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   Chapter 16 NO.16

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July 29-30, Ana Marie steps inside her house, with heels in hand, ready to call it a day. When she notices that the door was unlocked.

"Mom?" she calls out as she notices the luggage on the kitchen.

"Ana Marie?" her mother appears from the hall in jeans and a pink blouse. "Where were you? I was surprised when I saw that you were out. What happened to you?"

"What do you mean?" Ana Marie sits on the couch lifting her feet on the coffee table. "I went to a party, at Jose's house."

Her mother seems baffled. "Why are you wet then?"

She had forgotten about that. "Oh, the fire alarm went off, it was just a false alarm. How was your trip?"

Her mother sits beside her. "Good, good."

Ana Marie sees her distant gaze. "Mom, did something happen?"

"No, nothing. Why do you ask?"

"Mom, you can't lie to me."

She takes a deep breath. "You are right. I broke it off."

Ana Marie fakes shock; her mother was always the one to break up with her boyfriends.

"He just wasn't the one you know?" her mother continued.

"Sure, maybe it just wasn't meant to be."

Her mother turns to look at her tenderly, and Ana Marie knew what was coming.

"Have you ever considered settling? Get married, maybe?"

Ana Marie rises and walks towards the kitchen, trying to fight a smile. "Sure I have."

"Yeah? You've met anyone?"

"Not exactly, " she says as she goes through the unopened mail on the counter.

"What does that mean?" her mother asks with amusement.

It means Adam isn't dead and we are engaged, she thought, but she replies, "Nothing." She sets some bills on the table, a few magazines but a specific envelope catches her attention. "Mom? Who's Karla?"

Her mother stands and approaches her. "Who?"

"Karla Perez." Ana Marie turns the envelope in her hand. "From Bogota, Colombia, it seems, " she adds as she sees the familiar stamp.

Her mother grabs the envelope rapidly. "Oh, she is a friend, well, your father's friend."

"How did you two meet?"

"Oh, just one of the many flights I was on as a stewardess, that's all. We write to each other every once in a while." She stretches her arms. "I am tired, I'll just take the letter to my study, okay? Good night." She kisses her forehead and walks away.

Her reaction was impossible to miss. Ana Marie knew she was lying and she didn't like it.

In the middle of the night, Ana Marie decides to sneak into her mother's study, the uncertainty was enabling her to sleep. She walked slowly down the hall and entered the study rapidly but quietly. She opens the curtains allowing the moonlight to brighten the room. She starts with the desk, because that's where her mother kept the important documents, and Ana Marie knew the letter was important enough to make her react the way she did.

She opens the first drawer, and all she finds are receipts, and some insurance papers. She opens the second drawer and she finds it that is full of letters from Colombia. She looks through them walking slowly towards the window trying to get better lighting. The oldest letter dates back to three years ago. She slides the letter out of the envelope. And just as she is ready to learn what it says, she finds that it is written in Spanish. Ana Marie exhales annoyed, the Spanish she knows is not enough to decipher the letter. She holds the letter from earlier and finds that not a single letter is written in English.

She sinks into the chair trying to come up with an idea of how she is supposed to read the letters. When she gets it.

She scurries back to her room, searches for her flash drive, grabs her lap top on the way, and darts back to her mother's study. She turns the laptop on and as it is loading, she carries the scanner from a wardrobe to the desk, plugs it in and just as her laptop is ready to be used, she connects the two. She places the letter from three years ago on top and pulls the cover down. She waits for it to scan the document. She looks around with a sudden feeling of guilt. She was snooping behind her mother's back. It was unfair to be suspicious of her mother but no one was as they seemed, that was the truth. She thought her father was just a careless man but it turns out he was a murderer running away from the cops of London. Dr. Gutierrez turned out to the scientist who discovered Paragalis, instead of a simple doctor. And Adam was supposed to be dead but he isn't. There was a lot to distrust people for, and she couldn't be too careful.

