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   Chapter 9 NO.9

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April 13, "Hello, Adam, " Ana Marie greeted as she walked inside the pub. Adam rushed and hid the papers which he was studying, nothing important, just Velez' blue prints of his mansion. Ana Marie didn't seem to have noticed.

"Good morning, coffee?" he stood with the manila folder tightly against his side, then discreetly, he placed it in the cabinet beside the bar.

"Please. So, you'll be glad to know that I broke up with Nick."

Adam tried hard to fight the smile that wanted to come out. "Oh, and how did he take it?"

"Surprisingly well. I think he saw it coming."

"I am sure he did. He noticed what a complete wanker he was being, " he said as he handed her a mug.

"Yeah, I guess. But it's weird, you know?" she started, once again shocking him with how freely she could talk to him, even though it had barely been a week since they met. "Nick was my first 'boyfriend' and to have lasted as long as it did, really got me thinking. I wasted my college years with him." She looked disgusted but she followed it with a laugh.

"You didn't waste them. Don't you have more years to go?" he said consoling her, also reminding her about the master's she was aiming for.

"True. I guess not everything is lost." She took a sip, and Adam watched her lips as she sat the mug down, she had gorgeous lips. "So, did you ever have those crazy college days?"

"No. I had far more important things to do."

"That's what I thought. How about those rebellious high school years?"

"I'm afraid not."

"That's good. I bet your mother was happy with you not bringing any pregnant chicks to her house."

"Yes. She was very proud. You remind me a lot of her, " he said not noticing he was saying it out loud.

"Really? How so?" she asked, but she wasn't as offended like he expected her to be, but it seemed like she was flattered.

"The things you say. She's always has a positive attitude and her complaints of how I didn't bring any girlfriends to the house were often."

She laughed. "Why didn't you bring any girlfriends to her house?"

Adam rolled his eyes mockingly, making her laugh. "Because I was too bloody busy. I wanted to catch bad guys, not girlfriends."

"You don't catch girls, you softly woo them to your feet, " Ana Mary said making a sweeping motion with her hands. "I'll love to meet her. So, how's work?"

Adam shrugged. "I don't know, I am on a holiday, remember?"

She shakes her head. "No, you are not. I doubt you vacation in a bar for a whole week, unless of course, you are an alcoholic."

"You don't know that."

"You have to tell me why you and your partner are here. I've told you about my job."

"Yes, well. You job is not nearly as interesting as mine."

Ana Marie shoves him playfully. "But I still told you, didn't I?"

He nodded. He could see her eyes eagerly, waiting for him to tell her everything. That's when he cleared his throat and poured himself more coffee.

"Fine, " she said. "I will guess, and you'll nod if I am right, okay?"

"No, " he replied. He pushed him again.

"Okay, so it's obviously something big, because you did come from England. So a car theft or any other minor crime is out." She stood up. He followed her with his gaze. "You are a very serious man, Brian is an intimidating man, who sometimes I think doesn't like me, so, is it some kind of a bank robbery?" Adam shook his head. "Right, is a child missing? Wait, no, is it a murder?" The way she said murder, with big hopeful eyes made him smile. "Ah-ha! Someone died. Not that that makes me happy or anything. Anyway, so it could have been someone very important but there was no such thing in the news, so maybe not. But, if this case, "she said emphasizing the word case, "drags you to Arizona, Phoenix, to be more specific, then it can be that there is a fugitive, right? Because if he or she is smart enough then he or she will hide in a place which is invisible to the rest of the world."

"I know it's definitely a man because you would have at least one woman here, right? I mean, only women can have an idea of why women do what they do. Okay, so this man, caused some deaths, but maybe he is not a killer." She paused and looked at Adam, "He must be some kind of a mastermind, because they hired you, a genius of a man. Maybe he invented some kind of a weapon."

Adam was gobsmacked. She was so close on discovering everything. And with just guessing. He tried to hide the panic he actually felt, how did she manage to come to such conclusion? He got lost in the middle of her reasoning, him, Adam Hayes has gone astray in a novice's conjectures.

In that moment, they heard noises coming from the back.

"What was that?" Ana Marie asked alarmed.

"Sounds like somebody is in here."

"Maybe it's Jorge, getting his things ready."

"I doubt it, he left with Brian to. . . go shopping, " he explained carefully. He slowly started his way towards the back.

"Wait, you are gonna go? Let's call the cops first, they could be thieves, " she said clearly scared.

"I am j

e could she be?


He hears someone slamming the back of the car and he finds Ana Marie looking very angry.

"This cannot be good, " he murmurs.

"Hey! Who are you and why are you following me?" she asks firmly as she squints into the windows, Adam tries covering his face with his jacket, thankfully, the windows were tainted.

She hits the window with her hand. "Get out you creep!"

Adam shifts to drive and backs up and turns the steering wheel, hoping he doesn't hit her with his car. He drove off as fast as possible. As he looks back he sees Ana Marie standing furiously with her arms on her hips, as she became smaller and smaller. Now, that was a very stupid thing to do.

He pulled in behind Jefferson's and barges in, making Jefferson jump.

"What's going on? You look like crap, " he says worriedly.

"What. . . nothing. . . I am doing great." He walks into the bar. He needs a drink, a strong one.

Jefferson follows him, "It looks like you saw a ghost."

"Don't be ridiculous, ghosts are myths, fiction, fake. They are nothing but creation of sadistic human beings that enjoy giving children nightmares, " he replies, then gets a tequila bottle and gives it a big gulp. It made his throat burn, no wonder he doesn't like to drink. He slams it down, that was so stupidly close. What was he thinking when he decided to follow her? He wasn't, that was the truth.

He hears the front door open but Adam doesn't bother to even look up. It was probably a costumer who seemed to have forgotten that the bar was going to be closed for two more weeks due to "remodeling".

"I knew it Jorge!" Ana Marie yelled. "I am being followed!"

Adam looks up, not believing what was happening. He was at the bar, drinking a nasty Tequila and Ana Marie just walked in. When Adam meets her eyes, her face goes blank.

"You were saying, Ana Marie, " Jefferson says coolly.

"I. . ." is all she could manage to say before she dropped to the floor.

Adam rushes towards her jumping over the bar and kneels beside her. "Ana Marie?" he whispers, and realizes, it had been such a long time since he last said her name out loud.

"What happened?" Jefferson asks behind him.

"She fainted. She'll probably wake up in an hour or so, " Adam says as he studies her face. She hadn't changed that much, and yet, he was looking at a total different woman. He held her in his arms, making his skin ache. He never thought he would be touching her again.

"Bring her to my room, " Jefferson says rapidly. He lifts her smoothly, and walks slowly towards the room, Jefferson waits impatiently. As Adam lays her down on the bed gently, trying not to disrupt her, he is reminded of how much he loves her.

"Come on, get out of here before she wakes up." Jefferson pulls him up, interrupting his thoughts.

"But she saw me—"

"Yeah, I know, get out of here. I'll make something up, just leave, " Jefferson says as he pushes Adam towards the exit.

Jefferson was right, he needed to leave. But Adam wants to simply watch her, caress her face, brush through her hair with his fingers, that is when a sudden fear dawned on him.

"Not a word to James, right?"

Jefferson waves his hand. "I promise, now get going."

Adam gets back in his car and drives back towards the clinic and hopes that James and Brian aren't outside waiting for him.

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