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   Chapter 17 Herbert The Pervert

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When I park my car in the garage (where my dad usually parks, but since he's been late lately, I figured I could take his spot), George and Lenny are discussing what kind of super powers they would have if they were super heroes. I spot the same truck. I freeze. It's like I'm at the Twilight Zone. First, my uncle appears in my house, eating our food. Then, he's at my couch, sleeping with my blanket, and now, his truck is in my front yard, doing who knows what.

"What's up? Why are you so distracted?" asks George from beside me.

I shake my head trying to push Brianna's assumption of my mom having an affair with that old dude away. "Nothing. Let's go inside."

Satisfied with my answer, they both help themselves through the door. They have already been to my house so many times it's like they live here.

"How come your sister isn't home yet?" asks Lenny from behind me as we come to the lonely kitchen.

"I thought you were over her?" I reply.

He shrugs. "I am. It's just a question."

"David! Is that you?" comes my mother's voice from the hall, three seconds later, she appears. "Oh, hey guys. Are you hungry?"

"Starving, " replies Lenny.

Mom opens the fridge and digs her head inside. "Let's see what we have. How about you make your own sandwiches, huh? It could be fun, " comes her voice.

"Sure, " says George already used to my mother trying to make everything into a play date.

"Alright. Here, " she says handing me the loaf of bread, ham, cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce without even taking her head out of the fridge. I almost drop the lettuce when I spot the old Mr. Herbert behind Lenny smiling conspicuously. I almost want to scream, "Run!" when he speaks to me.

"Hello, young man. I see you have friends over, " he says making Lenny jump up in fright.

"Ah, yes."

"Oh, boys, " mom starts as she shuts the fridge behind her. "This is Herbert, David's uncle."

George and Lenny murmur a hello and grab the stuff from my arms, ready to prepare their sandwiches.

"How is school, David?" He asks.

"Good, good."

He turns to mom. "What about Brianna? Where is she?"

How dare you ask for my sister? "She had to stay after school, for. . . for boxing, " I reply before mom could say anything.

She turns to me curiously. "Boxing? I didn't know there was boxing at school."

"You didn't? It's fairly new. Right guys?"

"Yeah. It's mostly for girls, you know, for self-defense and all that, " says George elbowing Lenny.

Lenny then adds, "Yeah, it's badass."

Mom nods believing every single word. "By the way, Herbert will be staying for dinner, " says mom walking towards the old man.

"Oh, " I reply.

I guess mom was expecting more excitement from me but she shrugs it off. "Okay boys. Have fun."

They leave, I guess back to my parent's bedroom.

"Who the hell is this guy!" I say under my breath.

"What do you mean?" asks Lenny already eating his sandwich. "I thought he was your uncle."

"He is not." He looks confused, so I explain, "You know how some parents tell their kids when they're young that someone is their uncle, when they are not related at all, and it turns out they're just the parents' friend?"

"Oh, so he isn't your uncle, " he replies after a pause.

"No, he isn't."

"Who is he then? And why

ys in front of her, my Wolverine keychain swinging along.

"God! You sound just like dad." She grabs them without even an okay. I'm just going to have to hope for the best then.

"Hey, boys?" mom's face appears from the doorway, and immediately her face turns into a frown when she sees Brianna in a room full of men. Brianna gets the hint and heads for the door.

"Thanks David!" she announces loudly making sure mom hears her.

But mom isn't dumb, she knows she was in there for more than my car keys. She just shakes her head and brings back the smile. "So, you boys staying for dinner?"

At the mention of dinner, Lenny and George give each other a look that can only mean, "Let's get away from here before she makes us do the dishes." Which has happened three or four times.

"Actually Mrs. Bush, we have to go."

"Yeah, " adds Lenny. "There's a football game tonight and we don't want to miss it."

That is a load of crap. They don't care about the football game.

"The game doesn't start till eight, " she says because Brianna is going to go cheer for the school's team and mom will be there taking pictures as if it's a school play.

"Yeah, well, we have to pick my sister up from band practice and bring her home before the game, " Lenny replies.

Which is not a lie. Megan plays the trumpet.

"Oh, alright well. Nice seeing you boys, " she smiles so broadly that I almost want to punch Lenny on the gut. I hate it when they lie to my mom. Especially when she has done nothing to deserve it.

"Okay, got to go. We don't want to stay much longer with your molester uncle in the house, " says George getting up from my bed.

"That's true, " Joins Lenny. "Good luck with dinner, " he whispers in a very creepy way.

"Shut up!" I scream after them as they leave my room hackling like hyenas.

Damn it, they are right. I have to spend at least an hour sitting in the same table with the stranger who has a weird interest in our family. I could pretend I'm sick again, but it's going to be too obvious. I'll just have to man up and face him.

Speaking of manning up, I grab Grecia's book to the first page and start reading. Like I said, real men read this stuff.

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