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   Chapter 6 Their Views

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The facade of Lance's house was breathtaking. I have seen grand houses before in Spain but I fell in love with this house at first glance. Was it just the house? Scratch that thought Cassie!

It was a simple two story house with three regular sized bedrooms that were still bigger than an average room and one massive master's bedroom with a walk in closet. Come on, who would need a walk in closet in an island where a swim wear should be the only fashion statement?

It has seven working bathrooms, a game room and my favored part of the house was the music studio. What can I say? I love to sing and I think I can visualize myself using that room soon, just not with Lance though. Just the thought of him makes me flustered.

Lance toured me around the house and showed me my room. I assumed he distinctly picked that because it was across from his. Talk about easy access.

Oh geez, what am I thinking? I'm starting to act and feel like the teenager I never was. Well, growing up as a nerd has its perks, one of which is not passing through the awkward teenage stage where socializing with the opposite sex is a great deal. Wow. Look at me now! My past self must be very disgruntled at me right now.

As I unpacked "my stuff", meaning the myriad of clothes of different styles, colors and shapes, yes, shapes! I cannot even conjure an image of myself wearing these skimpy clothes! And the fact that there are too many complicated type of dresses here. God! Why didn't I bring any of my clothes when I ran away? Not one piece of shirt, jeans or shorts? Even the sleeping clothes were skimpy night dresses. Really?! Aaarrgh!

As much as I would like to be grateful to him for my stylish but very not "me" wardrobe, I can't.

I genuinely appreciate the thought but I just don't have the spunk to parade my body in those garments. I don't think I can do it. Never in a million years.

I took a very long and satisfying bath. I think I slept for a couple of minutes while soaking in the tub. Wrapping myself in a towel, I blow dried my hair. And now the hardest part of the day. Dressing up.

I chose the most conservative sundress I can find in the rack and stack of my very trendy wardrobe; an ankle length low back red dress with low neckline. Another dilemma. Wearing underwear has never been an issue with me until now where I had to pick between a thong and a bikini. Seriously!?

Finally, I looked at myself in the mirror and I had to do a double take. "Is that me?" ?I just had to ask myself that, I was still waiting for my other self to answer when I heard an impatient knock at the door.

Oh God! Here goes nothing!

Wondering how to face him looking like this, I can feel the thunderous beating of my heart as I anxiously opened the door.

A "Wow!" and loud intake of breath was the next thing I heard.

Wait, the one who uttered "Wow!" was that me or him?


I was very excited to show her the entire house. I may even have gone overboard in describing the boring details, even the materials used in the construction. ?Only because I saw the gleam on her eyes as she toured around our house. "Our house?" Get


I was not able to respond. I am seriously pondering on her words. I begin to see myself and the choice I made in the past. The choices that I thought were the best before but now, were all insignificant.

"Thanks, Cassie."

"For what? I haven't even done anything for you. You were always the one helping me. I should be the one doing the thanking. Thank you Lance! I think you are my personal Superman! I really appreciate everything."

Her voice was laced with sincerity and appreciation. She looked into my eyes when she thanked me and then gave me a short peck on the cheeks.

Acting like the school boy I think I'm turning into, I blushed.

"You're welcome." I looked away so she won't see my face.

"Are you blushing?" She poked my cheeks as she teased me.

"Of course not! How can you see? It's dark!"

"Por qué tan a la defensiva!? If you say so… Come on, let's race!"

She let go of my hands, then started running back to the house.

I watched her for a few seconds, smiling at myself. Feeling thankful to the heavens for having this moment with her.

Now, I feel like I have a purpose aside from the ones I currently have which is my business and making my grandparents happy.

I will start building my future, a future with the right person and for the right reasons. It may be a bumpy ride but at least I now have the courage to take it.

Her words replayed in my mind.

"There is no such thing as best choice until you achieved the desired results. Time and circumstances will play a big part and its up to you on how you will live with and stand by the choices you made."

"I choose to have you Cassie and I will make sure that all circumstances will be on my favour and all your time will be with me." I whispered these words as I watched her run towards the steps leading to the house.

I may have interpreted her words differently but who cares, as long as I achieved the desired results, I will live with and stand by her. I am determined to do this and I will make sure this turns out to be the BEST decision I ever made in my 24 years of existence.

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