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   Chapter 4 NO.4

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May 4, There was no funeral. Or there was but Ana Marie wasn't able to go, it was going to be in London. It made sense, his family, his friends and his co-workers were there. But she hated that she wasn't able to go. It left everything unfinished. Perhaps that was one of the many reasons Ana Marie had those nightmares, that was the last memory she had of Adam. There had to be some kind of closure. Maybe if she did go to the funeral, seeing him so peacefully lying in his coffin, would've left a different impression on her, instead of seeing him lying on the floor with a dark puddle underneath him.

"Ana Marie?" her mother was in the room with her, back in her apartment, forty eight hours since Adam's death, and Ana Marie felt miserable. "A man is here to talk to you."

"I don't want to see anyone." Ana Marie's eyes were locked to the birds outside her window.

"Come on, it might be important."

"I don't want to see him, " Ana Marie said knowing exactly who the man was.

"But you haven't heard his side of the story, " her mother insisted.

Ana Marie doesn't reply, instead she sits up and takes out a red small box from under her pillow and handed it to her. Her mother held it puzzled and as she opened it, Ana Marie felt her eyes water. He mother gasped at the sight of a ruby surrounded by diamonds, making it seem like a flower.

"Brian gave it to me, Adam's partner. He said that it was found on Adam's body. . ." she felt her throat turn into knots. "And he thought I should keep it, since. . ." Ana Marie's voice broke. "Adam was going to give it to me anyway." Her mother didn't reply. She shut the box and gave it to Ana Marie. "Believe it or not, Adam was going to be my best friend, my husband and the father of my children. And to have that taken away from me like that. . ." Ana Marie placed the box back under her pillow. "It's so cruel."

"Ana Marie, you have to listen to me, " she heard her father, she rolls her eyes, didn't he ever knock? He was dressed in good designer clothing. To be in his late forties, he looked nice. He was tall and handsome with a very masculine posture. What once made Ana Marie proud to call him her father, made her sick.

She had no idea what her father did for a living. She knew he was successful, but she didn't know how he got there. Her mother tried explaining it once, back when she was little. He was a scientist, she said, he helped create medicine that helped people. Lies, she then knew. He was a scientist, but he wasn't helping people at all, if he was helping people, would he have sent his men to hunt Adam down?

"I know you think it was me who sent Jack, but it wasn't, " her father said. Ana Marie laid down on her bed and turned back towards the birds, he was lying again. "Jack acted on his own, that is why I fired him." He could've fired him, but that didn't mean that her father had no idea about the attack. Ana Marie didn't want to hear him, not anymore. "I am very sorry about his death, but it's time for you to move on— "

"You want me to move on?" Ana Marie said as she sat back up. "When you tore a part of me and without any consideration to me at all, you decided to go and get him killed!"

Her father didn't speak. She placed her head back on her pillow and pulled the covers over her head.

"Come on, Jose. You better leave, " she could hear her mother say. After a few seconds, she felt her hand caressing her hair. That is when Ana Marie found that her mother knew something that she didn't.

* * *

July 24, "Go home, Ana Marie."

Ana Marie looks at Doctor Gutierrez and laughs. "I will, once I am finished here."

Dr. Gutierrez nods unconvinced and enters his office, locking the door behind him. Ana Marie stands from her desk and starts going through the rooms, making sure everyone was doing fine. Most of the patients were sound asleep. It is late, Ana Marie realizes. It is mid night and Dr. Gutierrez stays filling out paperwork for his private practice, while she stays with the patients keeping them company. She walks past three rooms, they were the patients that were being discharged tomorrow morning. They were sleeping peacefully

. As she walks past the fourth room, she heard someone calling her name.

"You need to sleep, Mrs. Jones."

Mrs. Jones laughs. She is an elderly lady with grey long hair who used to work at the facility, but now she was the patient. She had kidney failure, so she was now waiting for a kidney donation.

Ana Marie sits on the bed as Mrs. Jones smiles gently. "How are you doing, nurse?"

"I am great and yourself?"

"Good." Mrs. Jones takes a deep breath. "Why are you avoiding your home?"

"I am not. I just want to spend time with my favorite people."

Mrs. Jones creases her eyebrows jokingly. "Then why are you here?" She pats Ana Marie's hand gently. "Have you heard?"

Ana Marie sighs. "Yes."

"Are you gonna go see him?"

"I don't know. Do you think I should?" She looks at Mrs. Jones looking for an answer but Mrs. Jones shrugs. Her father was back in town. He was seen arriving in his helicopter two days ago. He had disappeared days after Ana Marie's outburst. There were rumors that he was in Latin America trying to sell his big invention. Ana Marie heard his invention was some kind of vaccine, but she didn't pay much attention to that.

"He is your father, " Mrs. Jones answers.

"I know. But. . ." she trails off wondering if she was overreacting.

"I know. It still hurts doesn't it?"

"More than you know, " Ana Marie replies as her voice cracks.

Mrs. Jones, back then was Nurse Jones, and she saw straight away the chemistry between Adam and Ana Marie, from the day they met. Mrs. Jones was the first to know that they were dating, and she was the first to know when Ana Marie fell in love with Adam. She had always been very protective over Ana Marie ever since she started working at the private practice. She always looked after her.

"I see you are wearing the engagement ring, " Mrs. Jones comments at the sight of the dazzling ring, Ana Marie nods. "So, you do know that you will see him again?" She nods again. "So why are you holding on to the grudge? It won't bring him back, and you know that your father will be around for a while, don't you?" Ana Marie nods again. "You might not agree with him at all, or you may not even like him, but let him know that you still love him because he is your father."

Ana Marie nods and stands. She knows Mrs. Jones was right. "I better get out of here, good night."

"Good night, " Mrs. Jones says as Ana Marie closes the door behind her.

She turns off one set of lights as she walks down the aisle and walks towards her desk. "Doctor, I am leaving now, " she announces as she holds her purse against her side. "Doctor?" she calls as she hears no reply. His door is halfway open. Ana Marie walks up to it and pushes it slightly. "Doctor?" He wasn't in his office, she shrugs and starts to walk back when something catches her eye. On his desk, there is an envelope with a rare stamp on the corner. She looks outside cautiously and walks in quietly. She holds the envelope slowly and reads the sending address, "Bogota, Colombia". There is no name or return address. She sees that it's already unsealed. She takes the letter from inside.

"Dr. Alex Gutierrez: I am gladly informing you that the vaccine I have developed has had a great result here in Bogota. I've sold three packs of Paragalis so far. I strongly believe that it will sell greatly in the United States. If you have changed your mind, I will be arriving

To Phoenix on the third of next month. I will look forward to your visit. Jose Velez."

She finishes it and quickly places it back inside the envelope.

"May I help you Miss Cain?"

She turns rapidly. "I just wanted to see if you needed me to do anything before I leave today, " she says hurriedly.

Doctor Gutierrez watches her steadily. "No, nothing, thank you."

"Okay, Doctor, have a good night, " she says and walks out, squeezing through the door and Dr. Gutierrez. She walks towards the exit and gets in the elevator without looking back. She leans back to the wall and exhales sharply, that was close, she thought. Paragalis? What in the world was that? A new cure to something? Why would her father be selling it so secretly?

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