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April 8, The day was sunny and a bit humid for his taste. Adam walked around the fair cautiously. The place was crowded, which was a bad idea because the fairgrounds itself were not big enough, it was made for a few hundred people, not the whole city. The scent of fried chicken and body odor filled the air and the place seemed to be going through a dust storm blinding everyone who came across it, people didn't know how to lift their feet when they walked, Adam thought. From the distance, he saw Ana Marie, she was easy to spot, he saw her way of leaning her body as she spoke to her friends. She would place her hand on that person's shoulder for a millisecond to let them know that person had her full attention, and she would make great eye contact, not wanting to miss a word they were saying. He watched her laugh and talk happily. She was so intriguing to him. She laughs one time and looks around her as one of her two friends was speaking, until she saw him. He felt his heart speed when she started walking towards him even though he refused to admit it.

"Hi, what do you think so far?" she asked as she stood in front of him and touches his shoulder.

"It's different."

She laughed. "I know, it is a bit packed. But we don't care, " she waved off. "Have you gotten on any of the rides?"

Adam was caught by surprise, he detested the rides. "I am not a big fan of anything that lifts a person to a dangerous height."

"Oh, so you are scared of heights?"

"No, I just don't like the feeling they give my stomach, " he lied, he had a phobia for heights.

"That is called an adrenaline rush. I would think you enjoy those considering what you do for a living."

"It's definitely different, " he replied, making her laugh once again.

Ana Marie started looking around her like before but with concerned eyes. "Are you searching for someone?" he asked but he knew she was.

"No. . . well, yeah, my boyfriend. We were supposed to meet like two hours ago but I have no idea where he could be."

Adam didn't reply. It was obvious that her boyfriend had done things like that before, she seemed disappointed but accustomed to it at the same time. And for that reason, he already disliked him.

"So, want to go to a less crowded spot?" she asked after a long pause.

They started walking away from the middle of the fairgrounds towards the trailers which were positioned behind the pandemonium happening within the rides and the vendors. They walked quietly but it was unbelievably comfortable. He looked at her as she pushed her hair back and wiped her forehead with the back of her hand, her skin was perfect. It had a warm tone, making her seem as if she was being kissed by the sun.

"So for how long will you be staying here?" she asked as they found a well shaded spot.

"Two weeks, hopefully." As he replied he could see a flash of something going through her eyes, it could have been surprise or disappointment, but it left as soon as it appeared. "Two weeks? That's all?"

He nods. "I think it's more than enough."

She looks out in the distance, as she takes a deep breath. By the way she was rubbing her hands together, he could tell she was getting worried for her boyfriend, she was probably thinking the worse. And for that reason, he disliked him even more.

"So, I guess your wife will be happy for your arrival, she must've of been worried sick about you, " she said surprising him. She wanted to know if he was in a relationship, interesting, he thought.

"She would, if I had a wife."

She looked at him. "So, girlfriend then?"

He shook his head.

"You want to know what I think?"


"I think that you are not that good with women."

Adam laughed at her remark. "What makes you think that?"

"Easy, when you ask questions, it seems like you are interrogating them. It's like you don't know how to be cool."

He laughed even louder, his mother's words exactly. "I can be cool. I can even be charming."

"No you can't. You are too smart to be charming."

Oh, he thought, she thinks he's smart. A good quality in a woman is that she appreciates intelligence.

On that moment, a man in jeans too tight for his thin body and a shirt that it seemed like it was about to rip for his big chest, approached Ana Marie pulling her from behind, making her scream startled. He held her tightly as he glared at Adam from head to toes. Adam didn't let that bother him; he knew that her boyfriend felt threatened by his presence.

Ana Marie struggled to get free, and Adam came close to pulling him off of her but he let go before he had the chance.

"Why the heck were you so late?" Ana Marie asked obviously angry.

"Come on Ana, I lost track of time. I'm sorry, " he said reaching out for her but she stepped back standing closer to Adam. Adam stood still. He knew how men like Ana Marie's boyfriend were. He had big diamonds in each ear and his hair was spiked up like he was a seventeen year old. What kind of man was he? The kind that find it hard to act like a man.

"Nick, this is Adam, " Ana Marie introduced them. "Adam, this is Nick, my boyfriend." Sh

m her story.

"I just said that he had a nice house, but I was just trying to make small talk." Though the time wasn't great, Adam couldn't help but notice how she moved gracefully as she stood across the bar.

"There was also a lady there, she was like in a crappy nurse costume with these high heels; I think Jose has a girlfriend."

Adam knew she was talking about Karla Perez.

"I think you are better off if you don't show up there anymore, " Jefferson advices. Adam agreed quietly.

"Are you kidding? I have become so close to. . ." she trails off and turns to look towards the door where Adam was hiding behind. Adam quickly moves towards the side. "Is anybody in here?"

"Nope, just me. Now what were you saying?" Jefferson tried to distract her but Ana Marie was already walking towards the door.

"Are you sure? Because I swear I heard something." Adam could hear her getting closer, so he hurries towards the bathroom and closes the door quietly.

Ana Marie opens the door to see an empty hallway.

"See, no one. Do you want something to eat?"

She walks slowly towards one of the guest rooms and sees James' laptop on one of the beds. Adam, watching everything from the crack of the door, holds his breath as he sees her inspecting the room.

"You didn't tell me you were having a guest over, " she told Jefferson.

"I didn't? Oh, I guess it must've slipped my mind. It's just a friend from back in the day. He is having problems with his wife so I gave him chance to crash here for a while."

Ana Marie starts opening drawers slowly, making Adam flinch.

"What are you doing? Don't go through his stuff, " Jefferson scolds.

Ana Marie doesn't stop. "Why do I have the feeling that you are lying to me?"

"Ana, stop it. You are being very intrusive."

"Why isn't your friend here? It's pretty late for him to be outside."

Jefferson walks towards the bed and shuts the laptop, Adam smiles, good chap, he congratulates him silently. "He is an alcoholic, he is probably drinking himself to death out there since I didn't let him do it in here."

Adam once again was surprise of his quick-wittedness.

"What a well-dressed alcoholic, " Ana Marie comments as she takes one of Adam's shirts from a drawer. "What the. . ."

Adam shuts his eyes tightly, she found his gun.

"What kind of friend is this guy?"

"Oh, you know the kind that has guns for 'protection'"

"So you have an alcoholic with a gun staying here?"

"Yeah, I do, but he is still a good man, " Jefferson explains calmly. "I couldn't leave him out in the streets, poor guy." Jefferson looks around him when he catches Adam's eye from the crack of the bathroom door, he winks.

"Okay, fine. I know there is something you are not telling me, " she says as she places the shirt back into its place. "I am not sure what, but there is something."

Adam leans his forehead against the door unable to erase the smile from his face. Ana Marie was still the curious girl who has always trusted her gut. He hears their voices fade as they walk away. He slowly stepped out and walked towards his room. That was a close one, if it wasn't for Jefferson's responding to her questions nonchalantly, everything could've been exposed. And James thought he was going to be safer at Jefferson's. He chuckles lowly, he was almost caught by the person he should be specifically hiding from, now that was hilarious.

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