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   Chapter 5 NO.5

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Morning came and along with Mack's daily chores, he spent most of it working with his horses. They had two days for the cattle drive and he needed to trust that his horses would do what they were supposed to without a bump in the road. They understood his commands and they did what they were told, he didn't know why he was so worried.

With his three horses secured in their stables, he took his grooming tools and set it aside in a bucket. He started with his favorite horse, King, a beautiful black stallion with eyes deeper than the sea. He had never seen a horse with blue eyes and he was fascinated by him. When he started training him, he realized King followed his every word from the beginning, he trusted him so much and so quickly. Mack had built a wall after the war after his father's death, a wall that did not permit anyone to come close to him, a wall that pushed everyone away, he had no one. King was for sale at the market and Mack had to have him, his blue eyes captivating his soul, and as a result, breaking down his wall.

He grabbed his leg gently. "Come on, up, " he commanded quietly. King raised his hoof and waited patiently as Mack cleaned it with a pick.

"Beautiful horse."

Mack looked up and found Joanne leaning against the door frame.

"Miss Sommersagan, how was your night?"

She walked towards them, Mack couldn't help but notice she was back in her regular clothes, long pants and a bottomed up long sleeve blouse. Her hair was down just as he first saw her, and he preferred it that way.

"Please, call me Joanne, " she said as she walked along King's side.

"Joanne, " he smiled. "How was your night?"

"It was good, I slept like a baby."

Mack continued with his hind legs and Joanne watched him intently, she seemed so interested in the task, too much so. "Something in your mind?"

Joanne gazed at him. "Mr. Garrison hates us, doesn't he?"

"What gave it away?"

She held back a smile. "I wish I had the answers to all those questions that don't seem to let him live in peace."

"I wouldn't worry about it."

"I'm not worried, I'm..."

Mack straightened to see her across King's back. "You're...?" he urged her to continue.

"I trust my father, you see. But he withholds so much information from me I'm finding it so difficult to defend him."

"Why do you feel like you need to defend him?"

"Because if I don't, people will think he's mad, and he isn't mad, he is a very intelligent man, too advanced for his time even."

"Is that so?" Mack bent over again and returned to his task. "Why do you think he hides stuff from you? And you already gave me the he's looking out for you excuse."

He heard her sigh thinking of another reason. The fact that she took a while to come up with one, made him sit up again. "You scared, aren't you?"

She walked towards King's head and ran her hands down his long face. "So

what if I am?"

He shrugged. "I'd think you'd be crazy if you weren't."

"But he's my father, surely he would tell me if circumstances were worse than they actually are."

He walked around King to meet her by his head so they could be face to face. "A man that has that much to hide is not a man to trust. Even if he is your father, concealing things from you is a sign that he might be scared as well. The question is what."

Joanne locked eyes with him as he said what she had not the courage to even think. She knew he was right, and he knew he was right, now what were they going to do about it?

King started to pant with uneasiness ruining the moment. "Whoa, " he said gently as he gave him a gentle pat on his side, which usually worked when he became stressed, but this time, nothing seemed to be able to calm him down. "Stand back, " he told Joanne as King started shaking his head nervously. The rest of his horses neighed with the same uneasiness and Mack held his breath. King rushed towards the back of the barn looking for shelter, something had spooked him and Mack couldn't point out what it was. Then howling of dogs attracted his attention outside. His chickens started getting rowdy and if Mack knew anything about animals, it was that they were capable to perceive danger before any person could.

Joanne and Mack walked out the stable slowly fearing the unknown. But other than the noisiness of the dogs and his chickens, nothing out of the ordinary was heard. Mack was about to dismiss it as a normal random outburst from his animals when Joanne gasped. She looked up at the sky intently, her eyes glazed with fear for what was above them. Mack followed her gaze, his voice caught in his throat at the vision before them.

Airships. Ships floating above them without a single sound to give them away. The circular vessels, three in total, seemed to soar effortlessly as if they weighed nothing, but the copper they were made from made it difficult to believe that such a vessel was even lightweight.

"This is it, " he heard Joanne say. "This is what my father was speaking of. I know it." Before he could reply, she ran up to her horse, who seemed used to such events and rushed towards the desert.

"Joanne!" he screamed after her. "Damn it." He went back to the stables to get King. King with a sudden boost of courage greeted him at the entrance. Without bothering with the saddle, he grabbed a rope and tied it around his neck loosely and he mounted him with a jump. "Come on, " he commanded and it was like King knew exactly where they were going, he sprinted out of town.

Joanne was nowhere to be seen but Mack knew she had gone to her beloved machine. It made sense, now, the cannon shot high and not far because the doc knew there were going to be airships, but what did those airships carried or who drove them, Mack was afraid to find out.

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