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   Chapter 14 NO.14

The Truth Behind It All By madairifa Characters: 14004

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July 28- 29, Ana Marie woke up in the middle of the night under his arms. She took a deep relaxing

Breath, the night was perfect, she still couldn't believe Adam was in her room. She felt so

Content for once in what seemed forever. Trying not to disturb him, she sat up, and looked

Down at him. All she wanted to do was to watch him sleep, to simply watch as he breathed

Peacefully. She wanted to admire him as he laid on his back without that crease on his forehead, Or his tightened jaw. She touches his skin feeling the prickliness of his unshaved face.

She came to a realization as she felt his warmth. The feeling of emptiness, of

Needing closure, and the nightmares she had, was merely God, letting her know that her man, Her soul mate, was alive. And that he was thinking of her just as much as she was thinking of

Him. That that void was going to be filled. She silently thanked God for letting him live and for

Giving them the same love, if not stronger, from five years ago. She leaned forward slowly and

Kissed his cheek, as she pulled away slowly, she noticed she had awaken him. He smiled and

Pulled her back under his arms. Ana Marie laughed.

"What are you thinking?" he asked as he tightened his arms comfortingly.

She cuddled her body closer, "Nothing specifically. I'm just happy."

Adam shifted his arms so he could hold her better. "Where do you want to get


Ana Marie smiled, the question made her feel pleased with her life. "I don't know.

Here but your family is in London, that wouldn't be fair."

"How about, we follow tradition? We get married at the bride's hometown and

Then we go and live in London."

"You would fly your whole family and friends all the way to Phoenix?"

"You would have to fly your family and friends to London if we are to get married

There, " he said defensibly.

"Yeah but I only have my mother and Jorge, so that's no problem at all."

He stayed quiet for a moment then he replied, "I want you to leave Arizona with one

Last good memory."

Ana Marie thought about it. He was right. Her life in Phoenix was pointless and she

Wasn't living very happily either. "Fine. We can do that."

Adam squeezed her gently. "I will have to make space for you though, my flat is not as

Big as it should be, " he said thoughtfully, she elbowed him playfully. "Kidding. My father has a

House in Brixton away from the busy streets of London. He used to say that it would go to his

Favorite son, me. So it's ready for whenever we get back."

"Awe. Your dad sounds like a great guy, " she said truthfully.

"He's a romantic. He has always fantasized about his grandchildren growing up where

He grew up, that's why he bought two houses in Brixton, to have them secured for his

Grandchildren. I never thought I would be taking one of them."

"What about your brothers? Don't they want the house?"

"No, not really. The oldest wanted to get as far away as possible, so he is in Madrid. The

Second oldest moved to Dublin where he met his wife. On the end, the last two will fulfill my

Father's wishes."

"Sounds like two good sons."

He chuckled. "Maybe. Truth is, growing up in Brixton won't be as bad. It's a nice city."

She held his hand and interlocked her fingers in his. "Then Brixton it is."

"You can continue with being a nurse too. You might need additional courses but I

Am sure you'll do great in Brixton's clinic. It's small, but very busy."

Ana Marie smiled in delight, apparently he had thought of everything, even of her job.

"That's great, but once our first child is born, I'll quit and stay at home full time."

"I wouldn't have it any other way. Have you thought of how many children you


She had, plenty of times throughout her life, but she knew Adam wasn't a big fan of

Children. "Maybe one or two, " she lied.

"I want three, " he said surprising her.

"But I thought you didn't like children?"

"I will, if they're ours. They are going to be smart and beautiful."

"Yeah, smart because of me, and the good looks from you, " she said as she turned to

Face him.

"Either way, it's a win-win s

She grabs them and

Places it in her makeup bag.

"You will retreat in a safe manner and get back to the party. Once the party is over, you

Will come directly here. Any questions?"

Ana Marie thinks about it, she shakes her head. While Scott was telling her all of this, Fear crept inside her chest making her heart beat faster. Everything sounded so easy but there

Were so many things that could go wrong. What if there was a metal detector or a whole body

Search at the entrance? Or what if she accidently pulls her hair behind her ear exposing the

Hearing aids?

"You will be watching over me, right?" she asks shakily.

Scott lays a hand on her shoulder, she feels his warmth sinking into her skin, making

Her feel slightly better. "We won't let anything happen to you, " he assures her. He turns to look

At Adam. Adam's face became serious. Leaving Ana Marie worried. She then realizes that

Adam hadn't spoken at all because he was afraid.

"I should probably get going, " she says after breathing deeply.

Scott nods and extends his hand. "Good luck Miss Cain."

"Thank you, " she says trying to pretend that her knees weren't shaking. She starts

Towards the door when she notices Adam had left the room, she felt a piercing feeling of

Disappointment in her stomach.

"Miss Cain." She turns and sees Brian walking towards her. "I wanted to apologize for

Lying to you."

She smiles understandingly. "That's alright."

He struggles to look at her, she never really talked to Brian at all, but she liked him. He

Was the one who told her what was really going on and she will be forever thankful for that.

"You are good to him. I haven't seen him happy in a long time, " he pauses, looks around him then continues. "Adam told me about. . . your plans. I want to wish you the best. I know you'll take good care of him."

"Thank you, " she says as she embraces him. "It means a lot to me."

Adam walks back inside and Brian nods slowly. He smiles and walks out the

Door closing it behind him. Adam stands still making Ana Marie nervous, was he angry at her? He takes slow pacing steps not letting go of her gaze. "Are you sure you want to do this?" he lastly asks.

"Yes, I am, " she replies lowly.

He drops his gaze and lays his hands on her arms. "I should come with you. . ."

"You can't, remember?"

He holds her face gently. "For a second I did. Please be careful, " he says almost painfully. She nods quietly. He brushes her hair with his fingers and wraps his arms around her; she sinks in his chest slowly.

Yes, she is ready. If she wants to marry Adam, it had to be done. So, with a new found strength, she gets in her car and drives to her father's house, without noticing that her legs were no longer shaking.

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