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   Chapter 6 NO.6

The Truth Behind It All By madairifa Characters: 6428

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July 25, Ana Marie takes a deep breath. Here it is, Jose's driveway. She drives in, surprisingly easy for the gates were open, almost as if she was being expected. She drives for what seems hours, whose driveway was this long? It was a long narrow road surrounded by trees, sort of like a fairytales' land, like she was about to step into an unknown world, not that it was too far from the truth. She had never been inside her father's house, and she was curious. By the look of it, he had a big mansion as a house, sure, he was a rich scientist, but really? Why flaunt it to the humble town of Saguaro? Finally, she pulls in into a parking spot, next to a white Mercedes vans, classy, she observes. She adjusts her purse around her shoulder and starts walking towards, what she thinks is the door. But it seemed more like the entrance to a bank or even the white house. She straightens her back and rings the doorbell. What is she going to say? Hi, dad, just thought I would drop by and see how you are? Or Daddy, I am so sorry for being so angry at you, I shouldn't have! Please, she wasn't about to beg to a murder like her father.

"May I help you?" Says a woman in a white uniform, who looked like a nurse from the 1940's.

"Hi, it's Jose home?" she replies feeling a little weird calling this place a home.

"Please, come in." She steps aside and lets Ana Marie in. The house is huge. There is a big empty room adorned with art work along the walls, they were mainly paintings of horses, she guessed her father liked horses. There were a set of stairs going up where rooms waited on both sides. The woman guides her to what it seems it's the family room, it had big couches and a big flat screen TV taking up most of the space. "Who may I say is asking for him?" the lady asks monotonously.

"Ana Marie, " she replies. The lady walks away leaving a trail of clapping noises as her heels hit the tiled floor. Huh, s

sent you to Colombia? Why?"

His smile fades in one swift motion. "Oh, business, something you won't be able to understand."

"I might, " she invites.

He seems like he wants to tell her but he decides against it. "It's confidential anyway. I can't tell you."

"Oh. I thought that since we just renewed our relationship, we might start by being honest with each other, " she says with a pout.

"You still think I killed Adam, don't you?"

"What? No, no. . ." she says caught by surprise, that wasn't what she meant at all.

He stands furiously. "You can see your way out, " he says and leaves her with her words in her mouth.

What was that about? Everything just happened out of nowhere. She stands and starts walking towards the exit. She walks past the woman from earlier who shakes her head in disapproval, who the heck is that? The lady waits by the door as she gets inside her car. As she drives away she could feel her cold stare burning through the car. When she finally gets out of her father's property, she could feel someone's stare, but it wasn't the lady's. She looks at her side mirror and sees nothing out of normal. She keeps driving, but the sense that someone was watching her stayed as she drove into the city. She was definitely being followed.

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