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   Chapter 12 The Heartache

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Lance received a call from Ramon while he was already on his way home. He was actually about to get off from his car when he received the news that Lindsay arrived at his apartment and Cassie fainted. It was a good thing that Ramon arrived on time or else his whole security team might have lost their jobs.

The ride up the elevator was disconcerting. He was very worried about Cassie. He neglected to tell her about Lindsay and now he was very afraid of what will happen to them. He was sure of his feelings for Cassie but knowing her, she will be doubtful of him from now on.

Still pondering on how to tell her, the elevator door opened and revealed his ex and his best friend arguing. He was rooted on the spot when he heard everything.

"I left right away but I made sure that I had evidence. I was planning to tell Lance but then the engagement thing got in the way. His grandparents were so excited. I knew I had to find a way to tell him so I blackmailed your best friend, or should I say, long time girlfriend, to ensure that the wedding will not push through." Lance was hurt by Marco's admission but he knew that he could always trust him.

"What are you saying?"

"I was a coward not being able to tell Lance because I never wanted to see him get hurt. So I told Suzie if she does not do something to break you and Lance apart, I will show the pictures I took of you and her kissing and release that to the media. . . "

Lance saw the shift in Lindsay's eyes, and he knew that she will soon fight back. It has been always like that with her. When they were still together, he always notices some sudden changes on her expression. It was like she was showing him only the best part of her but something dark is hidden inside. He ignored it as much as he can until now.

"I cannot bear the thought of my best friend marrying a con artist like you! A pretentious bitch such as yourself should never have anything as good as Lance." Marco continued.

"You! You ruined everything!" Lindsay suddenly stood up w

ans are for your. You are my life Cassie. It breaks my heart that my stupidity of forgetting to tell you about my past can cost me my happiness with you. . ." Lance cannot help the tears that fell from his eyes. This is the first time he cried after his parents died.

"I love you and even if you don't want me anymore, I will still prove to you how much I love you." He was now covering his face and silently crying.

Cassandra knew from that moment that Lance's love for her can surpass any obstacles along their way. His confessions proved to her that he will never let her go. So she did the best thing she knows to reassure him of their love.

She removed his hand from his face, wiped away the tears on his eyes and cheeks, she held his face in between her hands and gently kissed his lips. She poured out her forgiveness, understanding and love on that kiss.

When their kiss ended, Cassie looked straight on his eyes.

"I love you Lance. No one can ever change that. I will never leave your side. You can count on that. You removed all my doubts and fears. I may still get scared some times but I know you will always be with me to remind me how much we value each other."

Lance could never be happier after hearing Cassie's words. He firmly hugged her then kissed her passionately. That was until they heard a knock from the door.

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