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   Chapter 13 Broken

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The doctor arrived and she checked Cassie inside their room. Lance was worried but the doctor assured him after some tests, they would know the reason for her faint spell.

While the doctor was checking Cassie, Lance called Marco to tell him about Miguel Fernandez and his threat to their relationship.

Miguel Fernandez, Marco Garcia and Lance Montgomery had been friends since primary grade. They studied in an exclusive school for boys, Europa International School in Barcelona Spain. The reason behind Lance's fluency in the Spanish language. They were inseparable, Miguel was the leader of their group and Lance and Marco were his wing men. They were best of friends until their first year in high school.

They met Sophia Treveau, a French girl in one of the parties they attended. Miguel fell head over heels in love with her on their first meeting. He courted her with the help of his friends. At first, Sophia was not interested in Miguel but after several dates, she finally gave in and reciprocated Miguel's feelings. That was what they thought.

The four of them always spent time every weekend. They usually have Pool Night where they will all play pool at Miguel's house.

There was one time when Lance got sick during one of their pool session. Miguel and Marco left to fetch a doctor and to buy him medicine. They left Sophia to care for Lance while they were away.

While the two men were away, Sophia showed her true colors. She dated Miguel to get closer to Lance. It was really him that she wanted but he was not interested in her because of his friend.

She took the situation and used it for her advantage. While Lance was asleep and delirious with fever, she removed his shirt and pretended to wipe his body with soft towel to regulate his temperature, but her main purpose was to trap him into believing that something happened to them. Her plan went wrong. While she was still undressing and kissing the unconscious Lance, Miguel came back and saw them.

What he saw from his perspective was that his best friend and girlfriend has been cheating on him. He thought that Lance pretended to be sick so he could get rid of them and have some alone time with Sophia. Fuelled with fury and jealousy, he did something terrible that night.

Sophia ran away after being discovered. She did not even explain to Miguel that it was all her fault. She just fled and left Miguel and Lance. She cannot bear to see him kicking and punching Lance who was still unconscious. She was so terrified and seeing the effect of her actions made her feel guilty.

He beat up Lance who was still very weak and unaware of what happened. Marco was still out to fetch the doctor and when they arrived, they saw a bloodied Lance on the floor of Miguel's room. He was barely breathing. Miguel was still reeling with anger. He was shouting obscenities and hurtful words at Lance.

"What have you done Miguel! Why did you do this to our f

lision caused an explosion and. . ."

"Stop! I can't hear anymore. Please stop." Lance was now wretched and crying.

Seeing his grieving face was enough to break anyone's heart. He knew how close Lance was to his parents. They were like a perfect family. A family broken by a dreadful and tragic accident that could have been avoided.

If only time could be reversed. There were various scenarios that could have prevented what happened. He could have stayed with him that night. He could have proven to Miguel weeks before of his girlfriend's real promiscuous nature. There were a lot of what ifs but on that instant, he can't do anything but to ensure that Lance's life will go on.

It pained Marco to see Lance sobbing in grief. He approached him to comfort him. Lance tried to fight and push Marco away but he did not give up. He will not give up on his friend and he vowed never to abandon him.


When Lance was released from the hospital, he moved in with Marco's family and after a few weeks where everything has been settled with the Montgomery's business in Spain, all of them flew to California to start a new life. Marco's parents were under the employ of Lance's grandfather who owns a billion dollar investment company all over US. So they all transferred to America so that Lance can be with his grandparents.

Marco and Lance did not return to school. They tried to file complaints for the beating that Miguel did to Lance but due to Miguel's family's influence in Spain, they were ignored by the police and justice system in Barcelona. As for Sophia, she was reported to be missing for several days before being found dead in an alley. The cause of death was rape and a bullet to her head.

As for Miguel, Marco and Lance's friendship, some things can never be forgiven and some things were not meant to be forgotten. And for Lance, what Miguel did to him is a sin carved in stone that will be preserved all throughout eternity.

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