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   Chapter 8 NO.8

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Hanna was nice enough to look after Joanne as Mac decided to return to the desert to look at the damage they had left behind, only to find it how it had always been, a lonely, quiet desert. He dismounted King and walked slowly through the untarnished ground confused by the scenery that surrounded him. It had barely been twenty-four hours since the incidents, who had gone out of their way to clean the mess up? To rid the place of any evidence of the automaton existence. He continued walking until he got to the mountain that Joanne had climbed. Flashes from the day before kept crowding his mind with every step he took. The fire, the heat, the rubble. He could still hear the metal clanking from the moving automatons. He came to a halt and realized the sound was not just a memory. He walked rapidly around the mountain and found it. A metallic man stood before a pile of trash, the trash that was once everywhere. With his back turned to Mack, he kept throwing pieces of metal in a huge hole on the ground. He was hiding the evidence. Mack drew his gun slowly and sneaked behind the thing.

"Drop it, " he said ignoring how stupid he felt as he spoke to it.

The machine froze and turned to him. So life like it was, he had to remind himself it was made out of metal. "Good morning, how can I be of service?"

Mack watched the machine, his golden colored exterior blinded him as it caught the reflection of the sun. "Who sent you here?" he asked it with his gun pointed at its head.

"Dr. Sommersagan sent me to clear the desert, " it replied in its perfect female voice.

Mack lowered his gun. "Where is he?"

"Dr. Sommersagan is currently unavailable."

"Is he coming back?"

"I apologize, I do not have the answer to your question."

"He left his daughter behind, " he replied crossly. It didn't reply. It didn't even seem to register his words. "Did Doctor Sommersagan make you?"

"Yes. May I know your name?"

Mack froze at its request and replied slowly, "Mack. Mack Rosenberry."

"Mr. Rosenberry, I have a letter for you." It reached behind its back and pulled a folded piece of paper from a crevice in his metallic body.

Mr. Rosenberry, You are standing in front of Aphrodite, she is my creation. I will appreciate it if you allow her to complete her mission. It is of great importance that she retur

started slowly. "She..."

"She?" he interjected.

She shook her head at how ridiculous it sounded, the machines were genderless, the one he had seen on that ship was a thin, golden statuesque kind of machine, it didn't have a woman's figure as far as he could tell.

"It, " she corrected herself. "It looked like my mother."

Mack's back tensed. "Your mother?"

He nodded. "I know it sounds ridiculous, I feel ridiculous by even saying it, but it had her face, her long nose, her big lips, her eyes..." she trailed off as her gaze became still, focusing on the wall as if she was standing right in front of it.

Mack thought it over and he managed to connect enough dots to conclude that the machines were after Dr. Sommersagan. Just as he had created the automaton from the desert, he had created the ones on the airships. Where and why were the important questions that would be unanswered for who knew how long.

Mack watched Joanne as she too kept pondering over what her eyes had seen. If Mack had come to the realization, no doubt she had as well the second her eyes met the automaton. The fear was visible on her face, and Mack wished he could do something to erase it. The anger he felt towards the Doc was unavoidable. He had created the mess and had dragged his daughter into it, robbing her of a normal life. She trusted him blindly and he had repaid her with secrets and lies.

Now, Mack thought, Dr. Sommersagan had a lot to explain to him first before he could reach his daughter. That was if he had the guts to return to her.

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