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   Chapter 22 NO.22

The Truth Behind It All By madairifa Characters: 8609

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August 26, Ana Marie's hands are trembling as she runs her hair brush through her hair. All her life preparing for this, and yet she felt sick. She looks at the clock hanging from the wall. Thirty minutes and she will leave to Phoenix airport. She stands studying herself in the mirror. Her blue blouse fitted her perfectly, slightly going down her shoulders, she turns in place studying her faded blue jeans. Did she look too. . . too provocative? She should probably change, but it's one of her best blouses. But it has been three weeks since she last saw Adam, she wants to look good for him. She approaches her closet but she stops and turns to the mirror again. Does she look good enough to meet her in laws?

Finally, not wanting to be late, she decides to keep the blouse and risk it. As she is driving towards the airport, she is recounting her plans in her head, making sure everything was settled. Adam's parents will sleep in her room, she will sleep in her mother's and Adam will spend the night at Jorge's bar. Tomorrow morning, she will take a long shower, she will take her sweet time to do her own hair and make-up, and at five thirty she will walk down the aisle. She stops at a red light and starts reviewing everything. At two tomorrow, Mrs. Jones will come and adorn her house. Mrs. Jones, with her brand new kidney, insisted to do it for free, so all Ana Marie had to tell her was the theme colors. White and Green. She picked green because green means life. And that is Adam's and hers own theme. Life. Fighting for a good life. Surviving death and choosing life.

As Ana Marie is going to get ready, Mrs. Jones, along with her family will be in charge of making Ana Marie's mother's house good enough for a wedding. Jorge wanted to buy dinner. And since it was going to be a small, family and friends only wedding, he also insisted to do it for free. Ana Marie always knew it was going to be a small wedding, when she discussed it with Adam over the phone, he said he was thinking the exact thing. The ceremony was going to be simple. Jorge and she will walk out her room as the piano music (supplied by one of Adam's sister in law) is being played lowly. She will approach Adam and the Pastor Oscar, who Ana Marie knows since she was a kid, will do what he has to do. Nothing fancy, just a simple wedding ceremony. After all, it didn't matter how the wedding was going to turn out, as long as she gets to marry Adam.

At last, she parks her car and enters the not so full airport. Across the room is where she will wait for Adam and her future mother an

to her mother, after all she and her father had saved her life, she lays on her back looking out the window. Thinking of nothing she started to doze off when a sudden knock on her door startled her.

"May I come in?" says a heavy British accent.

Confused, Ana Marie lets her in. Mrs. Hayes walks inside in her night gown and her hair cascading down her back, which made Ana Marie think that Mrs. Hayes was brought straight from the eighteenth century England. She sits beside her and through the moonlight Ana Marie could see her dazzling smile. She reaches for the lamp on her night stand turning it on.

After a moment of silence, Mrs. Hayes starts, "I was just wondering if I could do your hair tomorrow? Would that be alright?"

Ana Marie is surely surprised. "Of course, it's fine. I was planning on doing it myself but this will be so much better."

Mrs. Hayes grabs her hand surprising her. "Adam told me about your mum, and well, if I were her, I would be completely chuffed with my only daughter's wedding. And since I've always wanted a daughter to do her hair, dress her up in dresses, I thought you would want your mother to help you on the big day, wouldn't you?"

Trying to hold back her tears she replies, "Of course I do."

At the sight of Ana Marie on the verge of tears, Mrs. Hayes wraps one arm around her. "I am so glad it is with you who Adam is going to settle down with. I was getting worried by the time he turned thirty."

"He is a great guy, " comments Ana Marie dreamily.

"I know he is." She stands firmly. "Now, go to sleep, you don't want to fall from exhaustion at your own wedding, do you?" She leans, kisses Ana Marie on the forehead tenderly before she walks away.

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