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   Chapter 8 The Truth

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Madrid, Spain.

Miguel Fernandez paced the room and shouted orders to his men. He has been like this since he found out that Cassandra escaped on their wedding day.

"Te pedí que encontrarla! No vuelva a menos que tenga Cassandra con usted! No le hagas da?o o de lo contrario te mataré!"

"I ordered you to find her! Do not return unless you have Cassandra with you! Do not hurt her or else I will kill you!"

He and his family were humiliated and disgraced. He brought this upon himself because of his selfishness.

His only desire was to have her. He wanted her the day he met her.

They were schoolmates in Harvard. They were both from Spain but never did she notice him the way he wanted her to. She was always aloof and distant. He wanted to befriend her to gain her trust so he always made it a point to sit beside her during their classes and tell her stories about himself.

She listened to his stories but he felt that she was only being polite. He asked her several times to go out on a date but she always declined. For the long years that he tried to court her, she was cold and unresponsive. She always tell him that she is focusing on her studies. She does not have time for romance and love. She goes out once in a while with her study buddies but always in a group. She never went out on a date with a guy. Miguel made sure of that.

Many guys tried to approach her but he was always one step ahead. He will threaten any guy who wanted to be close to her. If the guy does not budge, he beat them up to ensure that his point would be understood. Cassandra was his and his alone. He was very possessive of her. Cassandra did not know what he did to those men.

After they finished school and went back to Spain, he plotted his next move. He made sure that his plan will work. He thought he will succeed after ensuring that her family's company get bankrupt.

He paid a group of board of directors and some staff from L

grateful that you care for Cassandra. We will make sure when she returns that she will never leave your side.

"No te preocupes tía, le vamos a encontrar y no voy a esperar otro segundo que ser mío."Do not worry Auntie, we will find her and I will not wait another second for her to be mine.

Cassandra's mother said her goodbyes and Miguel was left on his office, still thinking about his lost love.

He opened his drawer and took one of the many photos he had of Cassandra. Miguel have a collection of her photographs, stolen shots of her. It has been his habit to stalk her and take her pictures. Since she was always aloof and guarded when he was near, he took pictures of her smiling and laughing with her friends from afar. That was his passion, to be near her in any way that he can. He bid his time. He planned everything to be near her, to have her and now that he almost had her, he will not stop.

He did not wait this long for her to be snatched by someone else. He made sure no one approached Cassandra before and he is ready to kill just to keep things that way.

"Cassandra, wherever you are make sure you are enjoying every moment of your freedom. Because once I find you, you can never escape from me again. Mark my word mi amor, I will kill anyone who breaks us apart."

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