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   Chapter 8 NO.8

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July 27, The day is slow. It's a Friday evening and it was raining outside, monsoon season was here. Ana Marie could hear the storm happening outside, she leans her head on her hands as she looks intently at the wall. She wonders if she was welcomed at her father's house. Sure he became angry out of nowhere but he was a grown man, he can get over these things, at least he had to. Everyone was sound asleep even though it was five o'clock. Three more hours and she was free to go. She turns towards Dr. Gutierrez' closed door. There was something going on between her father and him. She gets into her computer and clicks on the browser. She taps her fingers on the desk as she waits for the page to load. She types on the search engine Paragalis and presses enter.

She unconsciously bites her lower lip as she waits for the results. Mostly there were some things about witchcraft, which it showed her that this Paragalis was fairly unknown. When a website which seemed like it was from the UK caught her eye. She opens the webpage and waits for it to completely load. She could feel her eyes water as she read through the title of what it seems of a news website.

"The Commoner: London's First News"

"London, " she whispers.

"On the first day of April, "it read, "three women and two men originated from the outskirts of London, came to the Saint Elizabeth Hospital with a severe case of diarrhea and vomit. These symptoms clear indicators of food poisoning. But neither of the patients showed any kind of change in their diets. Until complete examination of their surroundings were made, the specialists discovered that their water source was contaminated with an unknown virus. Approximately two days after being in the intensive care, all five patients suffered an all body paralysis, the doctors were unable to find a cure, as a result, three hours later, they all died from organ failures. Within the first three weeks of April, forty five similar cases were recorded in the three major hospitals in London.

"Desperate, the House of Parliament went to seek for professional investigative aid, for the source was unknown. After examining several samples of purified water from all parts of London, scientist concluded that this virus came from a mixture of chemicals and a plant which if ingested could cause temporary paralysis. The plant is called Pragalis Veus Adita, commonly known as Paragalis."

Ana Marie holds her breath, her father was selling this plant?

"The offender or offenders are yet unknown, therefor London's Police Department requested the help of London's Private Investigative Agency (LPI) ran by Scott James. This case, now known as the Velez case, (for reasons strictly confidential)" Ana Marie winces as she reads her father's last name. "Is going to be in charge by detectives Brian Sims and Adam Hayes."

Ana Marie found herself reading that sentence more times than necessary, she stops r

w that? No one knows about that plant in the United States."

"I watched it on one of those biology shows."

She didn't, Ana Marie knew but doesn't question her. "Did Jose tell you anything about that?"

Her mother pauses, then shakes her head. "No, why would he?"

"Because apparently he is involved in its trafficking."

Her mother waves her hand, and proceeds by taking her bracelets off. "So, have you talked to your father?"

Ana Marie frowns at the sudden change of subject. "Yes, I went to see him yesterday."

"You did? Good for you, " she answers but her expression didn't match her words. She walks up stairs.

Ana Marie follows. "I think he's working in something seriously bad and dangerous. I read an article that says that this plant has been killing people in England—"

"I think it's unfair for you to think that your father has something to do with the creation of something lethal deriving from a plant." Her mother walks into the bedroom directly to her jewelry box.

"I didn't say anything of him inventing anything like that, " Ana Marie notices. "So he is responsible for those deaths?"

Her mother turns abruptly. "All I am trying to say is that mind your own business, and leave your father alone."

"Oh, so you approve of what he is doing?"

"I don't approve, it's just everybody has their own way of surviving."

She can't believe what she just said. Ana Marie crosses her arms and is about to say something when her mother interrupts. "How the heck do you know of this Parashalla stuff?"

Ana Marie wasn't about to mention the letter she found while creeping into Dr. Gutierrez' office, or that Adam had been investigating her father and this drug. "I told you, I read an article."

Her mother turns unconvinced, and starts taking her make up off in front of the mirror.

That is it, Ana Marie decides, she will go back into her father's place and look for anything that can link him to Paragalis.

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