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   Chapter 7 Secret Passion

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Oh God, Oh God! Breathe Cassie. Breathe in, breathe out! Ha! You can do this! Me da confianza para hacer las cosas que voy a hacer." Give me the confidence to do the things I am about to do. Chanting this while shaking my hands and arms to release some tension.

I'm trying to calm my nerves and ease the consciousness I am feeling at the moment. The dress I'm wearing is black sleeve less deep V necked gown that showed the small cleavage that I thankfully have, the floor length skirt also showcased my smooth but not too long legs via its see through style with a long slit at the left side. Wearing some of the jewelries I brought with me, a diamond studded black earrings and bangles did the trick of making me look elegant.

The reason I am hyperventilating, aside from the thought that I was going out, well, going out of the house with Lance, is the amount of skin exposed from this dress. Its like I am parading my soul!

"Aaaargh!" Sitting down on the side of the bed, I thought about the walk we had by the beach earlier. I still cannot believe I was bold enough to admit that I care for him. I even gave him my first kiss! Well, it is, even if only at the cheeks.

And now, he asked me for a date! Who can even resist such an Adonis like Lance. I mean, I'm just plain old me and he's. . . perfect! So, who am I to say no right?

It's unbelievable how fast things have been going for us but I do not see any other way. The pace he sets for our relationship is quite alarming. It's like he is on a rally race with an imaginary finish line and I am his prize.

Still feeling overwhelmed by everything, I slipped into a four inches high silver metallic leather caged Christian Louboutin sandals that probably cost a normal working employee three months of his hard earned salary.

I decided to explore the house while waiting for Lance. He said dinner will be in a hour and a half and I only took forty five minutes to dress up and do my make up. If you call applying lipgloss, face powder, and some mascara doing make up.

My shaky feet brought me to the Music Room or I think this is more of a recording studio, with all the high tech equipment inside. I found a guitar near the mic and had an idea. Turning on the mic and closing the door, I sat at the chair and did something that I have been carefully hiding for several years now. ?This is the secret that I want to unleash now that I am miles away from home.

I closed my eyes and started to strum the guitar strings as I let the magic flow from my fingertips to create music. All the nervousness disappeared as I sang the lyrics of Tori Kelly's song, I Was Made for Loving You.

As the melody and lines from the song "I Was Made for Loving You" by Tori Kelly invade my senses, flashbacks of my moments with Lance reigned on my mind.

I remembered our first meeting together at his room after the explosion at the café.

A dangerous plan, just this time

A stranger's hand clutched in mine

I'll take this chance, so call me blind

I've been waiting all my life

Please don't scar this young heart

Just take my hand

All I can see is him and me walking by the beach, sharing a comfortable silence. We were walking together like it was a normal routine for us.

I was made for loving you

Even though we may be hopeless hearts just passing through

Every bone screaming I don't know what we should do

All I know is, darling, I was made for loving you

Lance and I holding each other on the private plane's cabin through a restful slumber.

Hold me close through the night

Don't let me go, we'll be alright

Touch my soul and hold it tight

I've been waiting all my life

I won't scar your young heart

Just take my hand

The way he looks at me each time we are together.

Cause I was made for loving you

Even though we may be hopeless hearts just passing through

Every bone screaming I don't know what we should do

All I know is, darling, I was made for loving you

I imagined his handsome face smiling at me.

Please don't go, I've been waiting so long

Oh, you don't even know me at all

But I was made for loving you

I opened my eyes, saw him standing across the room staring at me with so much emotion in his eyes.

I was made for loving you

Even though we may be hopeless hearts just passing through

Every bone screaming I don't know what we should do

All I know is, darling, I was made for loving you. . .

I smiled at him after I finished the song. I stood up to replace the guitar to its original place.

I wished for Lance to be here so he can hear me sing, and now that he is, I cannot utter a single word. He was dashing in his white dress shirt and royal blue suit. His mesmerizing eyes speak volumes as he approached me. I can literally hear my heartbeat as I waited for him to get closer.

