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   Chapter 24 Oh Right, That Party

David Has A Crush By madairifa Characters: 11098

Updated: 2018-01-12 11:57

I am not looking forward to this party at all. Though it's technically my party whether I like it or not. I am really hating Bree right now. Why can't she be satisfied with herself? Why does she have this constant need to impress everyone? Not to mention that I can't ice skate and that Grecia is going to be there. My hands are trembling so much anyone would think I was going to court or something.

I didn't even bother to tell George or Lenny about this party. So they dropped me off at home after paintballing (which was extremely fun, I did not want to leave), I took a quick shower and hopefully I got all that paint off.

I am driving so slow to Skate Country that I got a message from Brianna asking me in all caps "where the hell" was I. I naturally ignored it.

So I park next to my mom's car and walked inside the huge skating ramp, the place is packed. Other than all Bree's friends, there also seems to be like two more birthday parties. Both princess themed.

"Hey! David!" Mom walks towards me and embraces me tightly, "There's my birthday boy! How was paintball?"

"It was great, a lot of fun."

"Your dad is at the snack bar, I think he wants to see you!" she says very excited, I can't help but smile. She always gets super excited over our birthday.

I walk towards the snack bar, a few of Brianna's friend look at me and smile acknowledging my existence, I just smile back. How long do I have to be here for? Dad's at the snack bar ordering nachos when he sees me his eyes light up, and I feel funny.

"David! Happy birthday! You're eighteen now!" he pats me on the back as if I was just another boy. "Here, " he hands me a brown small box. "Just for you."

"Thanks dad, " I reply as I open the box.

"I just thought you needed a bit of help, " he says as I take out what's inside.

It's two movie tickets and some cash. The tickets are for the new Guillermo Del Toro movie coming out in a few weeks, I had mentioned to my dad that he was one of my favorite directors and that this new super hero movie looked really good. That was a month ago when we saw the teaser on TV. I wasn't expecting him to remember that.

"Thanks dad!" I tell him excitedly. "But, what's the cash for?"

My dad's face turns serious. "I know how fond you are of your sister's friend, " he replied lowly. I'm about to play dumb and ask him what he was talking about, but he caught me. "She's a nice girl, I can tell from miles away. And you're a nice kid, I think you would make a nice couple."

Did I hear him correctly? "Wait, are you saying that I should ask her out?"

He laughs. "Your mother wouldn't approve of what I am about to say but I will say it anyway." He leans forward not wanting for anyone to hear. "I like her for you. She's pretty and smart, and I can see that she makes you happy. You obviously like her."

"I don't obviously. . ."

"Yes you do, " he interrupts me. "You're like your old man, you are a bad liar. Listen, I don't want to pressure you, you don't even have to take Grecia. It's your birthday, you do what you want." He places his hand on my shoulder and smiles.

I smile back. Thanks dad for your advice, I really needed it. "Thank you dad, I really appreciate it."

"Now, I need to take these to your mother, " he gestures to the plate of nachos and leaves me

"You do?" I ask stupidly. She nods. I just look into her big brown eyes and I want to laugh like a maniac, but I don't, I just watch her as her mouth smiles kindly, "God I really wanna kiss you right now, " I find myself whispering.

"Why don't you?"

"Because I don't want you to push me away."

She lets out a quiet laugh. "Why would I push you away when I just told you I liked you?"

She has a point there. So, I lean forwad slowly, not believing my luck, and I cover her lips with mine. And they are softer and sweeter than I have ever imagined. I pull her in closer getting a better grip of her lips, she sighs weakly as I slide my tongue through her lips and she lets me taste her.


Grecia pulls away rapidly and looks down at the ground. Still drunk with that kiss I see mom walking around the corner.

"Hey! You ready to head home? It's time to open the presents!" she says oblivious of everything that was just happening.

"Yeah, sure, " I reply a little breathless.

"Okay, fantastic! Oh and are you gonna stay at Bree's sleepover Grecia?"

Grecia looks up with her cheeks blushing and replies, "I am, yes."

"Okay! Then we need to get everything so we can head back."

We both stand as my mom disappears behind the building.

"Okay, well, I'll ride back with Bree. See you in a bit, " she says without once looking at me on the eye.

"I'm sorry!" I yell out as I see her walk away clearly embarrassed. She stops but doesn't turn around. I quickly run to her side. "I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable."

"But I wasn't uncomfortable."

"No? Then why are you acting so weird?"

She lets out a nervous laugh. "I guess I am a bit too obvious. Umm, " she rubs her eyes and lastly looks at me. "Well, this was my first kiss."

"Really?" I ask amazed. I mean, she is a wonderful girl, how come no one has ever kissed her? She nods sheepishly. "Well if it's any consolation, it was my first too."

She smiles, "That does make me feel better."


We look at each other for a while, and I was so close to pin her against the wall and kiss her again but she says "I'll see you soon then." And she walks away before I can even touch her.


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