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   Chapter 19 NO.19

The Truth Behind It All By madairifa Characters: 4614

Updated: 2018-01-12 12:09

July 31, Adam's heart comes to a stop. "You know where she is?"

The man nods. "She's at the basement but she's. . . " Adam moves before he could hear the rest of the sentence. He hurries back into the house and starts opening doors clumsily. He looks around him confused. He should know where the basement is. He studied the blue print of the house. But, he realizes, lines in a paper doesn't compare to the real thing. He opens one door. He looks in and sees cars parked in there, the garage. He is about to close it when he sees a familiar silver car. It's Ana Marie's. He felt the assurance that he will find her, lifting his spirits. He walks in the kitchen, opens a door next to what seemed like the pantry and sees a set of stairs going down in a narrow hallway. This is it.

He approaches the door. Takes a deep breath and turns the knob. But it's locked.

"Oh, bloody hell." He lifts his foot and kicks the door once. Then a second time. By the third time, he breaks the door down. He runs inside. He couldn't see her anywhere. He searches for a light switch on the walls. His head bumps into what seems like a chain hanging from the ceiling and he tugs at it. In one second, the basement comes alive.

Adam freezes. At the far wall, he sees her. And she didn't look too well.

"Ana Marie?" He approaches her but comes to a stop. He sees the cement floor. A pool of

scrubs as he took his mask off. He remembers the joy he felt when the doctor assured him she was going to survive, but it was going to take her a while to recover.

He remembers when he first entered the room she was in. He remembers his sight being blurred by his tears as he saw her small and weak body. He sat beside her. He took her hand and shut his eyes tightly. He prayed. He didn't know how long it was since he last prayed, but he knew he needed to pray at that moment.

He thanked God for his mercy. For His kindness. He promised he would go to church every Sunday, and he was going to volunteer at a shelter or something. He thanked him again for saving Ana Marie. He thanked Him for giving him Ana Marie, and he promised he would take good care of her. That he will love her. In mid-prayer, he fell asleep. He took the most serene, quiet sleep he needed so badly, without letting go of Ana Marie's hand.

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