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   Chapter 23 That Part In Which I Think I'm Dreaming But I Know I'm Not

David Has A Crush By madairifa Characters: 9340

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Being suspended is like being on vacation. I am quite enjoying it. Sleeping in, not having to get out of my pajamas, and I even got ahead in my homework, I did the one I owe, plus all the work I have been missing. And since my dad didn't agree with the school, I wasn't punished. So it has been a smooth ride.

I saw George on Monday when he brought me all my school work. He told me the news that Grecia came back to school and that she didn't seem hurt, he used the words "brain injuries". She got out of the hospital on Sunday, so she only spent two days, which made me breathe a bit easier.

"She asked about you, " George said as he and Lenny played on my Wii.

"She did?" I asked too excitedly.

"Yeah, I told her you got suspended, she asked me why and I told her."

"And what did she say after that?"

"She shrugged and walked away."

Lenny then added, "I saw her at the principal's office today. She seemed very mad."


Lenny shrugs. "I heard she told Mr. K that he was being an unjust dickhead for suspending you after what you did for her."

"She didn't say that, " I told him because that's not how she talks at all.

But Lenny replied, "I'm just telling you what I heard."

It is Wednesday and I am just watching TV with my mom. The news are on and we're just making small talk.

"I like her. She's so smart, " she says as the news reporter starts talking.

"Yeah, " I reply.

"She's pretty too, " she adds.

I nod. "All these newswomen are pretty. I think that's a requirement."

My mom laughs, "I think so too."

My phone pings and I reach for it from the coffee table.

Grecia: Hi

I sit up rapidly and my mouth goes dry. Shit, what do I say?

Me: how are you?

It's the best I can come up with. I am such a coward.

Grecia: Can I come over?

This gets me by surprise. Okay, try to be cool.

Me: sure

There, clear and short.

Grecia: can you come out?

Come out? Okay, so she wants me to wait for her outside. Okay, no biggy.

Me: yeah

So I excuse myself and I walk out to the front yard, in my pajamas and everything.

And she's waiting for me right outside the door. She smiles brightly as I just seem to stare at her as if she's an apparition.

"I was just walking down this road and thought I'd come see you. You weren't busy, were you?" she says sweetly.

"No, " I say finding my voice. "No, I was just watching TV."

We walk towards my mom's small garden and we sit on these decorative stones.

"I heard you got suspended for being inside the girl's bathroom, " she starts.

"Yeah, for a whole week."

"That's stupid."

"You think so?"

She looks at me and smiles. "Of course, I mean, if it weren't for you, who knows when I would've been found." She pauses and repositions herself to face me.

en understand her.

"Hi, Iram, nice to meet you too, " I reply in my most friendly tone. Iram hides her face with her hands, Grecia tells her something and in half a second, she runs inside the house.

Grecia smiles, "Sorry, she is very shy when it comes to strangers."

I nod, "She looks a lot like you, " I tell her as I stare at her big eyes.

"I know, dad likes to say that she's a miniature version of me, " she smiles, then pauses looking out into the distance. Probably thinking about her parent's divorce. "Anyway, " she says coming back to the present. "Thanks for the ride."

"Yeah no problem, " I reply.

"And thanks for worrying about me, that was very sweet."

This makes me blush. I look down at my car like I am so fascinated by its loose side view mirror. "Yeah, well you are welcome."

Next thing I know, she's planting a kiss on my cheek, I freeze.

"See you at your party, " she says and runs into her house.

I don't even reply. I'm still thinking about this kiss, it happened so fast I couldn't even savoir it.

I get home and I lay on my bed thinking. I am thinking that what I am feeling for Grecia can't be hidden much longer. I have to tell her how I feel or it will be just torture. I mean, I like to think that she at least, likes me back, she didn't pull her hand away when I held it, we hugged for more than five seconds, I counted. She kissed me on the cheek, I just have to know if she likes me, because there is a big probability that I might be misinterpreting everything. So either I tell her how I feel, and I find out if she feels the same, or I say nothing, and I get carried away and I just end up hurting cause I have no idea how she feels.

God, I just hope I don't chicken out and I just keep pretending that what I want is just a good friend in Grecia. Which is obviously not true.

I need a nap.

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