When the document was scanned, she places the last letter and as it's scanning she goes to the internet and decides to get the document translated. As the loading bar appears, she saves the other document on her flash drive, just in case she had no time to translate it.

"Ana Marie? You can't sleep again?" Her mother appears from the door in her pajamas.

"No, I just needed to deal with some stuff, " she replies as she pulls the letters down on her lap.

"You had nightmares again?"

"No, not this time." Those days seem so distant now.

"What are you doing?" she asks as she peeks to one side of her laptop.

The document was big on the screen and it still needed twenty percent to go. "Just downloading some articles. I am going to go and make myself some coffee, want some?" she adds as she stands rapidly.


They are sitting at the dining table as they both stare down at their mugs. Ana Marie could feel the weight of the


"She is the leader, " Scott adds as he sits on a stool thoughtfully.

"Indeed she is. Remember when she worked with Gutierrez years ago?" Brian nods. "That must be the time when she robbed him of his idea. She discovered Pragalis Veus Adita, Gutierrez developed the anesthetic and once she saw how much more she could do with it, she took the invention for herself, allowing Velez take the credit for it. She convinced Velez to advertise Paragalis, as long as she provided with the plant, Velez would keep testing it, selling it."

"So she leads the operation, " Brian says understandingly.

Adam nods.

Scott clears his throat. "I believe we will have to arrest more people than first intended."

"What about Mary Anne? Will she be arrested?" Brian asks.

At the mention of her mother's name, Ana Marie felt desperate and confused. Will she be arrested? She should, she definitely should. Unable to keep her self-control, she runs towards the back, locking herself in the bathroom. She is angry, she is sad. Her own mother lied to her. She betrayed her when Ana Marie cried for Adam late at night, no wonder she insisted on forgiving Jose, she knew all along.

She leans against the door as tears flowed from her eyes. Her gut wasn't wrong the night before, she couldn't trust anyone.

"Ana Marie?" she heard Adam's voice from behind the door.

She lets out a painful cry, he must be angry at her, he should be angry at her. Her mother got him in the hospital, indirectly she did. To Ana Marie, she was just as guilty as Karla Perez was.

"Ana Marie, let me in please, " Adam begs lowly.

"No, leave, " she replies. She can't face him, she simply can't. She felt terrible, she felt like everything in the universe was all fake that what she thought she knew was all a big hoax.

"Ana Marie, please." she hears his gentle tone.

He deserves an explanation, she didn't know for what, or even why from her, but she knew he needed one. Or at least it will make herself feel better with the situation.

She stands weakly and opens the door slowly. Adam walks in closing the door behind him. The way he is watching her, breaks her heart. She doesn't deserve him, she never did.

"You should leave, leave me. I am cursed, my family is horrible, " she finds herself cry. She feels Adam's arms pulling her in a warm embrace, and she cried and cried. She no longer feels her tears; she just felt Adam's arms, his chest, his heartbeat. If she could just forget about this mess, and just spend time in Adam's arms, she would be the happiest woman alive.

"Ana Marie, you can't blame yourself, " he whispers gently.

"Yes I can. It's in my genes, " she snivels.

Adam holds her face smoothly. "But you are nothing like them, can't you see that?" She doesn't reply, she tries to pull away, but Adam holds her arms. "The minute I saw you behind your desk and saw you smile, I knew you were the kindest person I would ever encounter."

Ana Marie covers her face as she cries more. "I am sorry, so sorry." Adam embraces her again. "I am sorry for the beating, for your injuries, I am sorry for my mother not doing anything about it, I am sorry for how selfish my father is, I am sorry for all of it." There it was all out of her system. She did know that neither her father nor her mother will apologize, even though he deserved a very good long apology.

She heard Adam chuckle. "You are apologizing for things you didn't even do, if that's not kindness, I don't know what is."

Ana Marie feels relieved when a smile escaped her face, and she hugs him even harder. She truly loves that man.

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