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   Chapter 10 Past and Present

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That same night at the beach, Lance and Cassie agreed that she would stay hidden at home until they devised a solution to their problem. A disguise is also needed as a precaution. Lance even flew in his stylist friend from Manila to complete the look. Cassie's black curly hair was straightened and bleached to strawberry blonde. A complete make over was done. Her tanned skin also helped with her disguise as she was very pale when she met Lance.

Even her entire wardrobe was changed and was ordered online. The clothes will be delivered to their penthouse. Yes, their penthouse. Lance felt the need to buy a new one to ensure that no one will know where Cassie is. Also, other people had access to his previous address and that is a risk that Lance doesn't want to take.

On the day of their flight back, Lance ensured that the private plane would land in a secluded part of the airport where their Limo awaits. This is to ward off the paparazzi that were reported to be swarming outside his office because of his scandalous breakup with Lindsay.

Lance was not given a chance to tell Cassie about Lindsay. He was still waiting for the right time, as he does not want to add up to her worries. Actually, he forgot about her and only remembered when they talked about her past with Miguel.

For Lance, everything that concerned Lindsay was irrelevant. All that matters to him was how to protect his Cassie.

"Honey, I said goodbye to Nanay and Tatay. She was still crying when I left her room. She said she does not want to see you go."

"She's such a drama queen babe."

"She's just emotional because she loves you and will miss you."

Lance hugged Cassie as she had been very warm and loving to his yaya/nanny whom they called Nanay.

"Babe, I'll just say my goodbye then we'll be off. You can wait by the boat. I think Anselmo is there crying. Haha."

"Go on honey. Don't be such an ass!" And she swatted his ass for emphasis.

"You'll pay for that babe!" Lance teasingly promised and then proceed to go to his yaya's room.

"Hahaha. You wish! Hey Anselmo!" And Cassie went to the dock to bid her farewell to her new friend.

"Mam Kassee, magingat po kayo palagi."?Take care always. He was actually sniffing and not looking at Cassie to hide his tear filled eyes.

"Thanks Anselmo. I will. You too. Take care ok? And practice on your English so when I return you won't have any more nose bleed."

"Si Mam pani rin samtayms."

"Haha. I learned from the best. Thanks for your friendship Anselmo. Hope to see you again."

"Walang anuman Mam. Alagaan nyo rin po si Ser. Mahal nya po kayo."?You're welcome Ma'am, take care of Sir, He loves you.

"I know. And Mahawl ko reen sha."

"Oh come on Babe, stop with the drama. Hey Anselmo! Alagaan mo si Nanay at Mang Pilo ha. Pag may problema tawagan nyo lang ako kaagad. Salama

"Ahhm, sorry he's not here. Not to be rude but who are you?"

"I'm Lindsay. His?fiancée."

"Pardon? I think I misheard you. Wha. . .what is your relationship with my boyfriend?"

"Huh?! Your boyfriend? Well, that's impossible! I'm his?fiancée. We were supposed to have our engagement party more than three weeks ago. How can he be your boyfriend?!"

"But. . ." Cassie felt very dizzy all of a sudden. Perhaps because of the pain on her chest upon hearing the woman's claim or the realization that Lance may not be true to her as she was true to him.

"Hey, miss, are you alright?" She heard the woman's voice but she just closed her eyes and held onto the door frame for support.

"I'm his. . ." Cassie was not able to finish her response as she blacked out. Before she lost consciousness, she heard someone shout with a panicked voice. She felt strong arms catch her as her arms lost the fight and she lost her balance.

"Please leave now Ms. Lindsay. You're not supposed to be here. We have strict instructions to remove you from this premise whenever you show up." Ramon, the head of Cassie's security shouted at Lindsay. He was panicked as he saw his boss' new girlfriend lose consciousness. He was still fortunate he managed to catch her on time or else, all hell will break lose from his boss' wrath.

"Who is she? Why is she here?" Lindsay was still surprised that Lance already has a new girlfriend. After all their years together, she never imagined that she will be this easy to replace.

"Ms. Lindsay, you are merely the horrific past, now this girl is his present. So please, kindly leave before I ask the other guards to escort you out of this building." Ramon carried Cassie inside the room and closed the door to Lindsay's face. He was aware of what this model did to their employer. Their employer who will be very mad once he found out what happened this afternoon.

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