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   Chapter 11 Betrayal

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To say that Lindsay was shocked was an understatement. When the door of Lance's penthouse apartment closed, she had to steady herself as her knees weakened from Ramon's parting words. She leaned on the wall while still reeling from his words.

"Ms. Lindsay, you are merely the horrific past, now this girl is his present. . ."

"I'm. . . I'm just his past? He already moved on? But why?" Lindsay painfully asked while she tried to compose herself.

"Are you seriously asking that question?" Lindsay was startled but she knew that voice. It was Lance's best friend.

"Marco. . . You surprised me."

"Lindsay, what surprises me is you being here after what you did!" He tried to control the anger that he was feeling at that moment.

Marco never liked Lindsay. He just tolerated her since he knew Lance cared about this girl before. He could not say that Lance loved her because he did not see any chemistry between them.

"I just want to talk to him. I want to explain and I. . . I want him back." She's close to tears as she admitted her real intention for being there.

"Im not sorry to say this Lindsay, because this is the truth, the best thing that happened to my friend was that he saw you for what you truly were before he committed himself fully to you." Marco scoffed at her.

"Why are you being so hard on me? I loved him and I made him happy."

"See? Loved!. . . made!. . . Even the words you used were all in past tense. Just like you, a person from his past!"

"I want to make amends Marco. I just need to speak to him. Please help me." Lindsay was now kneeling in front of him begging him to help her.

"No! Lindsay, stop this! Get up! I will not be swayed by your conniving ways! I knew about you and Suzie but I was just afraid of what he will do when he finds out. I'm glad you showed him your true self before I had the chance to tell him myself!"

Lindsay was silent for a while then she stood up and faced Marco with mixture of fear and determination on her eyes.

"What the hell do you

u. So please stop putting blame on other people."

His soft and quivering voice as he said those last words were more painful than any curse. Lance looked away from her to cover the hurt in his eyes. He looked at Marco and nodded his head in signal.

Marco saw the hurt in Lance's eyes. He may not have believed that Lance loved his ex-fiancée but he knew that he genuinely cared for her and being betrayed by someone you cared for was as painful as losing someone you love.

"Lindsay, please leave. I will escort you out." The defeat in Marco's voice was evident. He should have just asked Lindsay to leave right away and they could have avoided this encounter. ?But now that it's done he had no other option but to make her leave.

Lindsay felt the hurt he inflicted on Lance. She wants to make his pain go away but she knew that it will take some time. She tried to approach him as she felt the need to hold him but he pushed her away. This fuelled her determination to win him back.

"No need! I know my way out. Remember this Lance, no one can have you aside from me. I'll make sure of that!"

"Lindsay, Go! Now! Before I have you arrested for trespassing!" It was Marco's cold threatening voice. He worriedly looked at Lance's reaction. But he did not seem to hear Lindsay's threat as he hurriedly rushed into his penthouse apartment.

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