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   Chapter 4 The Plane Ride

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Cassie was so tired of crying that she unknowingly slept on Lance's shoulders.

When she woke up, they were lying on the cabin's bed. Her head lay on his chest while their arms and legs are all tangled together. She felt comfortable and at ease hearing the steady rhythm of his heartbeat. ?He sensed her move and he hugged her tighter, making her press more closely and tightly to his body.

Cassie felt hot all of a sudden. Her breathing accelerated and she was conscious. This was the first time she slept with a man. Well, literally slept. Come to think about it, she has never allowed herself to get close to anyone especially that of the opposite sex.

She always thought she was undesirable. She never got courted before except for Miguel who constantly pester her with offers of going out on a date. She never liked Miguel, its not that he was not nice. He was nice to her. But that was the problem. She was nice only to her. She knew about his reputation at school. He always bully the other students and he made sure that whatever he wants, he gets. Well, except for her of course. He could never have her.

Lance shifted his position and was now on top of her. He was heavy and he felt warm. Something hard was poking at her thigh. She wondered if it could be his phone or his wallet.

He stirred then slowly opened his eyes. He caught her staring at him. His light blue orbs turned darker and his lips parted with a sly smile. Now, her insides just went gooey with desire.

"Hi." She said as she looked away from his mesmerizing gaze.

"Hi." Lance lifted her chin so she can look back at him.

"We slept together." She almost smacked her forehead because she felt stupid for saying that but now, she cannot take it back.

"That we did."

"How long were we asleep?" She was trying to distract herself with other thoughts since their bodies were still pressed together. Lance was not helping her as he was still staring at her and not moving an inch.

"Couple of hours. I think we will land in 1 to 2 hours at most." He closed his eyes again and seemed to smell her hair.

"What are you doing?"

"Going back to sleep."

"But we just woke up."

"Shhh.... lets just sleep until our arrival. I like it this way"

"But you're so heavy and hot!" Cassie's mouth has no filter and she turned beet red at the moment.

"You bet I am. . .hot. . ." Cassie saw that Lance was trying to control his laughter while he moved and settled on the right side of the bed. He took Cassie with him so he was still holding her while they were facing each other.

"Urggh! No te rías de mí!" Do not laugh at me! Cassie punched his arms lightly which made Lance laugh even louder.

"I can't help it mi princesa, you look so cute and adorable when you're blushing." He was trying to stifle his laughter.

Cassie thinks his laugh was intoxicating.

"Tell me about yourself Lance. I want to get to know mi héroe."

"Hmmm. What about me? My favorite color is black. I am 6 feet and 3 inches tall. I have no parents and no siblings. I am living alone. I own a Producti

on Company and I'm very very handsome." He said while gently stroking her arms with his hand.

"And you're very very cocky." Cassie replied to his last comment, slightly quivering from his touch.

"Don't deny it mi princesa. You know I'm handsome." Lance was grinning mischievously as he noticed that he also has an effect on her.

"Are you cold? You're shivering. Is my body heat not enough? Perhaps I need to move closer." And so he scooted closer and hugged her even tighter, if ever that is possible.

"Any more closer Lance and our faces may get switched!"

"Well, lucky you." He teased.

"Urggh! You're impossible!"

"Anything is possible with me. Care to try?"

"Do you always have a response to everything I say?" Cassie is amused with all his teasing but she cannot back down.

"Perhaps I am just responsive." Lance was still gently caressing her arms then he moved his hand to stroke her neck.

"Will you. . . stop that?" Cassie was almost out of breath with his actions. All the sensation was new to her and is affecting her thinking mind.

"Why?" He whispered in her ears, and she felt goose bumps all over.

"I feel strange and I can't think."

"Hmmm, is it strange good or bad?" He moved his hands and massaged her nape.

"Good, I think. But it's like I'm feeling dizzy."

"Good." Lance continued his stroking and as he reached the base of her neck and shoulders she hummed in satisfaction.


"This is the Captain Speaking. Please return to your seats and buckle up. We are about to land."?Their dreamy state was interrupted by the loud voice of their Pilot. Cassie was startled and so was Lance.

"Damn pilot! What a way to ruin the mood." Lance looked so pissed that Cassie cannot help but laugh.

"Why are you so mad?" Cassie gently untangled herself from him and caressed his forehead. He closed his eyes with the gesture. He was surprised at how with just one touch she can make him feel so good.


"Come on." Cassie stood up and tried to pull him up but he pulled her back to him and she fell right on top.

"Lance! Stop fooling around. We need to get up."

"Just a few minutes more. I like to stay like this."

"No Lance, we need to get up."

His eyes were closed and he sounded like he was counting backwards. Lance thought that there is really something up but it was not the two of them.

"Lance? Are you counting backwards?"

"Never mind. I don't think I will be able to tame it down that way anyway."

"What?" Cassie was confused.

"You head on out babe and I will just take a quick shower. A very cold one."

"Why do you need to take a shower? And did you just call me babe?"

"No more questions. You're so cute! Go on. Ill be there in a minute." He pinched her nose and can't help but smile on her obvious innocence.

"If you say so. Hurry up ok?" And Cassie stood up and walked out of the room.

Lance groaned out loud when he saw her sexy figure go out of the room.

"Stupid libido!" Then he went to the adjoining bathroom to take a quick cold shower to calm himself.

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