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   Chapter 14 Surprise

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After talking to Marco on the phone and devising plan to solve their problem with Miguel, Lance was impatiently pacing the front of their bedroom as he waited for the doctor.

When the door finally opened, he saw a distressed looking Cassie on the bed. She was crying and Lance panicked.

"Doctor, what's the result of your test? Baby, why are you crying?"

"It would be best if you will tell him Cassie." The doctor reached for Cassie's shoulder and squeezed it gently.

"I will be going now Mr. Montgomery. Nothing to worry about. But I'm sure I'll be getting a call from you in a few hours, if not minutes."

And the doctor left a disturbed Cassandra and a confused Lance.

"Honey, I'm afraid you will leave me now." Cassie was now sobbing uncontrollably.

"Of course not baby, why would I ever leave you?" Lance doesn't know what to do.

"Because. . . because I'm pregnant and I'm not sure if you want me to be pregnant." Cassie continued to cry.

Upon hearing those words, Lance was surprised and momentarily frozen in place.

"See?! You don't want me to be pregnant! I can have this baby without you. You know. I can look for a job and raise my baby alone… by myself…" Cassie was now bawling loudly which seemed to wake Lance from his trance.

"Cassie…Cassandra, listen to me. I love you and now I love you even more if ever that is possible. You made me the happiest man alive now that we will soon become a family."

"You were just saying that so I'll stop crying!"

"Of course not baby, please stop. You're making me nervous."

"And now you're blaming me!"

"Oh geez, baby please stop, I'm not blaming you for anything. . ."

"You just said that I'm making you nervous! Well it was not my fault that you can't get your hands off me and that you didn't use protection!"

"Hold on baby, can't you see? I planned this. I wanted you to be pregnant so you will never ever leave me. . ." Lance was pleading now. A crying Cassie was too much to handle and now a wailing pregnant Cassie is definitely out of his league.

Cassie seemed to stop when she heard those words, but then she started hitting Lance with a pillow.

"You planned this all along! You did not even ask me what I wanted! I could have married you anywhere anytime! Why did you have to impregnate me this soon just to keep me with you!"

"Baby, please calm down… don't you want this pregnancy?" Lance was now cowering on a corner of their room trying to block the blows of Cassie's pillow punches.

Cassie stopped and looked at Lance seriously.

"Of course I want this. I love you and I want to make a life with you."

Lance was relieved and elated.

So he did the best thing to shut her up, he strode towards her, pulled her to him and kissed her passionately. He swiftly removed her clothes and carried her to their bed. He devoured her naked body with his arduous kisses. His hands skimmed her inner thighs as he sucked on her mounds its pebbled peaks. Cassie impatiently removed his shirt and his pants. Matching his desire with her own fervent kisses by pulling him to her and kissing his neck and chest. Her hands roamed his hard chest moving lower to his stiff rod. She was delirious with need when he cupped her peaks, rolled his fingers on her nipples and was positioning himself to enter her when he remembered the baby.

He suddenly stood up, leaving a naked and dripping with need flustered Cassie on their bed. He took his phone from his discarded pant's pockets and called the doctor.

"You're seriously doing this now!!!" Cassie was enraged.

"Babe, I'm not sure if we are still allowed to, you know."

"Aarrrggh! You just thought of that now? You could have called her earlier before seducing me you ass!"

Lance just held his finger on his mouth signaling for Cassie to be quiet.

"Hello Doctor, yes, this is Lance Montgomery, well, yes I have lots of questions regarding the pregnancy but this is important, please tell me we can still have sex?"

An affirmative yes an

ce Miguel was very powerful in Spain. Both of them knew that it was the right time to end Miguel's schemes so they had to stick with their plan.

"Lance, are you sure you want to spend this much money on those thieves? We can just scare them or threaten them so they will follow our orders." Marco was against Lance's plans but he knew once Lance made up his mind, he cannot convince him otherwise.

"Bro, I need everything to be perfect. And this method will execute the plan beautifully, without any violence or conflict. The money can be earned any day and Cassie's freedom is more important. I want her to be able to go out and live her life without fear."

"You really do love her don't you."

"I do. Very much. Bro, do you remember my obsession with new churches, wishing wells and shooting stars?" Lance was now smiling as he recollects his weirdness after his parents died.

"Yeah. You always drag me on some places just to sooth your cravings for your 'wishes'. You know I just tolerated you because you were my friend. But I really thought that you've gone insane man!"

"Hahaha! Yeah. I recalled there were couple of times when you even pretended to be sick and hid from me just so I won't ask you to join me on my past time."

"Bro! You call that a past time? Past time is reading a book or watching a movie. Yours was borderline crazy man!" Marco was laughing as he teased Lance.

Lance laughed with him then suddenly turned serious and Marco knew the reason.

"You know when I lost my parents who were my everything, I was on the verge of losing my mind. But then, I realized that I had to hold on to something. I chose to believe in the divine power of prayers and wishes. Whenever I prayed I always ask the heavens to grant me one wish. Always one wish. . ."

"I know. But you never told me your wish. You said I would jinx it."

Lance smiled as he remembered.

"I can tell you now because my wish has been granted."

"What was it?"

"I wished for Love. Someone who will love me unconditionally, someone that will be freely given to me by destiny. Someone that I will travel with on our road to forever."

"Oh. So cheesy man! You really are crazy! Crazy in love with Cassie!" Marco was now laughing at Lance's serious expression. He knew just which buttons to push to irritate his friend.

"Oh yes I am. Just wait for your turn. When you find your match, I'll be the one laughing."

"No no no. Never dude! I will never be a whipped ass like you."

"Of course someday you would. Wanna bet?"

"Sure dude! I'll grant you any 'wish' when that time comes."

"Ha! I'll take your word for that Marco. Now, where were we. . ."

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