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   Chapter 9 Bliss

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Three blissful weeks of relaxing vacation, walks by the beach, water sports and passionate lovemaking and Cassandra never felt happier.

She remembered one time when they went jet skiing. She saw how protective Lance is of her.

"Cassie, can we just use one jet ski? You can drive while I ride behind you."

"Why? Where's the fun in that? I want a race and we can't do that with just one jet ski."

"But you might fall off and get yourself hurt."

"I know how to swim. Want me to prove it to you? Wait I'll go swim towards that buoy now and then follow me."


Cassandra, being a confident swimmer who represented her school twice in a swimming competition did not waste time. She removed the sarong covering her bikini clad body and swam towards the buoy.

She heard Lance's gasp when he saw her swimsuit which she wore particularly for his eyes to feast on.

"Oh Cassie, you'll be the death of me." He murmured as he got on the machine and waited for Cassie to reach her finish line, the buoy 55 meters away.

Lance watched Cassie swim and she was obviously good. She even changed strokes, from butterfly to breaststroke. She decided to change to backstroke to see his reaction.

"Cassie! Look out!" Lance quickly rode the jet ski and went to where Cassie could have hit a large floating debris of wood. She was able to veer away from it because of Lance's warning.

Lance was beside her and pulled her from the water towards him.

"You scared me. I thought you'll hurt yourself" his genuine concern for her safety was enough to make her heart melt.

"I'll be fine, its just a piece of wood. I would have bumped my head though if you didn't warn me. I didn't see that coming. Sorry for making you worry."

She was still going to ask if he thought she was a good swimmer but Lance stopped her by giving her a long but gentle heart searing kiss.

"Wow. If I've know I'd get a kiss like that from swimming, I should have swam this ocean just as we've arrived."

Lance rewarded her remark with a hearty laugh.

"So, now can I drive?" giving him a puppy dog eyes and a cute smile.

"Just make sure Cassie baby that you won't hit any moving objects this time."

"Well, I wont' be distracted now since you'll be riding with me."


They went parasailing during sunrise.

"Lance, thank you for this. I never get to experience anything like this before."

"Look at the horizon Cassie, how it changes colors. It's amazing how from darkness, orange hued rays starts peeking through the vastness where the sky meets the water. As it glows brighter, the sun's orbs will rise higher to bring light to a new day, new hope."

"Yes. New hope for a better day."

"Do you know that you are like sunrise to me? You gave me hope. You met me on one of the darkest points of my life and you saved me from it."

"I think it's the other way around. You are my hope."

There were times when Lance was working on his home office with his satellite phone to check on his business.

"Cassie, I'll just be in the study for a few hours, I have few important calls and meeting to make. You may go to me if you need anything or to Nanay."

"No worries, I'll work on some songs while you're busy."

"That's good. You're starting to get the hang of writing and composing songs. When you play the guitar and sing again honey, please record it so I can listen to them later?" He said while hugging her. Whenever they were together he always held her or hug her.

"You can give me pointers again on how to improve my craft right?"

"Of course, you know I am your number one fan but also your mentor and soon to be producer."

"I am honored to be one of the talents of an excellent business man and producer, a good singer and composer."

"Are you fan girling on me again?"

He pulled her closer to him.

"Who wouldn't? You have been writing some songs before you made a name for your company. And whenever you are inspired to do one, it always turns out to be a hit! Even if you use a pseudo name, it is still you."

"If you say so. I always say to my staff that I will never be biased and no person should affect our judgment to ensure that only quality works will be produced and promoted, that is why I never tell them I make songs for the company."

"I hope your fair judgment will not be affected when I'm concerned." Cassie was worried that she will not get the whole company's approval.

"You honey is a gem filled with talents. Even if I don't us

mpare to this honey. Nothing could ever compare to this paradise that we have."

"Do you want us to stay here? Anything to wipe out that frown on your gorgeous face."

"No Lance. I don't want your life to be put on hold just because I am scared."

"Scared? Tell me baby, what is it that makes you so fearful of going back? Please tell me and we'll work something out."

"Promise me you will not leave me and you will listen to everything first before you say anything."

Her pleading voice made Lance nervous but he just nodded his head.

"Promise." Cassie faced him and held his hands. She made sure that she was looking at his face as she told him her story.

"Here goes. Lance, my real name is Maria Cassandra Villanueva Lopez of the Lopez Financing Corporation in Spain. I ran away from home on the day of my supposed but arranged wedding. The wedding was orchestrated to salvage our bankrupt company via a merger with a rival company. I never agreed to that wedding so I escaped and with the help of my best friend and her boyfriend, was able to go to California. The day we met outside the cafe, it was my first day alone and I was still thinking on how to survive. You were the answer to my prayers but I am afraid that being with me can be very dangerous for you."

Lance was surprised by her confession but he also want to make her feel safe and secure, so he hugged her tight and kissed her forehead to reassure her that he will never leave her.

"Baby, I will never back down from anything especially when you are concerned. I don't care about your past. All I care about is our future together. We can make this work. I want to make this work. ?If you let me, I can talk to your parents and maybe I can help your company so you won't need a merger with another company."

"Lance, if that was as simple as that, then I am the happiest person alive. But my parents and Miguel's parents will never allow that. Miguel is an unforgiving man and that is the reason why I am afraid for us, especially for you. He has been humiliated by my running away and I am sure he is now looking for me."

"Who is this Miguel that you are so scared of?" Lance's voice was laced with controlled fury for the man who causes Cassie so much dread. Whoever that is, has been dead thousand of times in his head.

"Miguel Fernandez. He was my batch mate in college and was constantly asking me out but I never liked him. I am not sure how he managed to convince my parents for a merger and an arranged marriage but I have a hunch that everything was schemed by him." Upon hearing the name, Lance stiffened and Cassie looked at him cautiously.

"Miguel Fernandez of the Fernandez Group of Companies?" Lance's voice was so cold and menacing as he said the name that Cassie cannot help but slightly quiver in response.

"Yes. Do you know him?" Cassie worriedly asked. She felt the anger that emanated from her boyfriend.

"Know him? Oh baby, believe me. I know him more than anybody does."

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