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   Chapter 20 The Half Truth About Herbert The Pervert

David Has A Crush By madairifa Characters: 3901

Updated: 2018-01-12 11:55

She fell asleep. Grecia Alcantar is sleeping in my room. We sat on my bed, side by side. She grabbed my pillow and hugged it. Half way through the third movie, I turn to see if she was surviving the all-nighter, she wasn't. Her head laid on my pillow, her hair covering half her face. I got up slowly, turned the tv off and sort of guided her down so she's not in a seating position anymore. I grabbed my blanket and covered her with it, it looked like she was cold. So right now, I am sitting outside my room, leaning against the door, trying to relive that part where her hand touched my whole face. Her soft, perfumed hand.

"David?" I look up and my dad is standing over me with a puzzled look. "What are you doing outside your room?"

"Grecia is in there."

He stares at the door as if wanting to look through it, "Why is she in your room?" he asks slowly.

"We watched a few movies and she fell asleep, and I guess I wanted to give her space."

He breathes in relief, I can see what he was thinking, it's written all over his face. "Come on, you're sleeping with me." He says helping me up.

"But mom will—" I start, I don't want to sleep with mom. She

kick him out?" I ask with a little bit of hope.

"I should, but he is... going through some trouble that it would be cruel to abandon him."

"What kind of trouble?"

He sighs, "Some you shouldn't worry about."

"Okay, " I say. It must be something really bad.

"Don't tell your sister okay? I want to tell her myself."

"No problem dad."

The night is getting quieter and we go quiet with it. And I realize how much more I admire my dad. He has to stand the man that didn't care for him for who knows how many years, and decides to help him with who knows what. He's a good man. My mom, well, she's being the better person here, with treating Herbert nicely and welcoming. Who knows how many daemons she's had to fight in order to stay her positive, cheery self.

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