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   Chapter 12 NO.12

The Sommersagan's By madairifa Characters: 9666

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Mack stood in front of his house, the sun glared down at him making him sweat under his heavy clothes. He shook his head as he noticed the house looked different, it seemed to have been freshly painted, like it had been through a renovation without him knowing. He took a step forward when he heard his father's voice, "Back from kicking Mexican ass?"

Mack froze. His father sat on his rocking chair on the porch, the rocking chair Mack burned in his father's memory. He smoked his usual pipe, the pipe Mack kept in a box on his nightstand. He took another step forward and felt a similar weight on his shoulder and realized he carried his long rifle and his saber. Then he realized he was wearing his uniform.

"Pa?" he whispered.

His father looked at him with his weary eyes and smiled that smile that was capable of pushing all his fears away. "Come on, now, sit next to your old man and tell me all about it. Remember I fought at the Alamo, so I know what those Mexicans can do to you."

Mack felt his mouth go dry. The last time he saw his father it was when he went off to Mexico to fight in 1847. By the time he had returned one year later, his father was dead and already buried.

"Tell me, " his father started puffing on his pipe. "Tell me about this girl I keep hearing about."

Mack's back tensed. "What girl?"

He cackled at the sight of Mack's reddened face. "The girl, the smart girl that can pull things apart and put them back together?"

Mack furrowed his eyebrows. Was he referring to Joanne? But how? "Joanne?"

"Yeah!" he said confirming it. "Joanne! Such a pretty girl, or so I hear."

Mack nodded. "Yeah."

"Listen, son, " he started resting his elbows on his knees. "Don't let her go."

"Why am I hearing that again?" he asked confused. "Mrs. Henrickson told me the same thing."

"Well, " he leaned back in his chair propping his pipe in his mouth. "Then you better do it."

"Does it mean anything? Anything deeper?"

He chuckled. "No, son. It just means do not let her go. You hear, Mack?"

At the mention of his name, the sky turned dark, he stood rapidly and watched his father fading away, and he didn't seem to notice as he puffed his pipe and smiled at him. "Dad?" he tried calling out, but he had no voice.


He heard his name but as he turned to find where his father had gone, all that surrounded him was his house, his old, deteriorating house, and the dark skies.


The voice was distorted as he ran inside and looked inside every room, where was he? Where could he have gone?


He shut his eyes tightly and tried to think. He opened them again and the darkness made him jump.


His eyes adjusted as he saw the candlelight on his nightstand and found Joanne standing over him. He sat up quickly. "What's wrong? Are you alright?"

She held his arm as she whispered, "Listen." She li

unching it but it only hurt his hands.

Suddenly, it came to a stop and walked away unscathed. Joanne ran to his side helping him up. The automatons were on their ship and were ready to take off.

"Where's father?"

Mack watched the automaton climbing up a rope and boarding the ship, taking the anchor with him.

"Father!" she shouted as she spotted him on the deck looking down on them. The ship started to move and she panicked. She ran after it.

Four words came to Mack's mind, and they were the only words guiding his actions. Don't let her go.

He chased after her shouting for her to stop. She gained speed and Mack ignored his sore body as he closed the distance between them. He jumped on her getting hold of her legs and took her down. She pushed and kicked as she watched her father slowly drifting away. He grabbed her from behind, holding her arms down.

"Father!" she screamed as she struggled to get free. With his arms around her chest, he lifted her on her feet. "Father!"

The ship was a few yards away when the explosion happened. It threw them backwards. Mack landed on his back with a loud thump. The smell of smoke brought him back and by the time he sat up, Joanne was already running towards the disaster the explosion had left behind.

"Father, no, " she murmured. Seeing the carnage around her, between bits and pieces of copper, gold and gears, there was flesh and blood.

Mack watched her silently. He saw when she came to the realization that her father had sacrificed himself to save her. He didn't know how he managed it but Dr. Sommersagan put the ordeal to an end.

Joanne dropped to her knees as the remaining fires started to die away. She let out a painful cry.

Mack approached her and stood behind her. He didn't dare to speak knowing very well that it would do no good. He simply stood there, wishing he could have done something to prevent Dr. Sommersagan's death.

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