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   Chapter 17 NO.17

The Truth Behind It All By madairifa Characters: 11320

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July 30-31, Adam sits on his bed staring at nothing. James and Brian are in the other room making a phone call to the Prime Minister, discussing how the case will end. They both agreed to exclude Adam, everything was painfully close to him. Adam agreed. As he held Ana Marie in his arms as she whimpered, he felt his own tears coming down his face. Ana Marie didn't deserve any of it. He rubs his head strongly, wishing for everything to be over.

"Here, " Jefferson walks in with a mug full of coffee. Adam reaches for it but doesn't drink it. His throat is too tight to drink anything down. He hears Jefferson take a deep breath. "She is a strong woman."

Adam looks up, he knows she is, but even the strongest person has a limit. "She doesn't deserve any of this."

"I know—"

"Do you?" Adam interrupts frustrated. "Her father is a bloody idiot who never cared for her, and who is weak enough to get manhandled incredibly easy by a woman. Her bloody mother, who seemed like she was one of the few she could trust, stabs her on the back." He rubs his eyes trying to calm down. "On the end, she has no one to rely on. Except for you. She has you."

Jefferson doesn't speak, instead he sits beside him and studies Adam through the mirror. "She also has you, " he finally speaks.

James and Brian walk inside carefully and Adam stands rapidly.

"We will arrest them tomorrow morning. When they least expect it, " James says.

"Who exactly?" Adam inquired. No one did answer the question if Mary Anne was going to be detained.

James sighs. "Jose Velez, Karla Perez, and Mary Anne, for being an accomplice."

Brian continues, "We will disable the security cameras and the phone lines at Velez's. It should be easy enough. We will capture Mary Anne at her work, so that Ana Marie doesn't witness her arrest."

Adam nods. "And will I be joining you?"

"Only if you want to, " James replies.

Yes, he did. If things were going to be over, he had to be there to see it through. "I want to."

So on the next morning, they readied themselves for the mission. They loaded their guns and packed their belongings so they could leave right after. Adam decided to conceal the plan from Ana Marie. She was going through enough, so he will see her after the arrests and inform her. He hadn't thought of how to say good bye when he was to return to London, and he preferred it like that.

James, Brian and Adam went towards the exit.

"We will be back for our luggage, " James instructed Jefferson, who nods numbly. "And if Miss Cain comes by, tell her that everything will be explained once we finish. Also insist her to go back to her house to rest. We will like for her to be as appeased as possible."

Jefferson nods as they get in the car, he waves. "Good luck."

The car is parked miles away from Velez's driveway. They listen attentively to the commotion happening inside the house through the bugs Ana Marie planted before.

"What the hell is going on?" asks an angry voice drowning the worried tones in the background.

"The security systems seemed to have been deactivated, " a shaky voice replies.

"How the hell did that happen?" An inaudible voice follows. "Then you better get out there and fix it."

Exasperated voices fill the room, Adam finds himself wanting to laugh at such upheaval.

"The building has been put in lockdown, it seems, " Brian inf

ds Velez up, who fainted at the scene. James approaches Mary Anne as she stands dazedly.

"Where is she!?" Adam screams as Perez eyes are slowly closing. At the sight of Mary Anne standing dumbly as James is detaining her, he runs up to her, not being able to think straight. Mary Anne places her cuffed hands in front of her as she waits to get hit. "Where's Ana Marie?" Adam demands.

"I. . . I don't know."

Adam could feel his anger intensify. "Why did Perez ask you to tell me where she is?"

Mary Anne's lip starts to tremble as she replies, "I got home yesterday and found Ana unconscious on the couch. Karla said she had fainted and she helped me carry her to her room." She takes deep breaths and continues weakly. "Last time I saw her was this morning. She left the house without saying a word. I called her work but she wasn't there, so I thought she might be here since she had been so close with Jose lately."

Adam turns furiously. She could be anywhere. He turned to Velez who was still out cold. Adam wasn't going to wait for him to come to. He kneels beside him and slaps his face firmly, without measuring his strength. "Wake up. Wake up, you bloody. . . " Velez opens his eyes weakly. "Oi, was Ana Marie here earlier today?" Velez seems disconcerted but Adam had no time for this. "Velez, " he holds his head strongly making sure he was looking at him. "Velez, was Ana Marie here?"

"Umm, yes, a few hours ago, " he pauses as he closes his eyes. "She was angry claiming Vianey had taken something from her." He tries to lift himself up but the pain from his arm made him wince.

"And?" Adam urges impatiently

"But she left once Vianey gave whatever it was back." He looks around remembering where he was. "Why? Is there something wrong?"

Adam doesn't reply. He doesn't even want to think about it. He had to concentrate. Where can Ana Marie be? Think like Perez. Where would she put her?

He hears slow steps approaching them from behind. Brian turns rapidly with his gun drawn. A tall man with a beardstops and holds up his hands. Adam recognizes him. He was the first one to be sedated as they drove up the house. The man shut his eyes tightly as the tranquilizer is slowly fading.

"I know where she is, " he says.

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