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"It must've been a real bad fall, " Doctor Charles commented as his thin, wrinkly hands worked on sewing Joanne's leg up.

"Yeah, " he replied as he sat beside her as she laid still on the operating table. Her breathing wasn't slowing which worried him.

"Did it have anything to do with the noise from earlier today?" he heard the Doctor ask as he paused to give him a side glance.


He continued with his delicate work as he asked, "And those airships?"

"What about them?"

"Was it them that made that noise?"


Charles could see Mack's unwillingness to continue the conversation so he went silent. He finished the ten-stitch work and assured him that there was no torn artery, so she was no longer at risk.

"What about her ribs?" Mack asked.

"As long as you keep the inflammation down and she keeps her breathing regular, she should be fine. It will take up to six weeks for them to heal."

Mack nodded and grabbed the spare clothes she had left in his house and started to dress her gently. He hadn't seen Isaac, nor Doctor Sommersagan on their way back, and wondered where they could have gone. The third airship was long gone and it was the last thing on his mind. The thing that bothered him the most was that Doctor Sommersagan hadn't bothered to see his own daughter. Wasn't he worried about her?

"Mack, " Doctor Charles' deep voice interrupted his thoughts. "I know you got the cattle drive tomorrow, I can look after her while you're gone."

Mack hadn't thought about the cattle drive and he cursed at himself. The biggest drive of the year and he had no intention of going, not while Joanne was like that. "It's alright. I can look after her."

He furrowed his eyebrows. "You sure? It won't be a bother."

Mack lifted her in his arms and went to the door. "Much obliged, Doctor."

Charles opened the door for them and gave him a nod. "Give me a holler if you need anything."

Mack nodded and walked out. He didn't bother with the horses, he had tied their reins together and King served as a guide for Joanne's horse as he followed Mack. Joanne felt light in his arms so it didn't tire him much as he walked through town. He felt people's stares but gave it little attention

hot the ship. You got a couple of ribs broken and a nasty cut on your leg."

Joanne uncovered her legs and gasped at the sight of the worm-like stitches on her right calf. As she shifted her leg to get a better look, she winced in pain and held her broken ribs.

Mack left with rag in hand directly to his kitchen and broke a piece of ice from his icebox and wrapped it with the damp rag. He quickly returned and found Joanne examining the purple bruise on her side. He cleared his throat as she didn't seem to have heard him arrive and she pulled down her shirt rapidly turning away shyly.

Mack handed her the cold rag. "For the inflammation."

Joanne nodded and placed it against the bruise. "Where's my father?"

"He went out for a bit, " he lied not wanting to distress her more than she already was.

She nodded. "Will you tell me when he comes back please?"

"Of course."

Joanne shifted on the bed so she could face him. "Thank you, " she said. "For bringing me here."

Mack noticed she kept looking away, avoiding his eyes. Almost as if she wasn't used to being dependent on someone and she didn't quite know how to act, or what to say. He could see she was used to being on her own since very young. She had her father, yes, but she was not dependent on him.

"You better rest, " he told her.

Joanne nodded silently. Mack walked out closing the door behind him and headed to his bath. He needed a cold one to relax his muscles, and to put his mind at ease.

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