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   Chapter 21 Party What Party

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I wake up and the first thing I look for is my phone, but surveying my surroundings I realize I left it in my room. But then I realize I had slept in. I get up fast and run to my room and I find it empty. The made up bed reminds me that Grecia was in here.

I run into the kitchen and I find my mom standing in front of the stove humming a tune.

"Where's Grecia?" I find myself blurting out carelessly. Can I sound any more desperate?

"Oh good morning David, want some pancakes?"

Does this face look like it wants pancakes? "Good morning mom, and no thank you."

She smiles satisfied with my answer. "Brianna dropped Grecia off at her house two hours ago. Did you two have fun yesterday? She was telling me you were watching some movies, in the dark, alone, " she adds. Even though her tone is a friendly one, it has a whole lot of accusatory traits all over them.

"Yeah, it was fun."

She looks at me as if expecting me to tell her things that I wouldn't tell her even if they did happen. "Oh okay, well I am glad you kept her company, and that you treated her well, like a boy should."

"Okay, " is all I reply because what else can I say to that? That I had such urge to hold her face and planting a big kiss on her lips as she talked about one of my favorite books? Or that I wanted to hold her when she started crying when Frodo started struggling with the ring?

"Where's dad?" I ask as I now notice I woke up and my dad wasn't there.

"He's with Herbert, they went to the hardware store together."

I can see she's still covering for him. "Dad told me who he is, " I tell her and her smile fades.


"Did they really go to the hardware store?" I ask.

"No. Your dad accompanied him to court."

"To court?" I feel my head spin, Herbert went to court? "For what? What did he do?"

Mom's eye widen as she sees I have no idea what was going on. "For—for a speeding ticket."

"Is Herbert a criminal or something?"

Mom laughs that laugh that she uses when pretending everything is going well, but in reality it is not well at all. "No, no, no he was speeding, we all get those. Grecia said she left your book in your room, " she adds rapidly trying to change the subject.

"She did?" and it worked.

I rush into my room and there it is on the nicely done bed, the dragon Smaug breathing fire on the cover. I grab it and a folded piece of paper with my name on it lies under it. I open it, my hands shaking for some reason:

Finished it, why didn't you tell me the whole line of Durin die?? It changes everything.

She signed it with a smiley face.

I smile dumbly as I put the book away, and I read the note probably ten times before putting it in a drawer on my desk.

Can lunch be any more boring? George is ditching school with his girlfriend, again. Lenny said he was sick, but it's possible that he's hanging out with his cousins at Gamestop, which is what he does every two weeks, it's like a family thing. I'm stuck with Bernard and his unfunny, nerdy jokes and Carlos, well I frankly don't know what to talk to him about since he hates pretty much everything I like, and says how materialistic and shallow Americans are, so on that note I decided to go to the library and finish my English paper.

I walk slowly since I am not really looking forward to finish my paper, so I just let the sun hit my face and the noise of the loud girls walking behind me make me go deaf.

"Hey! David!" I look to my side and running towards me is Megan with her skinny arms flying around embarrassingly.

"Hey, " I say as she starts walking beside me.

"I heard you were throwing a party for your birthday this weekend, " she says excitedly.

Party? There's no party. "Who told you that?"

"I heard your sister talking to her friend about it. Am I invited?"

Oh not this again. Every year Brianna wants to make some extravaganza for our birthday, she wants to invite the whole school to our house and I guess just party. Loud music, pizza and booze, the whole deal. But our parents' reaction is always the same "Who do you think we are? The fun house?" and they laugh it off merrily as Brianna is being left breathing fire.

I, honestly like small dinners with just us, but according to Brianna, I am boring, so it doesn't matter what I like. I hope Brianna has a plan and that she doesn't include me in them, I already have plans to celebrate my big eighteen birthday with George and Lenny, which is paintballing.

"She said the party will be this Saturday, I didn't know your birthday is this Saturday, " Megan cont

e doesn't seem to be able to focus, and she can't seem to keep her eyes open. She looks so weak, I think she might actually faint, with all that vomiting she got dehydrated, I try to get up and get her a water bottle but her hand holds on to my jacket firmly.

"I think I am dying, " she whispers weakly.

I sit back down beside her. "You're not dying, " I tell her convincing myself as well.

"I need a doctor."

I brush her hair off her face. "The nurse is coming."

"What is she gonna do? Give me an ice pack and tell me to lay down?" she protests.

I hold my laugh. The school nurse is useless, that's true. I think my mom knows more about first aid than her. I reposition myself because the stall is so small, we both barely fit. But she's not moving.

Oh crap, she's not moving. "Grecia?" I shake her softly but she doesn't stir. "Grecia wake up." Nothing.

I am not going to wait for the nurse to take her sweet time to get here. So, with all the strength I can muster, I place my right arm under her legs, and my left arm around her back and I lift her as gently as the stall allows me. Luckily, she's really light, so I'm not struggling. Her breathing slows down and I am panicking. This is way worse than a case of food poisoning. I rush out the bathroom, ignoring the crowd of girls that had formed just outside the stall and walk rapidly towards the nurse's office. Luckily, is a short distance, the two buildings are right next to each other. A scared girl that sees me carrying Grecia as she walks out the office, opens the door for me and I burst inside and the busy nurse is sitting at her desk with two blonde girls just chatting their time away.

"We tried waiting but I don't think we could, " I say firmly as I lay Grecia, who hasn't moved a single muscle, down on the small couch.

The nurse looks shocked and almost as if she has no idea what to do.

"We should call an ambulance!" I say exasperated. How the hell did she get to be a nurse? Is she even a nurse?

"Okay, everyone out, " she lastly speaks. "Go back to your classes."

"I should stay—"

"No, you've done enough, " she interrupts as if I was a nuisance.

"No you don't understand, this is serious—"

"Yes I do, go back to class, now, " she interrupts again as she pushes me out of her office. "I know what to do, " is the last thing I hear as she slams the door on my face.

You don't seem like you do!

"Shit!" I cry out as I kick the door. I want to be there with Grecia, couldn't she see that? I need to see her do better, I want to get on that ambulance with her if it is possible.

There's nothing else for me to do than to go to Mr. Winkle's class. As I enter his class I can hear the ambulance approaching, I freeze. What if something happens to her and I didn't get to tell her how I really felt?

"Mr. Bush? You can come in whenever you want, " I hear Mr. Winkle say. I shake my head trying to get the idea out of my head. She'll be fine. If anyone deserves to be up and running again, is her. God can't be that unfair.

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