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   Chapter 13 NO.13

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The sun was rising slowly as they mounted their horses and headed back to Salt Water. They rode quietly, Mack kept a close eye on Joanne as she rode quietly gazing at the desert before her. He grabbed the reins from her hands and decided to guide her, she stayed stagnant and didn't even notice.

Once they arrived at the ranch, Mack helped Joanne down from her horse. She was in so much pain, she couldn't gain control of her legs and let herself drop to the floor. Mack caught her just in time and held her up. "You alright to walk?"

Joanne turned to look at him as if suddenly realizing where she was. "Yeah, " she replied, her voice low and weak. "I'm fine." She walked inside slowly, and Mack took care of the horses. Before turning to his house, he did his chores in an attempt to distract his mind from replaying Dr. Sommersagan's panicked face when he saw Joanne appear. Mack wished he had told him his plans, it would have given him a chance to change his mind. He also wished he would have known everything about the man. He had the chance to meet a brilliant man and Mack felt like he wasted his chance to have known him. He wished he hadn't judged him so harshly.

He went inside and checked on Joanne. She had gone to her room and seemed to have just let herself drop on the bed without bothering to change out of her clothes. He heard her quiet sobs, her shoulders shook as her cries continued. Mack spotted his blanket on the floor and covered her with it. He started the fire in the chimney for the room felt colder than usual. Knowing far too well the pain the loss brought, he left her alone. The sleepless night hit him hard, and Mack could feel his eyes drooping. Instead of returning to his parents' room where he was sleeping, he went to the guest room and collapsed on the bed falling asleep immediately.

By the time he woke up, it seemed to be mid-day. He went to check up on Joanne, and as he opened the door slowly, he found the fire had died down and found her sleeping. He sighed with relief. He was glad she didn't cry the whole morning, that was a good sign. He suddenly felt famished and made himself lunch. A piece of bread and baked beans were enough for him, then he heard a knock on the door.

Mack rubbed his face with his bandana wiping the tirelessness away. Hanna stood with her baby girl on her hip. "Howdy, Mack. How are you?"

"Fine, " Mack replied making Hanna's already worried face worse.

"Yeah? Cause, I heard some kind of explosion this morning, you don't happen to know what that was about, do you, Mack?"

"I do, but rest ass

I took you from your home at the young age of fifteen. I'm sorry for not allowing you to live a normal life. And I'm sorry for hiding all this from you. But it's for the best, your father is a vile criminal and it's better for the both of us if you didn't know. Every day you show me your love and your loyalty, and I don't deserve any of it.

I love you, Joanne. You're intelligent and a kind human being, I am such a lucky man for having you as my daughter.

But be free, Joanne. Spread your wings and create great things. I only hope that with time you'll forgive me for all my lies and for all the things I have yet to tell you, just know I always have your wellbeing in my mind.

With the deepest love a man can muster, Your father

Mack folded the letter gently and placed in her coat pocket carefully not wanting to disturb Joanne. He shifted his position on the floor to a more comfortable one where he could hold her without his legs resenting him. Her breathing slowed down and he concluded she had fallen asleep. At least she had her father's last words with her, he thought, it would be easier for her to heal.

He ran his fingers through her hair without any intention to move. He wondered if he could convince her to stay with him, would that be too crazy? Would she be able to see how much he had grown to care for her? Would she care? He breathed her in, the scent of her hair was sweet and comforting, could she tell how much he liked her by how he held her? He shook his head slowly as he chastised himself for thinking such things when she was in so much pain. He forced himself to push those thoughts aside if he was going to do anything for her, he was going to be her support and nothing else.

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