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   Chapter 6 NO.6

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King stopped at the top of the hill where Mack had a full view of Athena. Doctor Sommersagan was already deep inside the machine's heart as if he was waiting for the airships to arrive. Joanne was by his side with tools in hand. They moved frantically as if they were running out of time. They were able to put enough distance between the airships and them but that didn't seem to give the doctor and his daughter any comfort.


Mack half turned and saw Isaac approaching him in his white horse. He had his long rifle with him, and Mack suddenly realized he should've grabbed his before he left. He had his gun and a knife hanging from his hips in their holsters, he didn't know how much of a good they would do.

"What the hell are those things?" Isaac asked completely out of breath. "You think they're here for them?" he motioned his head down the hill.

"They better be, those things didn't show up until they got here."

Isaac shook his head. "I told you they were in cahoots."

"Come on, " Mack ordered as he clicked his tongue. Isaac followed him as their horses trotted down the hill to meet the Sommersagans, now it was the time for the Doc to give them some answers.

"Hey!" Isaac shouted as loud as he could. "What the hell are those things doing here?" he dismounted and walked up to the doctor. Athena roared louder than ever which frustrated Isaac. He grabbed Doc by his jacket and turned him around. "You tell me what those things want, right now."

"You wouldn't understand, " the Doc shouted back. "Your mind wouldn't be able to process it."

"Well try me, you son of a bitch."

"Gentleman, please!" Joanne slid off the top of the machine. "This isn't the time nor the place—"

"I advise you, Miss Sommersagan that you stay the hell away. I've had it with your secrets, " he told Doc. "Now airships are here scaring my town shitless. Now, you tell me what those things want or I'll shoot you right here right now." Without hesitation, Isaac pulled his gun out and pointed it at the doctor's head.

Mack rushed to their side. "Isaac, settle down."

"Not until he tells us what's going on."

"Mr. Garrison, " interrupted Joanne rapidly. "Now is not the time."

The second she uttered those words, the sky became dark. The airships stopped yards ahead of them and covered the sun giving them a chilling shade.

Isaac froze as the ships were closer and he could see them more detailed. The ships seemed to be made out of paper, with the skeleton of gold, real gold, it seemed. How could they stand still in the air like that when there was gold in them, was a mystery.

"Joanne, get ready, " the doctor told his daughter as he saw his chance to get loose from Isaac's grip.

Joanne nodded and climbed Athena and disappeared inside it. Mack tried running after her to take her away from everything. Whatever their plan was, Joanne needed to be as far from it as possible.

"Stand back, gentleman, if you want a good show, " the doctor said proudly. Isaac and Mack followed the doc as he positioned himself a good distance from Athena. He pulled out some sort of controller from his pocket and waited.

It was quiet for a moment, except for the noise from Athena, nothing much happened. Until Athena's long barrel started glowing a fiery red, and it moved up slowly getting a good aim on one of the airships, Mack then knew it was Joanne controlling the thing and he didn't like it.

Athena clicked, then a loud boom. It was pushed back by the force of the cannonball being shot out into the air. As it soared across the sky, Doc watched it attentively until it was close enough to hit the airship, he turned a switch.

All Mack could register was the bright sparks that blinded him and the noise that came afterward as he was pushed back by the explosion. He was thrown back a couple of yards and landed on his back. His ears were ringing and shooting pain went down his back as he sat up. The first thing he could make out was smoke. Black heavy smoke surrounded them, he coughed as dirt managed to get

He could see Joanne climbing to the top. The ship was right above her when she drew her gun. Mack held his breath as he waited for an explosion. But the explosion didn't come. She seemed to have found the turbines she spoke about but she didn't move. She hesitated. Then he saw why. One of the machines came out of hiding and stood on the ledge as if it was looking at its surroundings, Mack could see it hadn't seen her yet, and he wasn't going to wait to see what it was going to do if it did. He started shooting his revolver knowing very well it wasn't going to do anything but grab its attention.

"Fire, " she murmured. "Come on, Joanne. Fire your damn gun." At last, the automaton turned to look at his direction and Joanne snapped out of it and took the shot.

The explosion was worse than the first, at least it seemed so to Mack. He ran for cover as the heat of the explosion came his way in a gust of wind. The loud explosion left his ears ringing but as much as Joanne's plan seemed to be a success, he rushed to his feet and ran towards the mountain where she stood. The impact of the explosion must have thrown her off, and she was surely badly injured. He cursed at himself for allowing her to do it. He scavenged in between the scraps of metal, shooting anything that moved.

He started to grow frustrated as she was nowhere to be found. He lost her before he could even have her, he kept telling himself. His fears became stronger as he moved the pieces of metal off the ground hoping to find her.

"Shit, " he mumbled as he kept searching and shooting.

He was starting to give up. It seemed like he had searched under every scrap of metal and lifted every rock and she was nowhere to be found. At last, he spotted a human hand under a bunch of rocks right at the base of the mountain. He rushed to her side, lifting the trash that covered her he knelt beside her. She laid unconscious, her face scratched up and bleeding, he studied her before he could carry her. Her leg was bleeding heavily. He cut her pant leg to take a better look. A nasty gash bubbling with blood, he feared it had a torn an artery. He grabbed his bandana and tied it tight above the cut. He then noticed her rapid breathing.

He unbuttoned her blouse carefully and lifted her undergarment. A big bruise started forming on her side and he knew she had at least one broken rib. After buttoning her blouse, he lifted her up slowly not wanting to cause any more damage to her injuries. He walked rapidly towards their horses and using Joanne's horse to hold her as he mounted, he pulled her into his arms and with her horse's rein in hand, he made his way back to Salt Water leaving the wreckage behind.

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