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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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Mack sat at the bar of the local and only tavern in town, the day had died down and the cold rolled in without warning. Luckily, they had caught up to the Buffalo just in time for them to call it a day. They distributed the meat with the rest of Salt Water and they gave the animal's fur to the local seamstress so she could fix it into, hopefully, a couple of coats.

Jackson, the bartender, wanted to thank them for his portion of meat by buying them as many drinks as they wanted. Isaac had to refuse the invitation for his family was waiting for him for supper. Mack sat alone, brooding over the bottle of whiskey that sat in front of him. Several men came by and shook his hand appreciatively and moved on with their business. Some whores walked around the tavern looking for something to do, Mack avoided any eye contact with them, he wasn't in the mood.

Athena the Great kept coming to his mind and made the hairs on his arms stand on end. What kind of threat was the Sommersagan family expecting that made them built such a monstrosity?

"Mr. Rosenberry?"

Mack's back became tense as he recognized that female voice, even if he did hear but five words from her, he knew who it was. He stood quickly. "Miss Sommersagan, what brings you here?"

Joanne smiled. "I was hoping I could speak with you for a moment. Is Mr. Garrison with you?"

"I'm afraid not. He's home with his family."

"Alright, do you have a minute?"

Mack looked around him and found a small table in the far corner where they could talk in peace. He led the way and pulled out a chair for her to sit. Once they settled down, Joanne started, "I wanted to apologize on behalf of my father for the type of responses we gave you earlier, or the lack thereof."

"Mh-hm. That was strange."

"I assure you that we are not here to cause any harm."

"Why are you here, then?"

She sighed and looked down at her hands. Jackson came along and dropped off the bottle of whiskey he had left behind along with two glasses. He poured her a drink and sat it in front of her. "It'll give you courage, " he explained.

Joanne nodded and gulped it down as if it was water. He poured her some more. "My father says something terrible is going to happen."

"Something like what?"

She shrugged, "That, he doesn't tell."

"So, he's hiding stuff from you too?"

"He's not hiding anything, he calls it, protection. He's protecting me by not telling me."

"Is that what you think?"

"Of course, he's my father and I will believe anything he tells me."

"So, you came a

ll the way down here, to tell me that some danger is coming but you can't say what it is. Do you know when you're expecting it?"

She shook her head. "I'm afraid I don't know that either."

"Well, should we be getting prepared for whatever it is, as well?"

"Father says that it would be enough with Athena."

Mack chuckled. "Is that so? I suppose a cannon that doesn't shoot very far will save our lives."

"I admit it needs some tinkering but once we finish it, it will do what ten can do in a battlefield."

"You sound confident with your invention there."

"And why shouldn't I be? We constructed it ourselves."

Mack wasn't about to argue with that. "Is your father with you?"

"No, he stayed with Athena."

"You came here by yourself?"

"No, I have my horse."

Mack nodded as his eyes drifted outside to find a massive, brown horse waiting for her outside, he wasn't tied to the post which meant she had him very well trained. "Where are you staying?"

"Where you found us."

"In the middle of nowhere? Are you crazy?"

"What's so wrong with camping in the desert?" she asked puzzledly.

"Well, the wild animals, for one. There are not only coyotes, wolves, and cougars as well. Not to mention it will get colder by the time the sun sets. Are you guys equipped for the low temperatures?"

"Of course, we are. We aren't completely ignorant."

Mack shook his head, the sun started to set and he could see his neighbors rushing to finish with their chores to return to the shelter of their homes. There was no way he was going to allow her to sleep outside like some animal.

"You're welcome to spend the night in my house, and any other nights if you need to."

She watched him taken aback. "Are you sure you want us intruding your home? What will your wife say?"

"Nothing since I don't have one. It's too much of a house for me anyway, there's plenty of space."

Joanne thought about it for a second and replied, "Alright Mr. Rosenberry, I will accept your invitation." She got to her feet and he stood along with her. "I'll just go get my father."

"I'll help you gather your things, " he said following her out the tavern.

"That's very kind of you, Mr. Rosenberry, " she replied as she mounted her horse effortlessly.

He mounted King as he replied, "My pleasure." Their horses galloped down the desert and Mack couldn't help but smile as he followed her keeping a distance between them, it had been a while since a woman had made him smile so foolishly and he didn't quite know how to handle it.

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