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   Chapter 10 NO.10

The Truth Behind It All By madairifa Characters: 8605

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July 27, Ana Marie rings the doorbell and she rubs her hands together hating the chillness from outside. It was close to nine o'clock and the air smelled like wet grass. She crossed her arms tightly. She hopes and prays that her father's anger had elapsed, and that with the same 'love' he had received her before, he will let her stay over the night. She looks around her, the black car was nowhere to be seen, she smiles, the stalker was probably scared after her crazy outburst.

Then uneasiness crept over her. Was it all in her head when she saw Adam back at the bar? It seems ridiculous that it was an illusion. She did see a picture of him earlier so maybe her mind was playing tricks on her. She shakes her head, no because this time she saw Adam, he's hair was shorter and his chest was broader like he had worked out more. How did she imagine him so differently? What was it then? Adam was dead. . . but she never did see his body—

"Ana!" she hears, "Come on in, " her father says and she follows him inside. "Is everything alright?" he asks as he sees her sports bag hanging from her shoulder.

Ana Marie looks at him, he's wearing his bathrobe. "I had a fight with my mother, and I didn't know where else to turn, " she explains exactly how she rehearsed it on the way. "Is it okay if I stay here?" He doesn't move, she starts to panic, he is not falling for it. "I'll understand if you say no. I'll just stay at a motel."

Her father embraces her rapidly. "No daughter of mine will stay at a filthy motel." He walks her towards the living room where she had been before. "Want to tell me about it?"

She doesn't because there was nothing to talk about but she nods. "She doesn't understand me. She tells me one thing, but I don't know if I can, even if I should. She wants me to but I don't want her to want me to because it has to come from me, do you know what I mean?"

Her father looks at her baffled. "Sure, " he says as he holds her. "Let me just call Bob, so he can show you to your room, okay?"

"Thank you. I promise it will only be tonight."

"Stay as long as you need." He waves off as he starts up the stairs.

Ana Marie finds herself smiling, he had no idea what she was talking about. And truthfully, neither did she.

"Ana, " she turns and his father came back down wearing a grey suit, looking very elegant. Beside him was that woman, except she wore a tiny black dress and her hair was up into a low ponytail. Who is that woman? "Bob is readying your room. I unfortunately have to go out, but please, make yourself at home."


till the steps subside. She will then quietly but hurriedly run back inside her room. It seemed like an easy plan, until she opened the door, then she shut it rapidly at the sight of another flashlight. She was going to be dead.

She tries the second step again, she sees multiple shadows scattering about. She shuts her eyes tightly, convincing herself that that was just part of her trauma. She opens them again but this time she sees one shadow, and this shadow was noisily walking around. She furrows her eyebrows in confusion, why was he being so loud? He was obviously a man, for his big stature and broad shoulders. He holds what it seems a base in his hands then crashes it against the wall. If he was a robber, he sucked at it. Then he saw the guy Bob, who he recognized because of his dark face, flashing the flash light on him. The man, who wore black sweatpants with a hoody over his head, runs towards one side of the house, giving her the chance to scurry back in her room. But she simply walked out and watched Bob run after the man. The man moved effortlessly through the house, and she got a glimpse of his face as the light shifted from side to side. She gasps in disbelief, the man ran out through a shattered window, which she assumed he broke so he could get inside. As she sees Bob looking around making sure there was no one else, Ana Marie takes advantage of the situation and runs back into her room.

As if she was numb, she got on her bed and covered her face with the covers. It is probably one or two in the morning, the sun wasn't up but she was certain this time, that this man, resembled Adam, she sits up, he was the man she had 'imagined' back at Jefferson's, it was Adam Hayes.

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