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   Chapter 11 NO.11

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April 13, Adam was right, he was in big trouble. When Ana Marie left oblivious of what was going to happen with him, Brian's face turned into a bright tomato color. Adam tried to pretend things were going normal. He went inside his room and took his shirt off, staying in his under shirt, he turned to look at Brian, who had followed him.

"Did you get to talk to Mary Ann?"

Brian nodded. "Yes, and you won't guess who we found too." Adam simply looked at him. "Jose Antonio Velez."


"Yes, he got his men to take Jefferson outside and he interrogated me."

"Did he now, " Adam said thoughtfully.

Brian shifts from one foot to another. "He is unto us. I think Gutierrez called him or Mary Ann called him, but we are screwed."

"What did he ask you?"

"What I was doing and why was I here, and, " he paused making sure he had Adam's full attention, "who was the man his daughter was talking to."

Adam froze, Velez obviously had his men watching over her, why didn't he think of that?

"He also said that if we don't leave today, he will call the police."

"Oh, " was all he could say, he knew how bad all this was getting. If they had the police on their case, they will be going to prison for they had no permission from the Phoenix police department to take legal manners where Velez was concerned. It would ruin LPI.

"We have to get out of here— "

"Let's arrest him now, I frankly don't know why we waited for so long, " Adam interrupted holding the gun in his hand.

"We need a sample of Paragalis, without it we have nothing, " Brian reminded him.

Adam knew he was right, but he refused to give up. "Then we go get it. Let's just make them think that we left but we won't. We'll get out of Jefferson's and move into a hotel across town, we will keep a low profile."

"Rubbish, you just want to stay for your little girlfriend, you don't care for this case anymore, " Brian argued, and he couldn't have been more wrong.

"You want to just leave, then? Go back with our hands empty?"

Brian gave it a deep thought. "How will we get the sample?"

"You can leave that to me, " Adam answered with confidence.

The plan was this. They moved into a decrepit hotel across town. Luckily they were able to trick Velez' men who were keeping a close eye on them, making them believe that they left to the airport. They waited a week until everything calmed down. When the week was over, Adam arrived at Velez' residence and was ready to break in, only to find, that the house was empty. There was no furniture what so ever. Could it be that he fled in the week they were on hold? He wasn't counting on Velez' cowardly instincts.

Adam got in the car furiously; Brian saw that he had nothing.

"You couldn't get in?"

"I did, " Adam assured. "But the building is empty."

"What? Did he scape?"

Adam shakes his head, Velez wasn't the type to simply drop everything and run away. "He wants us to believe he did, he relocated."

"Where could he have gone?"

Adam held his head, it started to hurt. He left his big house, no furniture at all, if he wanted to hide, he would have to move somewhere where he will be unnoticed. So he must've had his furniture moved somewhere else, that didn't matter. Adam raised his head brusquely.

"Mary Ann Cain."

"Mary Ann?" Brian inquired.

"Yes, she had him over when you went to see her. There is obviously still a connection between them, " he explained and wanted to drive to Mary Ann's right there and then, but Brian refused. He claimed Adam had to cool down, though Adam claimed he was, Brian knew he wasn't. So, they drove back to the hotel. Adam recognized Brian was right, he had to think carefully, how they were going to approach this.

Adam couldn't sleep, though. Ana Marie was in his mind. He hadn't seen her since he left Jefferson's. She was confused of why they left but she didn't ask anything about it. Even though they spoke on the phone regularly, he still missed her. They had their usual personal conversations that she knew how to approach so well. They spoke about family, he told her about his four brothers and she told him about her wish to have a big family. They shared their past experiences and they spoke about religion. Ana Marie, he noticed, was happy to know that he indeed believed in God. He craved to see her, to hold her. So against his better judgment, he called her.

In thirty minutes he was knocking on her door.

She smiled as she opened it.

Adam came in as she opened the door for him, she was wearing a red dress that wasn't too revealing but he was still amazed how naturally sexy she was without her even trying. "Hi, " he said and rushed to her giving her a desperate kiss.

When he pulled away, Ana Marie smiled. "How are you?"

He laughed and let her go. She held his hand and guided him to the kitchen. "I made us dinner. I know it's a bit late, but, I figured I might as well make this into a date."