"That was amazing! Your voice. . . and everything about you is amazing. . ." As he softly said the last words, he closed our gap, pulled me closer to him by skimming his hands to my waist and to my back as he engulfed me in a gentle hug. He kissed the top of my head and then looked intently at my face as if waiting for an answer to his unspoken question.

"Thank you. Music is my secret passion. ?Only my best friend knows this and well, now, you." I looked away from his probing gaze as I said this.

He tilted my chin so I can look into his eyes again.

"But why do you have to keep this soulful and angelic voice hidden? You can conquer an entire nation with your voice! For me that is how powerful it is. And believe me when I say that you are perfect."

Hearing those words from him was like receiving a surprise party and a very much coveted gift on a Birthday after

reath was enough to make Cassie feel more desirable. He nipped and bit at her breasts alternately and as he savored and devoured the twin peaks, she was almost delirious with desire. She can feel her juices coming out of her nether region as she relished his probing and kissing.

"I can do this all night. . ." Lance whispered as his kisses went lower to her tummy. His hands followed by his mouth slowly and teasingly skimmed the length of her calves and thighs, kissing and licking every part of her body. Cassie felt dizzy with want as her last piece of clothing was removed. It was when his hands reached her dripping wet folds, first with his fingers then with his mouth and tongue that she started to shiver with need. All the sensations were new to her. She was overwhelmed with how much attention Lance gave to ensure her satisfaction.

"You're so sweet." Lance kept on licking and kissing her as she gripped the sheets and moaned in response. With one long flick of his tongue, she felt her first orgasm. Her trembling continued as Lance did not stop from nipping her bud as she climaxed. When she relaxed, he kissed her lips. She responded by lowering her hands to his belt and started removing them. She was impatiently trying to unclasp the buckle when Lance stood up and removed his jeans and underwear in one swift move.

"Oh my God. . ." Cassie whispered when she saw Lance's proud and standing member.

"Babe, don't stare like that, it's driving me insane." He walked back to the bed as Cassie sat up and bowed down to look closer.

"You almost drove me insane. Will this. . . ah. . . fit?" Cassie asked and she was bold enough to move closer and touch Lance's spear, scrutinizing it with a gaze so intense that Lance trembled with desire.

"Shit babe. . .I might come with the way you are gripping me."

"Oh." Cassie did not remove her hand, she felt powerful that she was able to make him tremble like that. She had no idea what to do but she remembered how she felt when Lance kissed her there, on the most sensitive part of her body. So she did the same. As she licked him, he gripped the headboard of the bed, trying to steady himself. He almost lost his footing when she took him inside her mouth slowly. It was like she was sucking his strength. After bobbing her head a few times, he stopped her.

"Babe, stop. I want to come inside you." Cassie doesn't want to let go but Lance used his fingers to prove his point. He inserted one then two digits inside her and she had no choice but to lay down and enjoy the things he is doing to her. She closed her eyes and felt his mouth and tongue on her clit while his fingers continued to tease her insides. When she was about to come, he removed his fingers then slowly entered her. Cassie felt a slight pain as he penetrated deeper. Lance stopped when he felt the barrier break.

"Baby, are you okay? Do you want me to stop?"

"No. I want more." Lance moved in a gentle rhythm. When Cassie started meeting his thrust, he went deeper. Their grunts and moans grew louder as their tempo went faster. They climaxed together, Lance filling her with the forceful spurts of his seeds.

Lance kissed her forehead when they both got settled after their mind blowing love making.

"I love you. That was. . . wow. I can't think of any description."

"I love you too. That was mind shattering, insanely excellent first and new experience for me."

"Babe, you'll get used to it, because we are about to do it again. . . and again. . . and again. . ."

Cassie gasped as he started to kiss his way to her peaks.

They intimately and passionately proved to each other their feelings through the night until the early hours of the morning. Their last thought before they closed their eyes and rest their tired bodies were. . .

Wishes do come true.

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