulders. She was still fighting back but Miguel was strongly built and her petite and pregnant body was no match for his strength.

"Shut up! Don't make any sound Cassandra!"

"Let go of me!"

Miguel chose that room because of the small passageway leading to the garage where his driver and car awaits for their escape.

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