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Lance and Marco's plan was going well until Lindsay found out about Miguel and Cassie. She was in Madrid when she passed by a convenience store and saw Cassie's picture in front of on an old bridal magazine issue.

"Sir who is this lady on the cover?" He asked the convenience store owner.

"Can't you read?! It said Cassandra Lopez heir of Lopez Financing, engaged to Miguel Fernandez of the Fernandez Enterprise. She's a runaway bride. Never been seen again after she left on the eve of her wedding." The man was clearly irritated at Lindsay but she ignored it for she needed some information.

"Do you know where I can find this Miguel Fernandez?"

"You're not from here are you? Stupid tourists! Just go to the tallest building on this city and you will find what you're looking for."

Acting on impulse and out of spite for the girl who took away her dream of being filthy rich, she met with Miguel Fernandez. There she told him everything.

"So you are telling me, that my Cassandra is now living with a man named Lance Montgomery?" Miguel's voice was livid. He hated that name more than anyone in the world. His ex best friend who betrayed him and took away the first girl he ever loved.

"Yes. Last I saw them was almost three months ago in California. But I don't know where that bitch is right now. . ."

Miguel was fast and he pinned Lindsay on the wall with his hands on her neck.

"Do not ever talk about her that way again!"

"Gerr. . offme. . ."

He let go of her and was about to hit her when he composed himself.

"Leave before I lose my temper and kill you!"

Lindsay didn't need any more warning as she scampered out of the room. She was scared of what she had done. That man was crazy.


Cassie was still very careful. She never left their well guarded estate unless accompanied by Lance. Some of her check ups were even done at home. This was how cautious they were of Miguel's threats. Lance knew how his crazy mind works and he must always be prepared. He already lost so much because of that man and he will not let any

ion. She wrote a note to Lance, left the pictures with the address and called Marco to tell him what happened. She needed Marco in case Lance will not arrive on time.


Marco's phone rang and he saw Lance's number as the caller.

"Lance whats up bro?"

"Marco, Cassie here."


"Miguel found me. He has my bestfriend. What should I do?"

"What?! Does Lance know?"

"No. Lance doesn't know yet he left his phone here and I don't know how to contact him."

"Ill find a way to reach him. Meanwhile, just stay there I'll come and get you. Let me just round up my men and we can go to Miguel's hide out. You need to wait for me or Lance. . ."

"I cant wait anymore. I saw a bomb on the picture he sent."

"Jesus! That son of a bitch! Ok here's what we'll do. . ."

"Please hurry Marco. I will wait for you there. Yes. I will try to get the truth from him. I just hope this plan works."

"Be careful Cassie. Lance will kill me if something bad happens to you."

"Im on my way down. I'll meet you there. Yes I'll be careful. Don't worry about me. Thanks Marco."

After talking with Cassie and relaying his plan, Marco tried to call Lance through the other board of directors but he already left the meeting. He doesn't have a choice but to proceed with the plan and just wait for Lance to show up.

They can finally end this, once and for all.

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