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   Chapter 11 NO.11

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For the hours of daylight that remained, they spent it by walking around town, Mack showed her every crook and cranny of Salt Water, and if it wasn't for the cold settling in by sun down, Mack was sure Joanne would have wanted to continue with the tour in the middle of the night.

"How old were you when you lost your mother?" she asked as she dug her hands into her jacket.

Mack pulled his jacket around her shoulders and replied. "Ten."

"Oh my God, " she said under her breath.

Mack looked up spotting his house, he felt nothing but his racing heart. "I don't even remember her face, " he said trying to relax the nerves that threatened his composure. "I guess that's why I keep all my mother's things in that wardrobe. It's like I'm holding on to whatever I can before I forget her completely."

"That won't happen, " she replied softly. "You have a part of her in you, she's always going to be there."

Mack nodded and held his breath as his house got closer and closer. He had the urge to throw her over his shoulder and run away. Take her somewhere safe where nothing could hurt her, where her father couldn't involve her in his affairs.

"Mack, " she gasped as she came to a sudden halt. She grabbed his wrist making him stop. Her breathing became rapid as her eyes stayed fixed on the porch. Her father had fixed his precious Aphrodite and now stood watchfully in front of Mack's house, Dr. Sommersagan was nowhere to be seen.

She stared at the gold machine dumbfounded. Mack took a step forward but she held him back rapidly. "What's that thing doing here?"

"Joanne, " he said firmly but she froze unable to look away. He searched for her face. "Your father returned."

Joanne's eyes widened. "He's here?"

"He is. He's..." In that moment Dr. Sommersagan appeared out of nowhere interrupting his thought.

"Joanne?" he said from behind her.

She didn't dare to look back. She locked eyes with Mack, her eyes crying for help. "Speak to him, " he whispered.

She shook her head. "I can't, not with her here, " she replied referring to the automaton.

Without letting go of Joanne's eyes he spoke to Dr. Sommersagan, "You can talk inside, but that thing stays out here."

"Agreed, " replied the Doctor.

Mack gave her a small nod which seemed to give her some courage. She turned to her father slowly. Then back at Mack. He gave her a smile urging her to go to her father. With a small nod on her part, she walked towards the house, her father followed close behind. Mack sat on the porch steps not wanting to intrude into their conversation. The machine stood firmly by the door as if guarding the house, Mack did not like

ouch made his skin burn. He pressed his left hand to her waist and pushed her back against the wall. He stood in front of her, he could feel her chest rise against his. She breathed rapidly as his hands traced her arms over the old, worn out leather jacket he loaned her. His fingers traced her neck, watching her every reaction, as minimal as they seemed, it gave so much away. As he outlined her lips, she closed her eyes gently, waiting.

Unable to contain himself, he pressed his lips against hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck pressing him against her. As his tongue made its way through her sweet lips, he heard a small sound coming from deep inside her. But as soon as the desperation to feel her had arrived it left him as he forced himself to pull away from her leaving her against the wall.

"Did I do something wrong?" she asked worriedly.

"No, " he said taking a deep breath. "We're not thinking straight, " he explained hoping that she would understand. She had to see that her disappointment on her father was driving her to do this. And as much as he wanted her, he wasn't going to let her make a mistake she would later regret and would not be able to take back.

"You're right, " she sighed weakly.

She brought her hands to her face wanting to hide behind them, but Mack pulled them down gently. Looking deeply into her brown eyes, he leaned forward and kissed her forehead softly, letting her know she never had to feel embarrassed. He pulled away and she smiled. He reached for his hat and started towards, what used to be his parents' room.

"Mack, " she called out after him. He turned. "Thank you."

He tipped his hat and went on his way knowing very well how much he will regret having to put an end to it before it even started.

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