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   Chapter 14 NO.14

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Mack sat at his usual chair watching the usual fire on the usual fireplace. His attempt to sleep at what used to be his parents' bedroom, failed as the room, which he kept the same since his returned from the war, brought memories that he could otherwise push aside into the dark corner of his brain. Memories that were too painful and too sad. He stared at the fire as he saw his father and mother dancing in front of it, he saw his father twirling his mother as she smiled with glee. She wore that blue dress that was the only way Mack could remember her. It was sad, but at the same time he was glad he had kept their room the same, that way, they were always with him, in some miniscule way. In truth, he kept the room locked for two years until his encounter with the automatons when he offered his room for Joanne's recovery. He rarely stepped foot inside almost as if he feared breaking into the past. He liked to know it was there, even though he didn't see it much prior to Joanne's accident.

Since he was staying in their room for the past month, he found himself surprised of how easily he settled down. His mother's armoire was more welcoming than anything. They had very little in that room but what they had was theirs and brought him comfort just as Dr. Sommersgan's few belongings brought comfort to Joanne.

The pain and sorrow Joanne felt, made him miss his parents more than ever. Their room now felt too cold, and too lonely for Mack and he decided to spend the night by Joanne's side as she slept.

Watching Joanne sleep put his mind at so much ease that he couldn't put into words. He wanted to go to her and touch her. To hold her again, knowing very well that she needed him. And he needed her, he admitted to himself as the light from the fire warmed his skin. He needed her more than he ever thought someone could need anyone.

Joanne stirred in her bed, he straightened attentively prepared to jump to her side if she started to cry again. She sat up rapidly breathing ruggedly. She rubbed her eyes roughly and pushing her hair back, she saw him sitting on the chair beside her. The fire offered enough light to show him h

. He wore it ever since I can remember and it's the closest thing I have that's a part of him. And...I want to say farewell properly."

Mack nodded as he accepted the coat. "Come on."

The way Joanne's face lit up made Mack's heart skip a beat. He wasn't expecting her mood to change so drastically but he was glad that it did. She was stronger than he ever thought she was, and he found himself speechless.

She followed him outside and he prepared the bonfire. Once the blaze was alive, he turned to her and held the white lab coat in his hand.

She took it slowly and stepped closer to the fire. Mack stepped away giving her space as she started talking to her father. With one last word, she brought the coat to her face taking in the scent one last time and she tossed it in.

He stood by her side as the fire seemed to get bigger and brighter and Joanne smiled, taking it as a sign. Mack let her borrow his jacket as the cold wind became unbearable, but the fire refused to die down. She turned to him as he fastened the buttons. Without any warning, she stood on her toes and kissed his lips gently. He watched her taken aback, as the sensation of her cold lips lingered on his.

"I lied, " she said quietly. "I do have one person left."

Mack smiled feeling his cheeks go warm. He wanted to kiss her again, but he decided against it. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders as they both turned towards the bonfire.

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