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   Chapter 2 NO.2

The Truth Behind It All By madairifa Characters: 7504

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April 21, When Ana Marie woke up, she found herself in a hospital bed. She looked around her confused as for where she was, when sudden memories came back to her. The silence in mid darkness, the exasperation in Adam's face. She sat up rapidly. Adam, she remembered. Where was he? Was he okay? She felt her head spin as she tried to stand, he had to be in the same hospital. Wait, she heard a faint sound of a gunshot. He was shot. Twice. Her hands started to tremble at the thought of him being injured. As she shut her eyes, she could feel those rough hands on her, holding her back as she screamed for Adam over and over again. He was being hit by three or four men, he was unarmed and defenseless. He was trying to fight back but there were too many of them. She kept screaming. Until, she felt a wet rag on her face with a strong stench that made her lose consciousness.

Who were those men? She shut her eyes tightly trying to remember if she had seen them anywhere. When Adam urged her to scape, a big man blocked her track. He wore a black outfit, camouflaged in the darkness; he was a bald man, with a big diamond on his left ear. He wore a bracelet on his right hand, those medical bracelets that informed the public that he had some kind of disease. Diabetes, she recalled, Diabetes type A. His name was. . . she tried to remember as it happened. He blocked her and she tried running the other way but more men started to appear out of nowhere. She was yanked by her arm by the man with the bracelet, she felt his fingers digging into her skin, she looked down at her arm trying to get free, Jim, or Joe, something with the letter J.

"Ana Marie!" she heard a woman cry out. "You can't be up, you have to rest."

"Mom, " she said as her mother started guiding her back on the bed. "Is Adam alright? We were ambushed by a group of men. They started beating him and I tried to stop them, but other men were holding on to me enabling me to move. I tried screaming for help, until I heard shots being fired, two shots, and Adam was on the floor, bleeding and. . ." Her sobbing got on the way, as she saw those images in her head. He wasn't moving, he couldn't, he was losing a lot of blood.

"Honey, you are okay now, you are safe." Her mother tried to console her but she pulled away.

"Where's Adam?"

"The doctor said that you inhaled a very strong drug and that was what knocked you out. You will still feel dizzy but the rest of the drug will wear off in a few days."

"Mom, is Adam okay?"

"Sweetheart, " her father stood on the doorway of her room. "Adam had an accident."

"What do you mean?"

He walked in calmly. "He died at the scene."

"What? You are lying, " she said but she knew that Adam couldn't have survived such wounds. "No, not Adam, " she cried as she felt her world crashing down, like a city in an earthquake tumbling down to ruins.

Jack. The man who chloroformed her was named Jack. He worked for her father. She remembered seeing him at his house multiple times.

"You did this, " she realized. Her father froze. "You sent your men to kill him."

"I know you are angry with the world—" her father started saying.

"No, not the world, just you." she interrupted. "I saw Jack, your 'butler', he was there. So it was you, you killed him."

"Ana. . ."

"Why would you do this to me?" she yelled. "Why would you rip him from me like that? Why would. . ." She couldn't stop her tears. Her own father did this to her. "Get out, " she commanded. Her father stood tacitly. "Get out!" she screamed desperately, she couldn't stand seeing his face much longer. "Get out!!" She grabbed a pillow and threw it at her father, "Get out! Get out! Get out!" Her mother tried holding her down, but the ra

ge had given her an unknown strength. "I don't want to see you again you murderer!" Two nurses rushed in and held Ana Marie down. She kept screaming and crying as another nurse prepared the tranquillizer. When the shot was given, Ana Marie felt tired and woozy. Adam was right. She didn't know her own father at all.

* * *

July 22, "Ana Marie, wake up, " she hears a whisper. She opens her eyes and is surprised to see that it was still dark. "Here drink this." Her mother hands her a mug of hot green tea, she grabs it hesitantly and takes a drink. "You were screaming again, " her mother says with deep concern in her eyes.

"I was?" She always had for the past five years. It comes and goes. Mostly, no matter what she does or doesn't do, it comes. But sometimes, if she was very tired, she would fall asleep the minute her head touched the pillow and she would have a dreamless night. But not tonight.

"Have you considered what I said?" her mother asks.

"Yes, " she responds. She knows her mother is worried about her, and she was extremely thankful for her support, but her mother had come up with suggestions that had become crazier by the minute. She knows she is trying to help but she just couldn't face the fact that there was no solution to what she had.

"So?" her mother offers.

"I am not going to a medium, mom."

"Be open minded, Ana, maybe it's Adam who wants to communicate with you."

"Lucky for me, I am not superstitious. And even if it is Adam, I don't think I could stand with the idea of him not being in peace, it gives me the jeepers." Ana Marie shivers at the thought.

"What if I go for you? Then I will tell you what the Medium says."

"I won't allow you to waste your money in something like that, most mediums are phonies."

"Fine, " her mother sounds defeated. "I was just trying to help." She stands and walks towards the door.

"I know mom, and I am very grateful, " Ana Marie shouts after her.

"Yeah, yeah. Good night."

It was a Psychological Trauma. Every person who has been through an experience like that has this. Ana Marie found this out when she went to see a Psychologist months after Adam's death. The man said that these images were engraved into her subconscious and anything could trigger them. In her case, darkness always brought her back to that day. The doctor had said that with time, these images will lessen, but five years had gone by and she still felt like it had happened yesterday. Ana Marie opens the curtains of her room and lets the moon light pour inside, this is better, she thought. The doctor said that if she still had those nightmares that he would then prescribe her sleeping pills. That is when she decided to not see that shrink again. An idea her mother was never too fond of.

She looks back at the mug her mother had brought. Her mother was a saint. Not only because she was her mother but because she was being so incredibly supportive about everything. She didn't argue when Ana Marie decided to drop her plans of getting a master's degree in Nursing after Adam's death. She encouraged her to move back into her house when things started to fall apart inside her. And within the first week after his death, her mother held her for hours until Ana Marie had no more tears to cry.

She looks up at the moon.

"But someday, " Ana Marie speaks silently, something she started doing five years ago. At first, she tried talking to Adam, but she now talks to herself, because it helps her mind unwind. "Someday, you and I will meet again. And it will be like not a day has come between us." She feels her tears roll down her cheeks, and she looks down at her right hand. The ruby on her ring shines under the moonlight. "You'll see."

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