The kitchen was small and at the table for two, there were two plates with fettuccini Alfredo and a bowl of salad between them. "I don't have any wine, I hope iced tea is fine, " she said as she got a pitcher out of the fridge. Adam watched hypnotized by her. She was good for him. She was his ticket out of this hectic world. "Have a seat, " she requested happily. He sat and his stomach started to growl, he hadn't eaten in the whole day, with the Velez' case spinning out of control he had forgotten about the basic need for food.

She sat beside him and smiled. "Did I ever mention how much I enjoy cooking?"

He laughed. "No, you didn't." he held his fork and tried the pasta, Ana Marie watched him intently. "This is good, " he commented.

Ana Marie laughed. "I am glad you like it. I was so worried, I didn't know if you were going to like it or what, " she said as she gave it a bite.

"I'm an easy man to please, " he replied. He watched her tenderly as she recounted her day. No one, that wasn't his mother, had ever cooked for him, and he liked it.

"So, how was your day?" she asks bringing her attention to him.


ame aware of the investigation. He let us know that he knew everything and told us that if we didn't leave the state immediately, he would get us arrested for invasion of privacy. We didn't leave. We simply moved to a hotel across town and made him believe that we went back to London. I don't know if you remember the night I came over to your flat, " Ana Marie nods. "I was being watched. Your father knew that we were dating so he sent one of his men to guard your place. I should have known that he was going to have a close eye on you just in case I showed up, but that didn't seem to be important at the time."

He takes a deep breath then continues, "I didn't realize that your father wasn't going to let me go until I completely disappeared from the United States, so on that night. . ." he turns to see her, she blinks painfully. "When I asked you to come, you were being followed." He runs his fingers through his hair, there is a knot on his throat but he had to be strong, strong for Ana Marie, he could tell it was hard for her to hear this. Her hands are trembling but she tries to hide them by messing with the zipper of her sweater. "I was sent to the hospital, where I had both bullets extracted, " his hand touches his chest absently. "Your father had his men watch my room so I wouldn't come out and look for you. He came to see me the day I was being discharged. He said that he had sent his men to kill me, but since that didn't happen he was going to let me live as long as I got back to England and forget about you for once and for all. If I refused to do it, he would kill me but he would also kill you."

Ana Marie stays quiet. He could see her expression changing drastically, from fear to one he couldn't decipher. Her eyes fixed on the wall she lastly turns to see him.

"Why are you back?" she asks plainly.

"Velez came back from Colombia, and I had to come and finish what I had started."

She nods, then turns to look at him. "I want to help you. . ." Adam starts shaking his head. She holds his arm tightly. "I can help you get the sample, I have access to his house and—"

"I've already done enough risking the case, I don't want to put you in danger too."

"You won't. My father doesn't care what I do so he won't suspect a thing. . . "

Adam holds her face gently getting her attention. "I don't want you to be in danger because of me. Try to understand, don't go sneak around because you almost got caught. Don't get yourself in trouble for this case, it's not worth it."

"It's not for the case, " Ana Marie clarifies.

"And we are not going to see each other again."

Ana Marie drops her gaze but Adam lifts her face gently. "I am so afraid of what might happen if your father finds out I am here, and more if he finds out that we've met."

Ana Marie frees herself from his hands. "I am not afraid. But if that's what you want, you won't see me again."

He can hear her disappointment and it was like he was being stabbed in his chest. It isn't what he wants; it's what it has to be done. He didn't want to lose her again; he didn't want to lose her at all.

Ana Marie stands in front of him and embraces him tightly, taking him by surprise. He slowly wraps his arms around her back gripping on her warmth. "I am glad you are alive, " she whispers. And pulls back not letting him go. "And that you are well, " she eyes his bandaged arm. "Well enough, " she smiles, and gives him one last hug.

Adam watches after her as she started to leave, seeing her go was painful. During the last five years, he convinced himself that he wouldn't see her again. But he wasn't counting on this trip, on these circumstances. He knows it wasn't supposed to happen, but it did. Perhaps it was a sign. It was no coincidence when he was present when she arrived at Jefferson's, and that she was so close on seeing him. Just like it was not a coincidence that she came by and fainted at the sight of him. Or that he saw her with the surveillance cameras.

That's when he realizes that letting her go was a big mistake.

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