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July 29, Adam sits in front of the screen, wearing a headset, he could hear everything that Ana Marie could hear. Brian stands beside him, staring at the surveillance cameras. James watched as everything began to take place. Ana Marie had arrived to Velez' five before seven. He could see the cars being parked by the Valet parking. Guests approached the entrance in their expensive outfits. Ana Marie steps out of her car and hands her keys to a boy not more than twenty years of age. Adam saw how he looked at her as he nodded, and a slight feeling of jealousy crossed his mind.

Ana Marie walks slowly towards the guards in the front door. "Name please, " the man in black suit asks.

"Ana Marie Cain."

He looks down at the clipboard before him and then nods. "I just need to check your purse if you don't mind."

"Not at all." She hands him her purse. Adam turns to look at James, who smiles sheepishly. Adam felt proud of his fiancée.

"Alright Miss Cain, enjoy the party."

"Thank you." She walks inside and guests were scattered around the room conversing and eating whatever the waiters were offering. He could tell Ana Marie was starting to get nervous for when she steps in the middle of the room, she freezes.

Adam's felt goosebumps going down his spine, he needs to let her know she is safe. "You are doing great, Ana Marie, " he whispers into the headset hoping that Brian couldn't hear him.

She takes a deep breath and whispers an okay. Adam hears a man's voice calling her name, when she turns, he sees Velez walking towards her with a wide grin. Perez accompanies him.

"I am glad you could make it, " he says as he embraces her. "Did you come alone?"

Ana Marie pulls away. "Yeah, just me. Nice to see you again Vianey." Perez smiles and nods gently.

"Come with us Ana. There is someone I'll like you to meet."

Ana Marie is guided through a crowd, most likely successful scientists, Adam recognized half of them. Some were British, other Americans. Half of them were women and he wonders how many of them were actually involved with Paragalis.

"Jacob Gregory, this is my daughter, Ana Marie. Jacob is a colleague and a loyal friend, " Velez introduced them.

"Nice to meet you, " Ana Marie says as she shakes the man's hand. He is a short stout man with a mustache and a pair of glasses overwhelming his round face.

He smiles and says, "Your father has told me plenty about you. You are a nurse right?"

"I am. I work in Dr. Gutierrez's clinic."

"Oh, I've heard wonders about that place. Your father mentioned that you were going to get your master's, but you didn't."

"Yeah, well, things happened beyond my control. I couldn't keep up with school anymore. So, I stayed as a nurse. What about you? Are you a Physicist?"

Adam notices that while they were speaking, both Velez and Perez left. Why would Velez leave Ana Marie speaking to this man? At the sound of the man's name, Brian started investigating him in the data base.

"Jacob Gregory is a Biologist specializes in plants. He is from New York and is known for discovering a plant called Sanimis Agudis, a plant believed to have survived through the prehistoric age."

"That sounds boring, " James comments.

"I am a Biologist, but I specialize in vegetation, " Gregory answers Ana Marie.

"Do you work with my father?"

The man takes a step forward, Adam doesn't like the sight of it. "I did years ago. We met in England. We both worked for a British research company, but your father was so much better than that that he tried to open his own research facility. He even asked me to join him."

"And did you?" Ana Marie enquires.

He hesitates to answer. "No, I had some problems. So, are you single Miss Ana Marie?"

He probably had problems with Velez' way of working, Adam thought.

"Yeah. . ."

He heard her reply. Adam straightens. He looks at the man attentively, the man licks his lips at her reply. He rubs his hands together like a cheetah savoring his prey. Could it be that Velez set her up?

"Actually. . . "he heard her say, "I am sort of seeing someone."

Adam saw his gaze drop. "Where is he then?"

"He is working. I am going to look around, nice meeting you Mr. Gregory, " she says and walks away rapidly towards the stairs.

Adam sees the staircase, as Ana Marie walks past it. She comes to a halt, then whispers, "Adam, I have no idea where to plant the bugs."

"Put them in a place where you think guests would last the longest in their visit."


bout the case, but Adam's mind was too hectic for him to even notice him. He's approaching the bar's entrance and is about to reach for the door when it is pulled open and sees Ana Marie walk in. She freezes as she realizes what Adam was about to do.

Adam felt the weight lift from his chest, he pulls her against him making sure she is unharmed.

"What's going on, Adam?" he hears her ask worriedly.

He can't fight the smile on his face. Her hair was slightly wet, allowing it to turn into its natural wave. The make up under her eyes is slightly smeared but he can't help from thinking that she looks just as beautiful as she did earlier. "What's going on is that I can't live without you anymore. Ten minutes without any contact drives me insane."

Ana Marie smiles and wraps her arms around his neck planting a kiss on his lips. "I'm sorry, but your anguish will not be without compensation." From her purse, she pulls out the glass tube with a leaf stashed inside it.

He holds in and lifts it up so the light glows through it. "I can't believe you managed to get it. . ." he trails off as he sees her rubbing her fingers together. He reaches for her and sees that her index finger has turned red and it began to swell.

"It seems like the plant tried to fight back as I pulled its limb, " she waves off.

He holds her finger and starts pressing on it, "Can you feel this?"

She shakes her head, "No." She sees him pinching it turning her skin white. "Why can't I feel anything?" she asks frightened.

"It's probably just your skin's reaction to it, " he explains studying her finger.

"You did see it moving, right?" she inquires.

He nods bringing his attention to her. "We all did."

"Why do you think it did that?"

He thinks about it for a second. "It could be that it's a carnivore plant, a mutated carnivore plant." He turns towards the back. "We are going to analyze it and figure out what makes up Paragalis."

"Miss Cain, " James approaches her with a crocked smile, "Well done, I must admit that I am impressed."

Adam could feel pride as James shakes her hand.

"Would you mind telling us, where exactly you planted the second bug, " Brian appears from the back with a surprised expression.

Adam had forgotten all about the bug. "Where did you put it?"

Ana Marie looks at them nervously then starts, "Well, I thought that I would put it in a place where Jose might talk about his business, so I stuck it under the table. . ." she pauses only building up Adam's anticipation, "In his lab."

Brian laughs. "That's brilliant, isn't it? I heard the bug being activated but I failed to notice that it was in the most crucial place of the house. As of now, Velez has some visitors, " he pauses as he listens to his earphones, "Potential clients, in fact. He is showcasing the plant."

James watches Ana Marie in amazement. "Well, I think the case will be solved sooner than we thought."

"Indeed it will, " Adam replies gazing at Ana Marie in admiration.

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