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   Chapter 21 NO.21

The Truth Behind It All By madairifa Characters: 8975

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August 11, Adam had to go back home. There was some paperwork that couldn't wait much longer to be filled out, and he had to be present at Velez's and Mary Anne's court date. He wasn't looking forward to it at all. But Ana Marie was doing better, and she pushed him to get back, so everything could be finished with sooner. Adam had to agree.

He arrived to London one Sunday night. The minute he stepped foot in his country, there was one thing he wanted to do. He wanted to tell his family the news. They don't know about Ana Marie, Adam was very private about that, especially after his incident. They don't know how much he is in love with an American girl. His mother will be extremely excited about the news, his father is not going to give a reaction right away. He got that from him. His brothers won't believe him at all, since they were all married already, they doubted that Adam was even suitable for marriage. Adam couldn't wait to tell them though. He couldn't wait to see their faces when he announces that he will get married in America, and he will come back to London with a wonderful wife under his arm.

He arrived to his flat, when his phone started to ring the moment he opened the door. He drops his suitcase and answers it.

"Ah, your home, " says a familiar voice.

Adam checks his watch. "Yes, just five minutes ago. What do you need Brian?"

"Alright, James said that you don't have to be at the trial next week."

"I don't?"

"No. The thing is Adam, LPI had a meeting right after we arrived, and we all voted that it will be better if your job was done with the Velez case. We thought that perhaps you wanted to spend more time organizing your wedding and all, what do you think?"

In normal circumstances, he would have refused. He particularly enjoyed watching the criminals he helped get off the streets going through the agonizing pain as the uncertainty of their future threatened their lives. But this time, he had no intent to see Velez and Mary Anne going through that pain.

"Alright. I won't attend the trial."

"Oh, and how's Ana Marie? Is she alright?"

"Yes, she recovered successfully."

"That's good. Have you decided on a date?"

Adam takes a seat on his bed. "Yes we have. August twenty-seventh."

"That's a few weeks away, isn't it?"

Adam could hear his surprise. "Yes, well. We both agreed that we couldn't wait much longer. You'll get an invitation soon, " he assures him.

"Alright. See you back at the office tomorrow then?"


"Very well. I'm glad to hear about Ana Marie. I was telling Bridget about this whole situation, and she is extremely happy for you. She's wants me to tell you that she wis

le, your way of moving was so hypnotizing, and even though I had a boyfriend at the time, I found myself disappointed when you left." Adam smiles before continuing. "When I saw you again at Jefferson's, I knew that it wasn't just a coincidence. When the idiot that I called my boyfriend started acting like a jerk, you were there defending me. That is when I knew that it was fate. I know you are a man of science and that fate and destiny are just excuses that people use to convince themselves that their actions and decisions has nothing to do with the results. But, I strongly think it was fate. When I went to Jefferson's and saw you and I fainted, it was fate.

"As you're sleeping beside me, I want to let you know that even though we have been through a lot together, I want to let you know, that it is fate that got us together at the same place that we were separated. It was fate that two bullets tore us apart, and that two bullets pulled us together. So what I want to ask from you is that once we are married and have three kids, I don't want you to look back and feel pain, I want you to look back and realize that those events, every single one of them, were supposed to happen for when we were going to finally be together, to be the closest we've ever been, to finally be one.

"I Love you. I'll always will, and I can't wait to marry you and start a whole new chapter with you. I will be thinking of you every second of my life. I love you, your future wife, Ana Marie."

Adam takes a deep breath and reads the paragraph before last again. He stands, puts it back in the envelope, places it on his nightstand and goes to take that shower. Not able to stop thinking that there was no better way to describe their lives, like Ana Marie described it in a few sentences.

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