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   Chapter 18 NO.18

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July 30-31, Ana Marie forced herself to go back to the clinic. There were still seven hours to her shift and she promised she would get back as soon as she could. But she didn't feel like putting a brave face and pretend that things were going perfect. She walks out the elevator with that sinking feeling in her stomach. How could her mother lie to her? How could she?

She sits on her desk and notices that the waiting room was empty; she couldn't help but feel disappointed. She really needed a distraction right now. Dr. Gutierrez was probably doing his rounds, he will come into his office after giving her some paperwork she had to do. She placed her head on her desk finding it difficult to breathe. She felt like the world was going down on her. There was so much in her head.

A sudden noise caught her attention. She looks up trying to see if anything had fallen. She heard it again, it was a sound of someone moaning in pain. But it wasn't coming from the rooms; it was coming from Dr. Gutierrez's office.

"Doctor?" she knocked on the door but there was no reply.

She turns the knob slowly, unsure of what she will find. The place looked the same, but his chair was tipped over.

"Doctor?" She heard the moan again. She looks around her until she sees Dr. Gutierrez lying on his stomach behind his desk. "Doctor!" she runs up to him and touches his shoulder. Dr. Gutierrez quivers. "What happened?" she asks as she helps him to his feet.

"I. . . I don't really know. . . " he replies bewildered.

"I'm going to call the cops— "

"No, don't, " he says rapidly holding her arm tightly.

She watches him as he rubs his hands on his face, he doesn't look well. "Okay, want me to take you to the hospital?"

"No, no. Call Dr. Smith, from the third floor. I trust him."

"Alright, I'll be right back, " she says unsure if she should leave him alone. He picks his chair up feebly.

She walks back to her desk and dials Dr. Smith's number. Someone did that to Dr. Gutierrez. He looked so disoriented, like he was on drugs. "Hi, may I speak to Dr. Smith?"

The receptionist puts on her on hold. Could it be that Vianey, or Karla, did this to him? But why would she? She then remembers the letter, she said that she had some "unfinished business" with Dr. Gutierrez. Could it be that she tried to kill him?

"This is Dr. Smith, " says a deep voice.

"Hi, this is Ana Marie Cain, Dr. Gutierrez's nurse. There has been an incident with Dr. Gutierrez, would you please come?"

There was a pause, then he replies, "I'll be there in a minute."

She thanks him and makes her way back to Dr. Gutierrez's office. She finds him with his head on his desk.

"Dr. Gutierrez?" He raises his head. "He'll be here any minute."

"Thank you. Please come in, close the door."

She did as she was told and sat on the chair before his desk. He goes through his desk drawers for a second then faces her.

"I want to give you some documents for you to look after." Ana Marie's eyes widen. "You are the only one I trust as a human being, will you do me this favor?"

Ana Marie is perplexed, what were these documents? She nods quietly. He hands her a compact disk in its case. "Can I ask what it is?"

He nods. "They are mainly formulas for this powerful drug I worked on several years ago. And I have realized that people want them as well. I need them to be in a safe place." Ana Marie nods. "I believe they will be safe with you. I would like for you to put it in a place where you only know where it'll be, okay? I need it to be far from here."

"Okay, " she replies. Was this going to put her in danger?

"Alex?" Came a male voice from the door.

"Thank you, Ana Marie. Please allow Dr. Smith in, will you?"

Ana Marie nods and walks out the door. "Hello Dr. Smith. He is waiting for you, " she tells the man with blonde hair. He smiles thankfully and enters his office closing the door behind him.

Ana Marie is tempted to grab a cup to eavesdrop in their conversation, but the door was too thick for that. She walks back to her desk as she looks intently at the disk. She wants to slip it in her computer and see what it contains. It was obviously something important enough to be drugged for. Did Karla want that disk and as she saw that he wouldn't give it to her, she gave him some kind of drug? It was probable. Very probable. She will see what it is once she gets to her house. It might help Adam with the case greatly. And so what if it might put her in danger o

e was thrown back by two solid impacts on her chest.

Her world started to fall apart. Ana Marie found herself unable to breathe, she felt like she was drowning. She coughed trying to get the obstruction in her chest out, when she starts tasting blood. She panics. A piercing pain coming from her chest is instantly followed by the pain in her stomach. She touches her stomach hoping to decrease the pain, but finds it drench in something. She knew it was her own blood.

Karla appears above her with a smile on her face. "That was a very foolish thing to do. Coming here and demand the disc. That's not how I get things done. Bob!" she yells firmly. "Take her to the basement, fast."

Ana Marie feels two arms holding her up. She's off the floor and passes through a hall she barely recognized. She was in shock. The pain was unbearable, it became harder and harder to breathe as much as she tried. She coughs some more spilling blood on her chest.

All that she could think about, is Adam. If only she could have helped him with this case. If only she could see him smile one last time. If only she could tell him how much she loved him. Warm tears started flowing from her eyes, if only she could have him hold her tightly right now, have him tell her that everything was going to be alright.

She suddenly found herself in a strange room. It was ten degrees hotter and it was partly empty. There were shelves along the walls but they were bare. Bob lets her down slowly on the floor against the wall, not wanting to inflict more pain that she already felt. He holds a tissue in his hand and cleans her mouth, Ana Marie could see the dark blood stains that appeared on the white cloth. Bob takes his jacket off and covers her with it. Even he knew she wasn't going to make it.

Ana Marie closes her eyes tightly, how did things end up so badly? When did things started to corrupt around her?

"Lock the door. If Jose asks, you saw his daughter leaving the house with a disk in hand, alright?"

Ana Marie squints as everything started to get clouded. Karla stood in the doorway with a satisfied expression in her face. It did not surprise her. The sound of a door closing and being locked is all that was left. Ana Marie sat on the floor, with her back on the wall, feeling colder and colder as the blood started to ooze out of her drenching her scrubs. She coughs some more, making her think that that cough belonged to someone else.

Was she ready to die? Was she ready to die alone without being able to say good bye to anyone? She wants to drag herself to the door, collect what remains of her strength and bang on the door as she screams for help. She doesn't want to die without even trying to get out, without fighting for her life. But she was way too weak. Wherever those bullets hit her, hit her in the right places. Ana Marie held the now bloody jacket tighter against her body. At least someone had shown a hint of compassion, which made her think not everything was lost.

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