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   Chapter 5 The Island

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They arrived at the small airport in Iba, Zambales. He preferred to land there so they will only have 3 hours of travel by land and 30 minutes by boat to reach his Island.

His private airport is still under construction and the slight delay of their arrival will be a good experience for them to get to know each other before they arrive at his rest house.

On their way down the plane, she felt the warm and humid air. Scorching heat was an understatement. Cassie was wearing sweatshirt and jeans. Lance forgot to mention that she needed to change. Well, not that she had any clothes to wear.

"Sorry babe, I forgot to tell you that the weather here is very warm this time of the year." Lance almost smacked himself as he forgot to give her the clothes he purchased for her.

"You have a change of clothes in the cabin. Also in one of the suitcases and more at the resort. If you want to change first, I will wait for you in the car. Or I can wait for you here?"

"Oh. Thanks. That's so thoughtful of you. You go on out I will just follow after I get changed."

"Alright. Hurry up." Lance smiled at her then proceeded to go down the airplane into his waiting black Hummer.

Cassie changed into a moss green halter dress and white flats. She was amazed that Lance had purchased several clothes for her at the plane and he knew her size. She tried to fix her hair but to no avail.

She was about to go out when she saw Lance's phone near the sink. She picked it up then went back outside.

She felt the phone vibrate as he received a text message. Before the phone's light went off, she saw her sleeping form. She felt again that strange feeling when she saw that he took her picture and used that as his wallpaper.

She opened the phone which was surprisingly without any password and took pictures of herself so she can replace the wallpaper with a more decent photo of her.

After she was done. She went down the plane and into the waiting car.

Inside the car, Lance was searching his pockets for his phone when he glanced at the plane.

What he saw almost caused him a heart attack. His heart almost jumped out of his chest. She looks captivating. The way she tried to hold her dress because of the wind and the way she squinted her eyes to avoid the sun's glare. Everything she does captivates him.

He was staring at her until she reached the car door. He opened it for her from the inside. Then he motioned for her to get in beside him.

"You forgot your phone."


"Lance, are you okay? You look disturbed."

"I'm better now that you're here."

Cassie just smiled at his response.

They enjoyed their trip to the Island. He was holding her close, his arms on her shoulders. His excuse for holding her was that the road was rough and bumpy and she will need extra support aside from the seatbelt. Same thing with the speed boat. He never left her side, he won't even let go of her hand.

They exchanged random stories about each other. Cassie was very careful not to let him know her real identity. She trusts him with her life but she do not want him to get involved with her problems for fear that he will get hurt if he knew.

They were laughing and really having fun, enjoying each other's company.

Lance never laughed so much in his entire life until now. He felt carefree. Cassie has that effect on him. She relaxes him.

Cassie was really having the time of her life. Their speed boat trip was her first boat ride. She loved the feeling of the air on her f

ace as they zoomed across the ocean. She loved the scenic view of the surrounding islands. The deep blue water intrigues her and she told Lance that she want to try and explore underwater.

Finally they reached Isla Puti, which means White Island. The name suits that white sanded island. Even the rocks near the seashore were glistening white. This was one of the few white beaches in Zambales.

Cassie was amazed by the shape of the island. It was like a fortress of trees and rocks. She can't wait to have a look in everything that the island will have to offer.

Lance saw the admiration and happiness in Cassie's face as she looked around her surroundings. He felt proud and happy that he was the one who brought those feelings to her. For once in his life, he felt proud of himself outside of work.

He was zoned out for a while not realizing that Cassie has been tugging at his hand so they can go down the dock. He went down first and after she took a few steps down, he lifted her to the dock. Being extra careful not to get her wet. Their closeness was intoxicating but he had to control himself or else he might scare her away.

They were greeted by an elderly couple smiling sweetly at them. The woman was looking with loving eyes to Lance.

"Nanay Pacita! Kumusta po? Namiss ko po kayo." Nanny Pacita How are you? I missed you. Lance was hugging the old lady while she started to softly cry of happiness.

"Lance, di ka nagsabi may kasama ka pala." You did not notify me you'll be bringing someone with you. Nanay Pacita answered back in Filipino, her native language which Lance learned as he grew up.

"Nanay, this is my girlfriend Cassie Nueva. Cassie, she is Nanay Pacita, she was my nanny when I was little until she got married ten years ago. I bought this island so I can visit her and also as my escape to paradise. She takes care of this place together with her husband Mang Pilo."

Cassie approached Nanay Pacita and the old lady hugged her tightly. She even looked at her face and smiled warmly.

"Hey, Mang Pilo. Kumusta po?" Lance greeted Mang Pilo and hugged him briefly.

"Mabuti naman at nadalaw kayo. Nalulungkot ang Nanay mo at di ka na raw dumadalaw." It was nice of you to visit. Your nanny is missing you. Mang Pilo was quick to tell him how his wife misses Lance's visits.

Cassie, though she did not understand most of the exchange of words, felt glad that she was able to witness this side of Lance. He was such an enigma. She was surprised that he still values his old nanny and even found time to visit her and provide her family with a home and means of living.

"Let's go up the house baby. You must be exhausted." Lance said as he reached for her hand then they proceed to go up the long flight of stairs going to the house.

This will be the best vacation ever. Not just because this is her first one but because of the person beside her. Cassie's thoughts were cut short when he suddenly lifted her to carry her bridal style.

"Lance, put me down!"

"I don't want you to get tired baby. This is a very long flight of stairs."

"You really are impossible!"

"I told you, all things are possible with me, babe." He winked at her and he carried her effortlessly up to the house.

Cassie rolled her eyes at his response but nevertheless buried her face at the crook of his neck, feeling comfortable in his arms.

Lance smiled at her gesture and he swore to himself that he will do everything to make their vacation a special and memorable one.

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