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   Chapter 13 NO.13

The Truth Behind It All By madairifa Characters: 12719

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April 21, It was the day Adam would arrive to Mary Ann's, get a sample of Paragalis forcibly and arrest Velez once and for all. But it wasn't going to be so easy. A war could be unleashed, Velez' men were going to be there without a doubt, they would be guarding the house, then Brian and Adam will have their guns, things were going to get ugly.

Adam wanted to see Ana Marie, if not for the last time. It was time for her to know the truth. He called her earlier and asked if he could come over. Ana Marie sounded happy and agreed.

He arrived at eight o'clock at night, one hour before the last step for the case. When he arrived, however, Jose Velez opened her door. Adam froze at the sight of him.

"Come on in, " he said coldly.

Adam entered carefully, what was he going to do to him now that he knew that he had been tricked? Ana Marie was sitting on the couch, by her blue dress, he knew she wasn't expecting Velez either.

"Please have a seat, " Velez said. Adam did as he was told, sitting beside Ana Marie, he found it hard to face her. He could tell she noticed for she laid her hand on his knee worriedly. The case was plummeting and without him wishing to, he was dragging Ana Marie with it.

Velez looked at him then at her, he started, "Ana, I think you should know what Mr. Hayes is doing here in Phoenix."

"I know why he's here, " she defended. "He is investigating a case."

Velez watched her as tenderly as he could. "Yes, a case he was using you to unravel."

"Using me?"

"Why don't you tell her, Mr. Hayes?"

Adam felt the anger rising, he is sabotaging him, and the case. To involve her daughter like that was despicable. "I am not using her, " he replied firmly.

"Mr. Hayes, " Velez continued as if he didn't hear him. "Is actually investigating me. For some reason, London has wanted to arrest me, for a crime I have definitely no idea about."

Adam raised his eyebrows, he lied like a professional. He kept eye contact, and he kept his tone even.

Ana Marie looked at him unsure of what was said was true. "You are?"

Adam opened his mouth to reply but Velez interrupted. "He is, and he is using you to get to me. Why do you think he even talked to you in the first place?"

"Ana Marie, I didn't even know that— "He held her hand as she watched him disappointedly.

"He's lying, Ana, " Velez interrupted and Adam was becoming flustered.

He stood angrily. "You don't know what you are talking about." He turned to look at Ana Marie. "Yes, I am here because of him, but I didn't know he had a daughter, I didn't know about you."

Ana Marie looked down at the floor thoughtfully. "Is that why you kept asking me about him?"

Adam shakes his head desperately, "I did ask for your father, but it wasn't because I was using you, I wanted to know if— "

"Yes, Ana, he was using you, it was no coincidence that he asked you about me."

Ana Marie dropped her gaze, she was on the verge to tears.

Adam felt miserable, this shouldn't have happened. He tried to hold her but Velez got in the way. "You should go, for good this time."

Adam didn't want to leave but he didn't want to make things worse. Velez shoved him out the door, and Ana Marie stood rapidly.

"Don't hurt him!" she screamed.

Velez paused, he held him by his jacket as he whispered, "Get on the first plane to

London and I better not see you again, or else. . ." he gave him a last push.

Adam fell to the floor, and over him stood two of Velez's men. One of them picked him

Up and held his arms from behind. Adam raised his feet and kicked the man who was

Lounging at him on the face. He got loose from his jacket leaving the other guy holding it, he

Turned rapidly and punched him twice, leaving him unconscious. The man groaning on the

Ground stood and s

never off my finger, I was saving myself. . . for you. Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?"

"I beg to differ, " he replies as he lifted her face. Deep down, he was doing the same. He looks into her eyes, he couldn't believe he was touching her, he couldn't believe that the craving he had to kiss her five years ago, was just as strong now. He holds her face and their foreheads touch. "I never stopped loving you, " he whispers.


He holds both her hands. "In fact, " Adam starts. "When all this is over, when we get what we need and everything is done and over with, I will take you back to London with me."

Ana Marie looks at him amazedly. "That is if you still want to be my wife, " he finishes.

"Of course I do."

Adam feels her arms tightened around his neck as she embraces him.

"Let's place this ring where it belongs, shall we, " he manages to say once they pull away. She smiles and nods happily. She takes the ring off and hands it to him.

Adam takes a deep breath, he was finally proposing. "Ana Marie Cain, will you do me the honor to be my wife?"

Ana Marie laughs and wipes the tears before they rolled down her face. "Yes, " she whispers shakily.

He holds her left trembling hand and gently glides the ring on her finger.

Once the ring was in place, Adam sees her looking at it lovingly, she moves her hand and watches it gleam.

Adam slides closer and caresses her face. "I've had the worst five years of my life. It taunted on me the idea of you finding someone else. I even made up my mind and decided that you were probably married already."

"It sounds like you had it worse than me."

"I hope I did, " he admits.

Her eyes are fixed on his chest. She reaches out for his shirt. She looks at him as if asking for some kind of permission. Adam goes ahead and pulls his shirt up.

"Oh my God, " she whispers at the sight of his scars. She runs her fragile fingers over his scars, like wanting to erase the scars the bullets left behind. He pulls his shirt back down when a sudden force takes his breath away. Ana Marie threw her arms around him and kisses him so passionately, like she had never kissed him before. "I am so glad you are okay, " she says between her kisses. He can't answer, her lips made him loose track of time, her tongue made him overwhelmed with passion. He tightens his arms around her, not wanting her to stop. Tonight was the night to make up for all those years they were torn apart. And Adam couldn't help but think that was how it was meant to be.

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